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Very interesting comments from Wolves fans before, and especially after, beating Newcastle at St James Park

2 years ago

Wolves fans had seen their season seemingly falling apart, only one point in six games after a very decent start.

Now in the space of less than a week they have watched on as their team have picked up six points and are back in the top ten.

Very interesting reading these comments below from Wolves fans before, and especially after, the game at St James Park.

Refreshing to see such honesty.

I never understand when after still winning, you get supporters who refuse to accept that the luck might have went their way and/or their team didn’t play very well.

If you get beat then fans everywhere are the same, you like to look for any reasons why the fates weren’t on your side.

However, I find myself agreeing with the views of most of the Wolves fans below.

The collective view of most is that they were lucky to win, it was two not great teams, the Yedlin red card was correct but they got lucky with the Boly elbow on Perez, the atmosphere was poor, the sending off eventually decided the result.

Wolves fans comment before and after the game via their top Molineux Mix message board:


‘It’s a beautiful sunny day up here and it’s forecast to be sunny but cold all day long.

So hat, scarf, extra socks and sun glasses. By the time we kick off though it’ll be getting dark!’

‘Had a lovely day yesterday, great town but was very busy, was windy & quite cold, am still in bed but it looks sunny.’

‘Tyne Bar is brilliant if you’re staying overnight and don’t mind a walk.

We wobbled back from there down to the Bigg Market the night of the Zenga win. Probably my favourite away ground and town.’

‘Against Newcastle I think we will need to be better in possession as they get men behind the ball.’

They say dont change a winning team, however we set up to contain Chelsea, Sunday shall need to attack Newcastle.

Nuno over to you to earn your dosh.’

‘Traore and Costa have to be miles better than they were at Cardiff or we are stuffed today. Huge games for them.’

‘Banking on Newcastle continuing to playing cautiously.’

‘Traore starting is an interesting one. Could be a great move by Nuno as Newcastle lack pace, however Traore needs to prove that he’s more than a five minute wonder. When starting the couple of matches so far this season, he has generally been underwhelming.’

‘Newcastle aren’t the quickest at the back , I guess it’s an area thinks we can exploit .’

‘You simply can’t change the team and justifying by Newcastle not being as good as Chelsea certainly doesn’t work. Look what happened against Huddersfield and Cardiff.

If Neves does come back in, it has to be for Moutinho, not Saiss. Would be very harsh on Moutinho but we can’t go back to the same problems that playing them both together seems to bring.

I’d stick with the winning team.’



I feel like we fell asleep at the wheel, crashed into the Tower of London and the crown jewels rolled into the car.

The team should be wearing masks after that.’

‘We may as well have all worn Dick Turpin masks, wonderful week for Wolves but mostly very average performances but who cares, 10th.’

‘Great 3 points and well deserved!’

‘Great three points as they were undeserved. Loved the camera shot on Nuno as Jota shot, then Nuno nods it in.’

‘I dont get it, we are S… but we are 10th!!!’

‘Sh… game played between two passive teams unable to really make anything happen.

But…A fantastic result away from home that will help give us confidence going forwards.’

‘Oh and Newcastle are dog sh.. cheating diving Tw..s.’

‘The sending off changed the game, I don’t think we’d have won and maybe would have lost if that didn’t happen, Newcastle looked more likely to win at that stage.

Thankful for the undeserved 3 points, hope we play better against Bournemouth. Kudos to all who travelled.’

‘Newcastle are atrocious don’t care about how much money they ain’t got they were pathetic.’

‘I’m finding it hard to believe the negative comments I’m reading above after watching that game. For me, it was a very enjoyable game with plenty of action.

We played some good football and we played some careless football. This is how we play. This is us.

Much is being made about a possible elbow by Boly and how it should have been a red card. On slow motion replays it’s possible it should have been a red and a penalty to them. There is no dispute about Yedlin’s red though..’

‘Don’t think we really deserved it.. and that Boly elbow looks worse everytime I see it (though I’m sure it was accidental), however.. get in there! Back in the top half.’

‘Didn’t think we were as bad as some are making out, far from our best but only one team deserved to win that irrespective of the red card and it was us.’

‘3 Mike Dean decisions to discuss.

1) Should Lascelles have been booked when the pass through to Traore was through. A blatant push but ref gave nothing despite it being absolutely blatant and the ref was in a great position.

2) Boly’s elbow on the Newcastle lad – have to admit at first I thought it was totally innocent, but others feel it looked nasty and dangerous? Very unlike our Wily but perhaps accidental. Should it have been a penalty, red card? If so it changes the game.

3) The sending off – no doubt Jota was through on goal and no doubt about the pull-back, but was it a sending off or just a booking. They will argue there was nearly a defender covering, though I think Rafa saying it wasn’t a clear goalscoring chance is talking rubbish there. He was clearly through on goal and / or could have easily squared it for Traore to tap in.

Quietest home and away crowd all season.’

‘We didn’t play well, didn’t do enough.

Can count our players who did well on one hand.

Did we do enough to win, probably not. But you’d take it every day of the week.’

‘Absolutely wonderful result but some terrible football. In the pub with a Newcastle-supporting colleague as I type, and he says they weren’t expecting that much possession.

That said they spent plenty of time just passing it amongst the back three.

The atmosphere died with their equaliser, was rather sterile until the sending off.

I don’t understand how we failed to find space with the man advantage and thank the lord we finally found a way through. A happy bunny tonight.’

‘In terms of key events, I think we got very lucky. Yedlin’s red card.could have gone either way. I’m not unconvinced that Lascelles wouldn’t have got across. I guess I’m unclear on the rules, as Jota could have got a shot off, but from a very tough angle. Would that angle prevent it being a goalscoring chance?

Looking at the replays, Boly’s elbow on Perez was clearly a foul. I’m not sure there’s much intent or malice, so I’m not sure it’s a red but it is a penalty.’

‘it was a deserved red despite what the Spanish waiter says in his red-faced anger.’

‘I rarely heard any fans sing, thought atmosphere was atrocious. Home and away fans.’

‘Glad we won, but we were far from good. Costa and Traore, in particular, were poor for me. I don’t think we can afford to start both of them as they don’t work hard enough off the ball. Red card was correct, and Newcastle should have had a penalty for the Boly elbow. We’ve played well in other games and lost, so this is one we’ve won without playing well and I’ll take it.

Pleased for the fans who went as a last minute is just what you need for a long journey back. A bad game for the neutrals out there.’

‘Great result, dodgy performance. Was a red card all day long, view from behind their goal showed Lascelles was never going to get across.

Perez play acts constantly, so no sympathy for him re the Boly incident.’

‘What has made this result feel even better is the tears from Sky, especially the interviewer and Rafa. I would suggest Rafa looks at himself for his half time tactical adjustment that led to Yedlin’s error and a red card correctly awarded by the ref. I would also suggest he looks at himself for the 7 home defeats out of what is it.. 8 or 9 games? Bang the VAR drum all you want, over a season you wont be benefiting from it.

Special mention for Jota who was my man of the match, Boooohhhooo Perez had an elbow give him a kiss and an award – nice header for the goal but spent the rest of the game diving around and whinging as usual.

Winter is coming for Rafa.’

‘We had more chances, more shots on target, worked their keeper more. The team that finished was better than the one that started and whilst we got away with the Boly incident i think we deserved to draw or win. The sky newcastle love in is nauseating and they were a very average side.’

‘A word on Rondon, I thought he was fantastic for 60 minutes. Doesn’t play that differently from Jimenez. Not as much footballing intelligence as our Raul, but looked a very good finisher. Faded out largely because he was, like Raul often is, relied upon to create and score on his own.

Thoughts Atsu played well too. Lascelles had a mare.’

‘We were in a bar after the game chatting to a few Newcastle lads and they said we’re the loudest away fans they’ve had, also complimented us on the fact we took (almost) 3200 on a Sunday evening for a televised game just before Christmas.’

‘I have always found the Geordies to be good guys and fair fans.’

‘With regards to VAR, Newcastle’s goal would also have been ruled out as the forward was coming back from offside position when he challenged for the cross that led to the goal. This was pointed out at half time by the panel but never mentioned again. I thought the commentary was very biased against Wolves but nothing new there.’

‘Rafa has done a great job diverting the blame. Blaming the ref, our players, newcastle owners and making the fans believe its that and not his poor defending and inept tactics that cost them the game. Fair play Rafa.’


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