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When your 12 year old tells you to save your money that you were going to spend on Newcastle United…

4 years ago

I know I’m not alone in hoping that we will soon see an end to this whole fiasco and negativity that has somehow embraced wor fantastic club and city.

I’m sick of hearing that we don’t expect to compete with the likes of Man City etc for a shot at the title and cups, why not? We are Newcastle United and I want to win every game and convince myself until the final whistle we can and should.

Sure, I understand I look through black and white tinted glasses, but I see that as my role and if I don’t believe it, what chance do our players have?

I’d love to hear Rafa say ‘Do you know what, the guys here are all great players and with my guidance we are going to win the league’, instead of ‘We need better players than this shower of knackers’.

Imagine going to work and hearing from your boss that given half a chance he’d get rid of you? This is not a slight on Mr Benitez, I know he is trying his best and under the circumstances I’m flabbergasted he is still our manager and extremely grateful.

That cockney city spoiler would have been told where to hoy his job long ago if it were me…

Getting back to my point though.

On asking my son what games he wants to go to in the new year. His answer was ‘Do we have to and can I not just have the money for a new Xbox game?’

He said it’s not that great watching Newcastle United and all you (me!) do is moan that you are sick of it and don’t you know, that owner doesn’t care what you think, you’re giving him half of your wages and you are always skint.

That is when it dawned on me that as a 12 year old, the current hierarchy is all he knows , and has had a lifetime so far of spoilt weekends. So no the wonder he is looking for his kicks elsewhere.

I guess I can’t blame him really and should be more sympathetic, as it’s bad craic when your son likens a treat day at the match to a day at school or church.

Hopefully we can awake from this nightmare sooner rather than later and become the greatest team in Europe and finally feel what it is like to win something, Just imagine how that would feel.

Imagine the town…’Of course I’m not coming into work, the toon has won the league, I’ll be back when my money has gone or the Bigg Market has run dry and I’ve found me son’.

Mr Shopkeeper, can’t wait to see the back of you. You are not welcome here and we would appreciate it if you never come back to our great city and you can take ya crap trainers and joggers with you.

And one more thing, thing we don’t hate Cockneys, just YOU!

Well…and the dwarf and that Joe fella.

In reality though, will he take the club off the market, just to laugh at us for another year and yet more money in his back pocket?

A worried fatha from Washington.

Howay the lads.


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