I often look at Bournemouth now when I visualise what Newcastle United could/should be.

A club that would need five home games worth of fans to fill St James Park.

Yet a club that is now established in the Premier League and tries to be as ambitious as possible.

I often wonder, if the two clubs swapped owners, where could Newcastle United be now?

Yes we all know that matchday revenues doesn’t make up as high a proportion of a club’s revenues as it once did.

However, match attendances and size of fanbase DO still matter.

As well as the extra matchday revenue, the larger the fanbase the more money there then should be generated via sponsorship, merchandise and extra games selected for live TV coverage, as well as other revenue streams.

The reality is though, that under Mike Ashley, Newcastle don’t even match Bournemouth’s ambition, never mind exceed it.

Have a look at what has happened with Bournemouth and their club record transfer since promotion to the Premier League in 2015, as well as their net spend/profit on transfers each season (All stats via Transfermarkt).


After promotion, Bournemouth had a net spend of £50m in their first season up, with £12m Benik Afobe their new club record signing.


The Cherries had a net spend of £14m with £16m Jordan Ibe their new club record signing.


Bournemouth had a net spend of £31m with £20m Nathan Ake their new club record signing.


In the summer 2018 window, Bournemouth made defensive midfielder Jefferson Lerma their new £25m club record signing, with a net spend overall of £28m

It is impossible to miss the progression in the club transfer record, Bournemouth accepting that you have to pay the market rate for certain players if you are going to try and improve your team.

I am astounded and sickened when I see journalists/newspapers in the north east agreeing with the Mike Ashley PR line that paying £20m+ for Miguel Almiron and the wages that would go with it, is somehow ‘astronomical’ and somehow should be out of Newcastle’s reach.

No it shouldn’t.

Bournemouth have paid £20m for a central defender (Ake) and now £25m for a defensive midfielder (Lerma), yet Newcastle paying £20m+ for somebody to score and create goals, as Almiron hopefully would, is supposed to be seen as outrageous.

What is outrageous is that Rafa Benitez is still stuck with having to try and ‘compete’, in reality – survive, with free transfers, loans and bargain buys, especially in the attacking half.

Newcastle United needed to spend realistic money on at least a striker and number 10, four transfer windows ago, after promotion in summer 2017. We are still waiting for that to happen.

Sadly, I would hardly blink if I saw Bournemouth had spent £30m on a player this month, yet I would be absolutely stunned if Newcastle bought anybody for over £10m.

Actually, in reality, I would be amazed if a transfer fee is paid for any player in January by Newcastle.

I can only see this having a remote chance of happening, if Salomon Rondon got injured, as even Mike Ashley surely can see that no other Newcastle player is capable of scoring goals on any kind of regular basis.

That’s it folks, we are totally reliant on a 29 year old loan striker who in three previous PL seasons never managed double figures in any of them with West Brom.

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  • Paul Patterson

    Like I stated this week. It takes five Bournemouth home matches to fill St James Park and they have ambition above staying in the league.
    They HAVE signed a £17m striker this window (Solanke) and added Nathan Clyne on loan. THAT’S ambition.
    As an aside, go on YouTube and search ‘Kevin Keegan sells Andy Cole’.
    There’s some pretty surreal stuff from KK and John Hall that sadly didn’t come to pass, but it’s a mark of where we were as a club in the transfer market and looking at how we are (NOT) competing today is a damning state of where we are . .

  • Danimal

    Spot on assessment.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    Bournemouth is a pretty good club comparison – Watford or West Ham would be others, possibly Everton too. I’d say all of those have more ambition than we do. Be interesting to see if Wolves manage to consolidate as a Prem. club this time around.

    For the foreseeable future we are looking more and more like a typical Championship club, out of its depth if it gets promoted, so a classic yo-yo club with a glorious past. Doesn’t have to be that way, but just look at the Gradgrind business model of the owner.

    • Paul Patterson

      2002 transfer fees in the 2019 transfer market. It results in flirting and in the past succeeding, in relegation.

    • Mr_Kinnear

      Leeds utd spring to mind. Years in mif table championship.

  • Wezza

    We’ve been fed the illusion that we cant compete with Bournemouth and that is simply not true!
    The illusion is there so the FCB and SD can take as much profit as they can while disguising the notion we have no money.
    Absolute BS.
    Even in the Pardew days the alarm bells rang for me when we “cant compete” with a club with a 10,000 gate. We get 52,000. The trolls like to say the gate makes no difference – I beg to differ!

    • Leazes.

      We certainly have…. Mark Douglas still has a spoon in his hands.

      You know what I was just going to say that very same thing about Pardew’s comments! Where were the alarm bells at Thomson House?

      This is a club with huge problems, When the chronicle boys got barred I actually was pretty happy…. they now pay the club for entry to the training ground via the parent company….. mind you the club did give them 30k back for charity, so you can say there is mutual friendship there.

      • Wezza

        For charity or a bribe I wonder.

        • Leazes.

          oh yes.

  • robbersdog

    Meanwhile, we finished higher than Bournemouh last season, and we beat them at SJP a few weeks ago.

    Yes, Bournemouth have ambition, but they spend badly. They’ve wasted tens of millions on the likes of Ibe, Mings, Defoe (£100k per week + £8 million signing on fee) and several others. And Fulham have spent £100m+ this season, but they’re a basket case. On the flip side, Spurs don’t spend huge amounts in the market, and they’re flying.

    We’re just about surviving right now for one reason – Rafa Benitez. His astute buys (Ki, Fernandez etc) and tactics have enabled us to compete with the likes of Bournemouth and Fulham. Lose Rafa, and we’ll be on the fast-track to oblivion.

    • Wezza

      Yes I agree, only Rafa is keeping us up but if we spent what Bournemouth had spent I wonder where we would be?
      We have no ambition, those clubs are ran to be the best they can be, not a low wage, max return, asset stripped shell of a company.

      • Carl Marks

        before we had no ambition,
        we had – no intention of spending

    • Danimal

      Do you think they (Bournemouth) will be relegated (costing tens of millions as we are often reminded by our great leader) any time soon? Of course there will be mixed success in the market but from the article it sounds like they’ve stabilised as a competitive PL club, with a relatively modest net spend. Fulham went a bit mad but I suspect they’ll adjust and the new manager will keep them up. I don’t think either example justifies our club not even trying.

    • Kenny

      Just look at what Nufc have bought in the last 3 seasons & you will see tens of millions wasted on 2nd class players, if there is a basket case it`s Newcastle Utd.

      • robbersdog

        That’s a complete non-sequitur; you’ve completely missed/ignored the point I was making.

        But just for clarity – yes, I know Newcastle is a basket case.

    • Carl Marks

      ah,but as I mentioned,in a previous post –
      Bournemouth are a football club being run as a football club,not a huge advertising hoarding for a Dickensian workhouse masquerading as a sports retailer,which in turn is masquerading as Newcastle United Football Club

    • Carl Marks

      they may have “spent badly”,
      but at least they’ve spent!
      (an alien concept to the embarrassing rabble who (allegedly) run the club)


    • Pezza

      They had to pay Rangers to to take Defoe as he was crippling them under FFP.

      • Carl Marks

        Can’t we sell Ashley,under the Fu**ing Fat Parasite rules?
        he’s crippling us too

    • Mr_Kinnear

      Cone on. Have NUFC spent well in comparison?

  • Carl Marks

    Everyone in world football would agree with your headline etc
    The cowboys ‘at the top’ have made the club the laughing stock of world football !!

  • Paul Patterson

    As someone has already said, isn’t it odd that we’ve allegedly bid £17m for a player that just beats our record signing yet stands no chance of succeeding?

    More PR 💩

  • Carl Marks

    bid 17 pence more like it
    and I bet they lost sleep over that!!
    Considering they’ve had considerable experience when it comes to lying,I hope they put some thought into the excuse,when the deal breaks down

  • Pezza

    You aren’t

    • steve

      You believe that figure from our year in the Championship? A year where we sold a number of high earners yet our wage bill allegedly increased.

      • Pezza

        Not really

        • Mr_Kinnear

          Guys championship clubs have a % they can spend on salary+transfers. J think it’s 69% of their project income for the season. Premier league is different and is over 3 year period. You can check if online. That being said I would love to see the full accounts 2017-2018. NUFC got 123 mil for 10th place, last season. With all other revenues etc it not a bad sum. I would love to see where it is all going? No signings and I doubt any annual pay rises.

    • Geordiegiants

      You are just full of made up useless facts Bobbi

      • Pezza

        Useless? FFP can be ignored?

        • Geordiegiants

          Did you include Citeh FFP?

          • Pezza

            They were very clever, if you read my article, your note the date ffp started. City managed to over-inflated their wage bill the season before.

    • Damon Horner

      The Global Sports Salary Survey have us down as having a lower average wage per player than Bournemouth, the amount in the accounts don’t collerate with the figure in the survey and if the rules are as you state then it looks like with the additional inclusions to the wage amount on the accounts then the club has chosen to handicap itself.

      • Pezza

        No, there is a problem

  • Geordiegiants

    I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment. Just imagine if it had been run properly five time the revenue 19 times a season is still a big chunk of money on gate receipts. Then there is 5 times the amount of beer etc sold. Then as you say the adverting money goes up maybe not 5 times but it’s proportionate.
    It all adds up and like you say raises the profile of the club. I know it’s not quite nufc’s league but signing big players like Ronaldo on HUGE salaries and paying some of the biggest wages in the world then still making money out of it is what it’s all about.

  • Leicester Mag

    On a separate point Mbabu apparently subject to a 15m bid. Strange one to let him go

    • Clarko

      Benitez preferred Manquillo.

  • Amersham Mag

    Premier league Manager and Fans, CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB…….