Ayoze Perez thinks that ‘it should be enjoyable’ when Newcastle visit Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

The striker pointing to the fact that there will be no expectation of a positive result against top four opposition, as well as the fact that Newcastle have picked up more points (11) than at home (7) this season.

There haven’t been many ‘enjoyable’ trips to Chelsea for Newcastle fans down the years, indeed apart from when Papiss Cisse scored those two stunners at the end of the 2011/12 season, it was 1986 when NUFC last won a league match there.

Ayoze Perez declares that there ‘something is wrong’ at the club and I couldn’t agree more, the Spaniard saying though that it is difficult to put your finger on what that something actually is.

Perez also comments: ‘I think there is a piece of the jigsaw that is missing’ at Newcastle United.

If only we were missing one piece of the jigsaw!!

It is difficult to know where to start when it comes to the pieces of the jigsaw that Newcastle do have at the moment, apart from Rafa Benitez and 50,000 fans willing to turn up every home game despite the shocking running of the club under Mike Ashley.

On the pitch, apart from Martin Dubravka and the centre-back positions, difficult to claim NUFC have the ideal Premier League level jigsaw pieces in place. You would maybe add Salomon Rondon up to a point but he isn’t even our player, heading back to West Brom in a few months time.

As for Ayoze Perez himself, it isn’t difficult to see which pieces of his own personal jigsaw are missing. Despite playing in the number 10 position, Perez has a woeful two Premier League goals and one assist this season.

Ayoze Perez speaking to the Chronicle:

“It [performance and result against Blackburn] wasn’t good enough…it was against a Championship team at home and we keep struggling at St James Park.

“Something is wrong.

“It wasn’t good enough but we have to keep going now.

“We have put ourselves in a tougher situation because now we have a replay, it is going to be a long January but we must stick together and face up to it.

“I don’t know exactly [what is wrong] but it is a strange thing.

“You can’t struggle as much as we are in home games, that means something is wrong.

“It is strange because there is no consistency, sometimes it is individual performances, sometimes it’s not like that and it’s team performance. It can’t be individual every time as we have changed players and rotated, I think there is a piece of the jigsaw that is missing.

“It is holding us back and it’s why we are struggling, we have won twice at home and that’s just not acceptable, it is not good enough so something should change.

“It [FA Cup]  is the toughest cup but we had a chance to go through against a Championship team at home and we should have taken it, then you see what you get.

“Coming back to the performance, it wasn’t good enough so we have to improve what we are lacking.

“Away from home we have been better which is the strange thing, that is one positive, but imagine if we were better at home? We wouldn’t be in trouble now.

“Chelsea will be tough but we have done well away so hopefully we can get a result. We should be looking forward to playing Chelsea with the pressure off – it should be enjoyable.

“You could suffer at Chelsea and it is a tough game, Chelsea are doing well and Stamford Bridge is always a tough place to go.

“It’s now all about the reaction, we have to find a way to react the best way we can, it will be tough but a good day to get back to winning points.”

  • Wezza

    Really Ayoze. Do you think?

    • Kenedy and Ritchie took turns as a n.10 against Blackburn and although Ritchie had some impact, Kenedy just doesn’t have the vision.
      He’s a much better player than we deserve in this regime, but thanks to Rafa he is staying here. Pretty certain there are number of offers from Spain at least every transfer window for Ayoze Perez. Despite all the fans on his back, he’s been one of our best players in the last 5 years, while still taking a Championship salary, and being brought in for peanuts from Div 2 in Spain.

      • Tommy

        He is rubbish, do you watch football or just read the chronicle.

        • Themoscow72

          Without his goals last season we would be in the Championship full stop. When he does not play Newcastle do not play full stop.

          • Steve Hughes

            Cretinous idiot.

          • Rabid Dog

            But we’re not playing in last season. We need that same person turning up this season.

          • Tony English

            That doesn’t mean we don’t need a better player than him in that position, he may be the best we have in that position, but he’s still arguably the worst number 10 in the league.

      • Wezza

        Yes he was our top scorer last season so no matter how terrible his recent performances that gives him a get out of jail free card.

      • Billmag

        Works his socks off but that’s the only thing he brings to the team.

    • Carl Marks

      Rafa only plays him because he’s a fellow Spaniard –
      definitely not his consistently good performances
      I’m both amazed and annoyed when fans defend him –
      always leaves me with the feeling that we’ve fielded ten players.

  • Kenny

    The missing piece is the one that fits into the position you currently hold and along with a striker has been for years.
    if the manager had the funds both you & the Hoss would be plying your trade in pastures new

    • Tony English



    • ScreamStevie

      If the manager had the funds ALL the players would be plying their trade in pastures new. Which probably is true for just about all the players in the Premiership and lower divisions.

  • Colin Brumwell

    He is on the ball that lad

    • Leazes.

      shame we don’t have someone else on the ball.

      • Carl Marks

        someone who isn’t made out of tissue paper

    • Dillon Tovak

      He’ll be on the floor in a sec then. 😂

  • Carl Marks

    Just the one piece???!!!!!
    I’ll take on board what you have to say,when you manage to stay on your feet for longer than a second!!!

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Its the biggest piece…

    The owner!

    • Carl Marks

      That’s one helleuva massive jigsaw and not a pretty picture when you’ve completed it!!

      • Toonrobbybobson

        Haha! I wouldnt want to be completing a jabba the hut jigsaw

        • Carl Marks

          You’d have to spend the rest of your life and be reincarnated ten times to stand any chance of completing a jigsaw of FCB !

  • Themoscow72

    We are okay away as Rafa sets the team up to play on the break and we have scored some great goals this season. However at home even against Blackburn and it’s one up front with either Joselu or Rondon totally isolated against a back four.
    Perez and the wingers asked to do jobs anything but attack. Against Blackburn Rafa bordered on the criminal and when he woke up just saved the game by bringing the subs on. He needs to get his act together and change the formation at home.

    • Tommy

      Rafa borders on the criminal, you border on insanity.

    • Wezza

      But the FCB doesn’t need to get his act together and let the club and Rafa spend its own money?

      • Carl Marks

        Judging by by the amount of grease on his hair,he should play upside down –
        he’d glide past defenders at 1000mph(and then fall over)

      • Carl Marks

        Not with thousands and thousands of people addicted to giving him their ca£h !!

      • steve

        Of course he does but that doesn’t make Rafa immune to justified criticism.

    • Mr_Kinnear

      Rafa certainly has made tactical errors and I see it as setting up not to lose. Sadly it’s at home. Perhaps he has little confidence in the players he has or is trying to make a point. If relegation does happen he will be off to an ambitious club next season .

      • JEz_Brizzle

        One of the only saving graces so far seems to be our defence – even the article mentions our three good peices are central defence and goalie…. so at home we start going gun ho attack, leaving the barn door open. Blackburn showed how vunerable we really are – midfield isn’t good enough and chances of scoring are limited – well, loanee Rondon. It aint pretty, but what do you really expect Rafa to do? Yes he is a defence first manager, but he doesn’t have many options right now. Our goal difference currently has us two places higher in the table…. that might be the difference come the end of season

  • robbersdog

    Something’s missing? Yeah, an owner who isn’t a complete arsewipe and some decent players.

    Apart from that, everything’s tickety-boo.

  • Peaky

    No comment…

    • Carl Marks

      Presumably he’s gone awol because he’s consulting with Mr H. Ketchup(his very good sauce)

    • Leazes.

      Hmm……Was he the source of the nailed on inside info for Bird, Jensen and Douglas…..for this Kenyon Klaptrap?

      Does he talk regularly with Ashley then?

    • Mr_Kinnear

      He’s out buying sauce. He got confused the first time

  • Carl Marks

    Re. the above headline –
    even the players are starting to take the pee out of us!!
    You can keep that particular “pearl of wisdom” Ayoze
    Don’t call us,we’ll call you(when we need enlightening)

  • TeessideMag

    If the club is a jigsaw, Ashley is the fat kid who can’t work out how to do it so instead resorts to trying to force all the pieces together, inevitably throwing them all over the floor and chewing on a few of them, before tearing pieces off

    • Carl Marks

      Have you seen that Laurel and Hardy film,where Ollie’s about to get married and everybody’s more bothered about completing the jigsaw?
      Obviously jigsaws cause problems for,ahem,fatties

  • panther

    More like ten?

  • Taz

    All we have is the box. all of the pecies are missing, most of them will never go together and the fattwat that owns the box couldn’t giveatoss. 😡

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Is it not the fact that you miss gilt edged chances for us on a regular basis and ruin moves we create with your constant turning over of possession to the opposition ?

  • KennyS

    … and the missing piece if the jigsaw is………….. a brilliant number 10, it’s under your f##k#n nose Perez.

  • Mr_Kinnear

    Not the brightest lad living in his football bubble.

  • 5floorshigh

    next week Perez shares more wisdom analysing the mysterious phenomenon known as ‘spontaneous human falling down syndrome’ and the detrimental effects of too much Brylcreem.

  • Albert Stubbins

    No one goes to pieces in the box more than Perez. Clarky was ten times the player!!