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Cardiff fans comments after 3-0 defeat to Newcastle United – They haven’t taken it too well…

1 year ago

Fair to say Cardiff fans didn’t sound that optimistic ahead of facing Newcastle United.

With only one win in their last nine matches and only Fulham having a worse away record in the Premier League, it didn’t bode well.

Indeed their biggest positive was that Newcastle only had one win in their last nine PL matches ahead of yesterday.

The overwhelming reaction from Cardiff fans was that they were going to definitely lose at St James Park and they weren’t left disappointed…

The nature of the defeat though appears to have shocked them even more, with Neil Warnock also getting his fair share of the flak, especially with him making excuses.

Cardiff City fans commenting via their Cardiff City Forum and CCMB message boards:

‘3-0 defeat against these lot says it all.’

‘Did you actually think that we would beat Newcastle away? I suppose you are also expecting us to beat Arsenal on Tuesday?’

‘That first one was a f…ing awful goal to concede.’

‘That was utterly pathetic defending. Another awful game to watch.’

‘Awful awful awful.

Pathetic performance again. No shots on target in over 2 hours of football against sides below us.’

‘We’re very poor. In bottom 3 now. Difficult to see how we are going to get out of trouble now.’

‘Very poor game between 2 very poor teams, same as last week, except we’ve conceded a very soft opening goal this week.

I still thought Newcastle were shaky and could have conceded but we seemed incapable of fashioning even half chances.’

‘Awful. We deserve to go down.’

‘We are the worst team in the league unfortunately. No quality at all, can’t create, can’t pass, can’t defend, can’t score.

Warnock has done an incredible job with a mid table championship team but I can’t see us finishing anywhere but bottom now.’

‘We are going down with a whimper.’

 ‘What worries me is we can’t even now beat the struggling clubs around us.

That was Newcastle’s first win in 5 games.

When Huddersfield drew at Cardiff last week, they had lost their previous 9 games.’

‘Awful, bloody AWFUL. Losing to a Fu….. AWFUL SH.. TEAM. WARNOCK OUT.’

‘I think its not so much the players its the tactics and motivation which are both sadly lacking, if yesterdays game against newcastle was an fa cup match and we where a championship team like last season under warnock playing against a premiership team do you really think we would play anything like yesterday?

I don’t think so, we would have given our all and would have give them one hell of a game.’

‘Fair play to Rondon for kicking the ball out, after Bennett was down with an injury.

Don’t see that often.’

‘Fair play for motd for not mentioning us again after we lost 3-0 nothing about us same old English…’

‘Seriously mate, what do you want them to say? Did you see the game?

I think the fact they said nothing was the most complimentary thing they could have done.’

‘Warnock is having a laugh with those comments (9 of 11 in team were playing in Championship last season).

We were poor because he made us poor with his tactics and team selection, end of story, take some responsibility

He cant moan about having championship players when he has had £50+ million to spend this season and he chose them.’

‘I love Neil Warnock BUT… please change the record and take some responsibility for the poor performance. Getting boring now.’

‘We start off so defensively, thats why we are the only team in the prem that hasn’t taken the lead or leading at half time.

Never mind change the record change the f…ing tactics every game’s the same, these last 3 games were winable but you can’ t win a game in your own half.

I would have rather lost 6-0 to newcastle but tried to score at the other end how many more games are we going to keep playing this way?’

‘Two years ago 7 of the Newcastle team today were winning the Championship with them. So not much difference between both teams today in terms of ex Championship players.

For me the biggest difference is that during the summer transfer window after promotion, Newcastle spent just under £50m on 6 players then during the last summer transfer window they spent another £22m on a further 5 players. We all know we haven’t spent anywhere near that in terms of money spent or players signed, in short we are playing catch up.

Despite that we are just 2 points behind Newcastle after 23 games and 3 points behind 14th place which I think is amazing.’

‘Newcastle’s starting point in the premier league was far more similar to that of Wolves than ours.’

‘He has spent around £50mill on this squad, £65mill now Sala has signed.

It should not be backs to the wall against the poorer teams in the league. He decided to play defensively not the players. He had options on the bench he decided not to use them until it was too late.

He signed the players so he cant moan they were all from the championship.

Warnocks performance the last 2 games has been poor. I like the guy and don’t want him gone but he needs to take some responsibility for this form.’

‘1,682 Cardiff City fans travelled for the big match away at Newcastle/St James Park.’

‘Great effort shame I can’t say the same about the team.’

‘Shocking performance, looks like our fight has gone.’

‘3-0 can’t wait to hear who Warnock blames today.’

‘Another shocking performance. Why aren’t we playing similar to Newcastle using our wingers? Sick and tired of not using the pace we have available.’

‘This team doesn’t even play for Warnock, anymore. Started seeing signs of that a few weeks ago, and I’ve yet to see anything to change my mind.

He needs to go. We will not achieve anything in this league with him as our manager now.’

‘I knew this game was knackered before we started actually , but that’s the way the dice fall sometimes. We’re in the process of reforming and effectively putting out a new team for the second half of the season and we’re going to be vulnerable during that process .

I’m sorry but many of these knobbers don’t understand the realities of this game and so they’re surprised when things don’t happen or change on their own, but require careful ajustment and very very hard work. Therefore they start this entirely negative whining when things don’t happen as they imagined them.’

‘Warnock I’m afraid is beginning to get on my man tits with ‘poor old Cardiff’ ‘we’re lucky to be here’ mentality and the belief seems to be draining away from this team.

Unless we get a couple more quality mids we’re heading back to the Championship. Forwards need service.’

‘If you look at the remaining fixtures we have it is very hard to see where we pick up points.

4 points from these 2 games (Huddersfield home and Newcastle away) was a must and we got 1.

Hard to see how we do stay up now or where the next points come from.

These two games really were season defining no matter how positive you are.’

‘At this current moment in time, form wise and tactics wise there’s not one team worse than us. Our season may well be defined by our abject performances against Huddersfield and Newcastle, home and away. Awful.’

‘Huddersfield and Fulham probably, being honest I don’t see anyone else. Football is far too negative against teams around us. The games against Huddersfield and Newcastle could be what relegate’s us unfortunately.’


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