Rio Ferdinand is at it again.

Despite a clear conflict of interest, BT Sport have given him a free platform to shamelessly defend Mike Ashley.

Rio Ferdinand has close links with the Newcastle United owner and the former Man Utd player has his ‘Five’ closing range exclusively available only at Sports Direct.

It is quite ridiculous the way Ferdinand has tried to defend the shocking way Ashley is running Newcastle and made himself look an even bigger fool than usual.

Rio Ferdinand speaking to BT Sport today (12 January 2019):

“I understand Rafa’s frustrations, because as a manager you want the ability to go out and spend money, but they’re not in that position.

“He is not going to go and spend his own money.

“You wouldn’t go and spend your own money now, knowing you were trying to sell something, unless you knew you were going to get that back.

“It is not easy to sell a football club.

“He has got a price and he is going to wait to get it.

“He has spent money at that football club, he is just not going to spend it at this time.

“All these fans…they dream and they dream big, I understand that.

“What are Newcastle’s aims?

“They can’t be aiming at being a Man Utd or a Man City, they have got to aim to be a Bournemouth – they have only just started spending.

“I’m not saying everything they are doing is correct.

“What I am saying is…

“I think with Mike Ashley, you can’t hammer him and say that he should be spending when he wants to sell the club.

“You wouldn’t spend on your house when you want to sell it.”

The Mag – 2 September 2019:

Rio Ferdinand launched a passionate defence of Mike Ashley on Saturday night.

The former player turned pundit insisting that Ashley was the one propping up Newcastle United and that it was obvious he was trying to sell the club, if only he could find somebody to buy it…

However, he picked the wrong TV show to do it on.

If he had been given the kind of platform Dennis Wise is given by Sky Sports to spread unopposed Mike Ashley propaganda, no problem.

The same if he had been a guest of disgraced presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys at beIN Sports.

However, appearing on BT Sport, Rio Ferdinand found himself confronted by clued up host Jake Humphrey and former Newcastle player Jermaine Jenas.

They totally destroyed Ferdinand and his pathetic arguments/claims, so much so that by the end, Rio Ferdinand tried to claim he was only ‘playing devil’s advocate’ when backing the unscrupulous Newcastle United owner.

So why was Rio Ferdinand so blindly supportive of Mike Ashley?

Well, obviously there is no way that Rio Ferdinand would be doing it because of underhand motives. Him being  such a respectable bloke and all that.

However, it has now emerged that there is a clear conflict of interest when it comes to the former Man Utd player talking about Mike Ashley.

This is from the Sports Direct website (their capitals not ours…)




Not only that but the Keith Bishop Agency (majority owned by Mike Ashley/Sports Direct)

Jake Humphrey hosting on BT Sport for the Man City v Newcastle match on Saturday, discussing the situation at Newcastle United with guests Rio Ferdinand, Richard Dunne and Jermaine Jenas:

Rio Ferdinand :

“I understand the fans anguish because they’re a passionate bunch up there (in Newcastle).

“But when they went down Mike Ashley spent big to get them back up.

“He spent money and I just see it if you look at it from his point of view.

“Mike Ashley has put money in to buy the club, he has put money in again when they have got relegated to get them back up, he is thinking ‘I have got them back up and I am fighting against countries who are investing in clubs….(as well as) massive consortiums who are putting money in, so I want to get out now.”

Jake Humphrey:

“If you want to get out, then get out.

“If you want to sell your house, then sell your house.

Rio Ferdinand:

“It is not as easy as that. If it was it would have been done (ED: Mike Ashley first (supposedly) put NUFC up for sale in 2008 and 10 years later still not sold).

Mike Ashley is obviously trying to get out….he has tried to sell the club once they’ve got back into the Premier League.

“He (Ashley) has fought to get them back into the Premier League and in that sense I can understand him but I can understand the anguish of the fans too.”

Jake Humphrey:

 “We are not saying go and spend huge amounts, just go and spend enough so that they can build on a top ten finish last season.”

Rio Ferdinand:

“It is easy to say it when it’s not your money.”

Jake Humphrey:

“It is the club’s (Newcastle United’s) money.”

Rio Ferdinand:

“But it is his (Ashley’s) money, he is backing it (Newcastle United financially).”

Jake Humphrey:

“It is money that Newcastle have brought in, they have sold £40m of players (this summer) and they made £120m(+) of prize money (last season).

Jermaine Jenas:

“You (Rio Ferdinand) say that they spent money when they went down but they sold Wijnaldum and Sissoko.

“Newcastle made £70m in those two deals, so I wouldn’t say Mike Ashley spent big in the Championship. It was money they recouped (ED: In that summer 2016 transfer window Newcastle made a £40m profit).”

Jake Humphrey:

“Newcastle United’s net spend is £1m (since promotion), less than Brighton (£110m) or Huddersfield (£78m).

“People talk about countries but those two teams aren’t backed by countries.”

Rio Ferdinand:

“That doesn’t make good reading…

“Who would have said that Brighton’s net spend would be £100m and Newcastle’s £1m?

“I am just playing devil’s advocate…trying to look at it from Mike Ashley’s point of view. He’s thinking ‘I don’t want to spend any more money’.”

  • Peaky

    Rio….go and fuckyourself….you neither know nor care about what’s going at at NUFC…

    • Leazes.

      He doesn’t read the Mag,….see above.

      • Coach Clagnut

        I’d be surprised if he can read. An utter moron.

    • Coach Clagnut

      Another intellectual giant following in the wake of the cock-eyed midget, the 2 creeps from bE-In,and the perma tan palace pillock.

  • Kenny


    • Leazes.

      He doesn’t read the Mag, very few people do….. he on twitter though, I might send him a tweet later…..

      • David scott

        already done it expecting to be blocked very shortly

        • Big Al 1967


      • Lord

        Luke Edwards and George Caulkin have done good business on Twitter tonight.

        • Gareth Jones

          What have they said?

  • Jonas

    its worrying that people given forums are either that moronic or that biased – neither should happen.

    At least he’s still so ugly he could easily pass for an alien.

  • jordijohnty

    “You wouldn’t spend on your house when you want to sell it.”
    You would if it was crumbling away to dust. The man is another fed pri kk

  • Toonfen

    A vision of the future….. January 2022 and the Ronny gill are reporting that around 20000 are expected at St. James’ for the League 2 home game against promotion chasing Rochdale however temporary manager Barry Fry is delighted to hear that he is expecting a third choice left back on loan from National League Solihull Moors as the lad has great potential in helping NUFC avoid relegation! Ashley out! In our dreams! RIP NUFC

    • Mr_Kinnear

      Sadly this is probably a very good prediction

  • Paul Patterson

    ‘they have got to aim to be a Bournemouth’

    Oh goody.

    “You wouldn’t spend on your house when you want to sell it.”

    Er, if the roof had a five foot hole in it and the foundations were subsiding, you’d have to..

    • Danimal

      I know, what a prat.

    • Malcolm Fisher

      Spot on. Couldn’t have put it better. He opens his mouth before he puts his brain into gear.

      • graham18

        he’s a bulls knacker

      • Toontaff

        What brain?

        • Malcolm Fisher

          Daaaaaa sthowwwy daaa

    • Lord

      He also trotted out *exactly* the same line as Sherwood about giving Ashley credit for ‘getting Rafa in’. Bishop PR afoot.

  • Paul Cannell

    It wasn’t what he said that bothered me, as I know he’s a balloon. It was the force in his voice almost bordering on aggresive that got to me.

    • Toonfe

      Never liked Ferdinand (Rio that is) typical Southern dock who knows nowt about NUFC or North East football! Hope Shearer puts him right?

  • graham18

    Probably doesn’t even know where Newcastle is in England.

    • Leazes.

      Its not in England its in Northumberland

      • Glockas

        Get us out of tyne & Wear and reinstate us back into Northumberland.

        • graham18

          tyne and wear metropolitan council was abolished in 1986

      • Peaco

        Told you they’re thick…

      • graham18

        thought it was nufc was in city of newcastle

        • Billmag

          Don’t upset him mate.😀

      • Coach Clagnut

        Historically it was The City & County of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Not in Northumberland.

  • Patience Dowswell

    His clothing line looks schitt. That logo is schitt also…

  • HarryHype59

    His name is Rio and I think we can agree

    His head is the the ar*e of fat Mike Ashley!

    Sorry Duran Duran!

  • jordijohnty

    Surprise, surprise! Horrid Robbie Savage agrees with Rio. He’s related to sir Les hard to believe.

    • Shields Mag

      Robbie Savage is just a wind up merchant, same as he was as a player, an average one at that.

    • Jonas

      Phsyically as well as personality wise.
      Les was a handsome dude – Rio looks like Gilbert the Alien voiced by inebriated tramp

  • Kenneth Jones

    you are pathetic, rio Ferdinand, along with Sherwood, wise, and all the so called foot-pundits.ashley, you are a disgrace to football and as a supporter of Newcastle I would love to bring your empire down around your knees – and I would say to the rest of you Newcastle supporters its time to stop making exscuses for the fat man, and stop lining his pocket. grow a pair.!

  • GToon

    When presented with the facts he back tracked saying he was playing devils advocate. He would have been better off saying that he didn’t realize the facts and takes back what he said. What a clown.

    • Kneebotherm8

      That’s what he said in September but he’s come out with the same sht tonight………….just proves what a lying,self serving cnt he is…..

  • Shields Mag

    2nd rate pundit that’s all Rio is along with Wise and Sherwood….

  • East Durham Mag

    Hatethecunt with a passion. Would love to knock that lop sided smirk off his face.

  • KennyS

    I wouldn’t get too uptight about Ferdinand, yes he is on Ashleys payroll so you wouldn’t expect anything else, however my problem is he has a TV network to give an inaccurate opinion and people will believe it.

    He should keep his mouth shut on the point of Ashley. We know the truth that is all that matters.

  • zack

    “i was just playing devil’s advocate”, line says it all, he know’s he’s wrong and supporting satan in human flesh, but satan sells his clothes so it’s ok, he’ll be fine.

  • Billmag

    He says we are a yo-yo club which if the thick [email protected]@t did his homework he would realise we are a yo-yo club under the fat oaf, we were never relegated in the Premiership till fatty came along.


    Two words spring to mind



  • Lostprofit DBC

    This has always been my argument, you have to win the media war and get slurs on Ashley, before effective action is taken. Otherwise the media can make you look stupid. We need a true leader in the Shearer mould, to educate the wider audience. MA is destroying our club and is getting away with it.

    • Tweed Mag

      Ferdinand is getting slaughtered on social media – my favourite so far is along the lines of “Ashley has missed more transfer windows than you missed drugs tests”. Luke Edwards and George Caulkin have also had a good go. Not everyone likes social media, but it makes good reading tonight.
      But you are right, we do need a leader to galvanise the opposition to the oaf.

  • Foggy

    Nobody has ever claimed Ferdinand to be the brightest bulb on the tree. Looks like he is going out of his way to show us he is the dimmest. Good job he could play football which takes no intelligence.


    How a TV company can let someone go on a rant purely for business reasons is beyond me.
    When oh when are they going to make these so called experts do just a little research before they spout the shight they talk.
    Why oh why did it take me 11 years of torment before cancelling my ST.
    Felt like launching my can at the TV when Tit Lip was talking

  • Superdooperhooper

    KBA? Couldn’t be Keith bishop by any chance ?

  • Polarboy

    Actually you would spend money on your house if you were selling, so that you could add value to it before flogging it you absolute tw*t Rio. Ashley’s situation is that if he doesn’t spend money on his house it could fall off the edge of a cliff before he manages to sell, if indeed he actually has any intention to sell.

    • KRS1

      He has no intention to sell. Media has fallen for this annual January lie.

      • Polarboy

        From a pure business sense it would make sense for him to sell. Even he must realise that his way “running” the club will eventually result in the value of the club being almost entirely destroyed by relegation/s. I think he probably would sell, but he’ll want so much money and insist his advertising stays up, so he’ll shoot himself in the foot when nobody caves to his insane demands.

  • Geordiegiants

    It’s a disgrace how these platforms, Sky and especially the BBC report what they want and not the truth. Sky peddle nothing but lies as long as it’s making them money. the BBC peddle the agenda of their political view, ie Brexit / Trump etc, after all no matter your view it should be the truth only. It’s a disgrace that there is not a balanced debate from either of these TV stations. I have just cancelled my Sky subscription today as it is nothing but robbery. I Just wished I didn’t have to pay that abortion of a corporation the BBC.

    • Mr_Kinnear

      They all have their own agendas. Mostly it is ginancially based no matter what they may say to the contrary.

  • GToon

    Where did the TV money go?

    • Wezza

      Into mash Holdings along with the 2/3 of this seasons TV money (80M)
      The club and trolls would like you believe the TV money went on wages.
      Wage bill is approx 45M.
      They have no explanation for the missing money.

      • Jonas

        just laughed their at the concept of Ashley paying top whack wages and the bargain basement players we bring in even demanding it – the very notion of it is absurd

  • GToon

    Where is the transfer profit money?

  • Vincent Gigante

    Charles Charlie Charles

  • Tweed Mag

    I wonder how much Rio Ferdinand Tat will be sitting in an SD check out basket this week?

  • Shipcote Willy

    Nice to see someone asking proper questions and showing the stupidity of Ferdinand who is no doubt scripted by KB. Unfortunately they are in a small minority

  • Ruel Intentions

    The hypocrisy of radio, tv and print pundits and presenters gets to me most.

    When Arsenal announce that they won’t spend any money this month, for just one transfer window, having spent £120m on their strike force alone in the last 18 months, there is uproar about how negligent the administration of the club is. They owner gets castigated. Same story with West Ham to a lesser degree before this summer.

    When Newcastle United spend nothing, over and over again… well we should just be grateful shouldn’t we?

    • HarryHype59

      The talking heads on Talk sh*te radio often prattle on about Spurs lack of spending in recent windows. Nufc never gets mentioned!

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Rio Ferdinand has apparently never sold a house. YOU ABSOLUTELY SPEND MONEY TO MAKE YOUR HOUSE LOOK MORE APPEALING TO POTENTIAL BIDDERS! what a [email protected]$^ing moron.

    • Toontaff

      Imagine having a Hoss in the kitchen……..

  • Blackburn1066

    I just wish Rio Ferdinand and his little fat friend would FU-K OF-

  • Mrkgw

    Ferdinands remarks made himself out to be a complete ignoramus. Thankfully Jake Humphrey put him in his place and was a class above.

  • David

    Rio- ‘iam selling my house for 300k but it needs a few Bob spent on it. I paid 150k and I think I’ve spent loads on it so I don’t want to spend any more money on it. You will be pleased to know ive stripped it ready for you to spend your money on it.’

    Potential buyer- ‘But the guy next door is also asking 300k and all that is done… What about 280k?

    Rio- I want 300k Iam not spending money on something I want to sell.

    Fatty- Iam selling a football club for 300M…..

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Good on the lad who was presenting the show for having a go back at him for his astounding ignorance !
    As many must have mentioned without reading the comments that we are a so called “Yo-Yo Club” since Ashley’s involvement.
    This man should not be able to get away with his truly ignorant and agenda driven comments which are coming from a place of self interest !

    I would like to think that whoever runs this blog would write in to BT Sports to voice our displeasure at these unilateral comments that are being allowed to pass without the right of reply.

    It is an absolute disgrace imo

  • Jonas

    whoever first coined the phrase ‘cockney mafia’ didn’t know how right they were – all them Rio, Samuel, Wise, MA and associates, now Sherwood, Kinnear – all working against NUFC for a laugh and to line their pockets, am starting to feel it really, truly is.

    Also credit to Jake Humphrey not only for providing an alternate point of view as his profession requires but also for understanding the subject matter. Should go without saying for a pro – but many in his profession wouldn’t do either.

    • Leazes.

      Yes we got castigated for it…… all of his protectors are from the same part of London including the click-bait sites ‘thisisfutbol’ and HITC’ and others.

      They behave like Mafia rather than businessmen, loan predators…. creating chaos….

      ….which part of the phrase ‘C*ckney Mafia’ was wrong?

  • JohnnyH

    Go and have a word with Uncle Les about having principles and living by them.

  • nufcslf

    What f**king tool. Shut your thick mouth and don’t defend such sh*t. Understand he had it tough growing up and did well to become a professional. All points to he should know better than to be an rse licking waster to filth like Cadhley. Sickening.

    • Leazes.

      He doesn’t tread the Mag…. but he’s on twitter…..why not tell him?

      • Cockneytrev

        And also get in touch with BT and ask why non impartial pundits are allowed to comment on Newcastle United matches

      • nufcslf

        Sadly I don’t have a twatter or faceless book account. Never will neither. I’d probably get blocked anyway. This type of shyt does need dealing with. Ultimately it’s Cashley that needs his cage rattling by the silly [email protected] that show up to finance his cause and don’t say a bloody thing.

  • pedrodelgardo

    Seems Rio must be feeling a bit financially insecure, there there poor little Rio.

  • Lewis SG

    What a disgrace, what an embarassment

  • Toontaff

    Always enjoy it when he stutters….da, da, da, da, da…………..

  • Tino o

    Another reason as if we needed any to target SD. Think I’ll do some online shopping today

  • Tweed Mag

    It would appear that when Ferdinand plans to sell his house, he will automatically add his mortgage on to the price. This is what the oaf has done – the club is worth around £200m, but he wants £300m to give him his loan back.
    There is no sale and poor Rio has made that clear by trying to defend his mate and business partner.

    • HarryHype59

      Good point, Ashley could sell for £200m and recoup his outlay on NUFC. He is simply trying to make a £100m profit by asking for £300m. The club isn’t worth £300m due to the high risk of a third relegation and loss of TV money.

      Every day the club remains unsold at £300m confirms this. In May the fat oaf will have a club worth £170m max, if it is back in the Championship!

      • Mike

        No one will want it if/when we go down

  • Toon

    Rio – fool but fair do Jake Humphries, his link to a break which made Ferdinand’s ‘yo yo club’ point look thick and inaccurate was excellent, so easy for TV presenters to back slap each other but this bloke always seems stick up for NUFC

    • Cockneytrev

      humphries always sticks up for us

  • Wor Lass

    I had thought that Ferdinand wasn`t actually a fool but his comment that you wouldn`t spend money on your house if you were going to sell it proves me wrong.

  • MadMag83

    The Ashley/Bishop PR machine is back in full swing. Anyone would think we were in yet another transfer window without investment!

    You’d think any normal club would have seen how threadbare the squad was yesterday and would be working hard to bring players in, not Newcastle. Instead we have a regime shamelessly bringing out unscrupulous characters to try and justify not buying anyone despite now being​ in the relegation zone.

  • HarryHype59

    I don’t want Ashley to spend his own money on buying players. I just want him to allow the club the spend some of the massive TV money windfall It has earned since Sept 17.

    The club must have collected around £180m in TV revenues since the last promotion, yet the net spend is £1m. Brighton have spent over a £100m in the same period.

    That damning statistic explains why this club is in the bottom three. The talking heads in the sports media refuse to raise this point.

    Ashley out!

  • David2211

    Richard Keys on twitter:

    “Well said @rioferdy5 👏👏. If Rafa loves Newcastle as he says – spend some of his own money. He’s got enough. Management is about teamwork – why should it always be Ashley? Buy it. It’s still for sale. They’re in the bottom 3 & Rafa is responsible. He picks the team.”

    So Rafa should buy players himself or even buy the club himself.

    I give up.

    • Rich Lawson

      If only he (Keys) would ?

  • thewildchimp

    That’s all true and well said, you know, but I think Ashley kinda would have sold the club if he wanted to, after all these years of alleged “selling”…