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Atlanta United fans comment on Miguel Almiron signing for Newcastle United – A Must Read

2 years ago

Miguel Almiron will today break the 14 year club transfer record when he signs for Newcastle United.

Newcastle fans are understandably pleased/relieved/excited that at last Mike Ashley is allowing Rafa Benitez to sign a player with such attacking potential.

However, just wait until you read these comments from Atlanta United fans below.

Yes, there is no guarantee Miguel Almiron can transfer his MLS form to the Premier League but surely you can say that about pretty much any transfer Newcastle could/would feasibly make at this moment in time – whether arriving from France, Belgium, Holland, or indeed America.

Just soak in the goodwill and love the Atlanta supporters have for ‘Miggy’, with Newcastle United suddenly set to be the most popular Premier League team over in Atlanta.

Leaving aside what he can potentially do on the pitch, it is clear this type of signing makes sense in so many other ways, if there is indeed going to be a level of ambition returning to Newcastle United, that would/could convince Rafa Benitez to stay.

Atlanta fans comment on Miguel Almiron transfer to Newcastle United via Reddit:

‘Thousands upon thousands of us will continue to support Miggy across the pond and in turn will end up supporting Newcastle.

Gonna look really weird to the rest of the world a bunch of Newcastle fans popping up in Atlanta Georgia out of nowhere.’

‘Warning, supporting Newcastle is folly. You’ll only be let down, over and over…’

‘The pain is real I assure you. Not gatekeeping, just advising you as a long term Newcastle fan from Atlanta.

What has really been such a huge downer is the current owner. We thought we had problems with the previous group at the end, but since 2007 Ashley has shown what true ownership disdain is. Hiring morons to run the club, who hire an endless chain of managers before Rafa. Got us relegated twice since he took over. You want to know pain, go through relegation. Twice.

Also, people give NUFC fans, Geordies, a bunch of stick for being too passionate and expecting too much, but what they really want are players who give damn about the club and show that on the pitch.

This last year the NUFC supporters have organized some amazing TIFOs protesting Ashley and supporting Rafa. There is little hope for the club to truly evolve till Ashley is gone.

So climb on board. No one will every accuse you of bandwagoning on to an English club at the top of the table!’

‘For what Miggy has done for us, it is the least we can do for him even if it (supporting Newcastle) could end up hurting us at times.’

‘Soon as they announce his number (assuming 10) I’m buying a kit.’

‘Given Diamé already wears 10, I think that Miggy will probably be getting a different number.’

‘Its my jersey, if I want it to say 10-Miggy I will.’

‘When is Miggy eligible to play for Newcastle? I don’t really follow the EPL but I want to watch if for no other reason than to support our man.’

‘Time to start doing research on how to watch Newcastle games in America.’

‘A group of NUFC fans already go to Brewhouse in Atlanta to watch the matches.’

‘I was one of a relative few who knew Miggy before he came here, and my expectation was he would be an all star and we would flip him for about 12-15M.

He seriously came to MLS on a mission and looked on a whole different level than everyone around him.

I was floored. He absolutely earned his payday (going  to Newcastle United).’

‘I’m gutted he has left Atlanta, what a player.

Even more gutted he went to another Premier league side and not my West Ham. I just hope we can still play the same style without him and Tata.’

‘I’m so proud of Miggy!’

‘In what world is a player who has never scored an international goal, like Miguel Almiron, worth $27m?’

‘Always thought he was a special player.

Back sometime, I thought it will be good if he moves to Arsenal but no worries, Newcastle is good.

Hopefully he’ll go on to a better club later.’

‘Rooney (and Zlatan to an extent) have proven there’s still room for the so-called “retirement league” model, when used sparingly and in the right cases.

But the young up-and-coming model (of signing players like Miguel Almiron) we’re working with needs to be the future for most, if not all, clubs if MLS is really going to grow.’

‘More than tripling our investment! Gracias Miguel.’

‘Tripled face value, the value we used was far far greater, only injured once(?) at the end of this past season.

Class man, he will go down a legend.’

‘Don’t forget the indirect contribution from him having such a positive attitude to the team, the fans, the city and the community.

I’m sure you could make the argument that his performance and who he was, led to some uptick in demand for both tickets and retail (e.g. jerseys).’

‘It’s easy to look at the dollar amount and just use that to decide the ROI we ave ad for Miguel Almiron but realistically his impact was much greater.

He was arguably the best player on the team, with zero doubt he was in the top 2 at the very least, and he really helped spark the growth of the brand (of Atlanta United)

I know we would all say we’d watch no matter what but the team being the best in the league is a huge draw for people to come and watch.

The fact that we’ve managed to start this strong is gonna give us so much momentum. His impact has been insane.’

‘I wonder if he got a bonus for the amount of smile he delivered too.

I wish I smiled in a year what he did in a week.

Can’t beat that for being the face of a brand.’

‘All of that should be assumed to be baked into the transfer fee.’

‘He has proven that it is possible to bet on yourself, come to MLS/Atlanta, work hard, keep improving and make the dream move to Europe.’

‘Atlanta is trying to turn this into a European farm league rather than a European retirement league.

It will be interesting to see if we can keep it up, because many other teams will switch to this strategy after seeing how well it works.’

‘During the playoffs I had the opportunity to get a press pass to shoot the game against the Red Bulls.

Got some great pictures of Miguel and was able to witness how brilliant he was up close!

Sad to see him go but wishing him the best with his career in Europe.’

‘I told my wife he’s the only guy that could take a foul and get up smiling…’

‘Can’t have anything holding you back from your dreams. Sometimes it means leaving behind what you already have.

Vamos Miggy!’


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