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There is no imminent takeover of Newcastle United – Mike Ashley and Keith Bishop are winning

2 years ago

You really couldn’t make it up could you?

Where do I start?

Spineless and gutless are words that I am always against using when it comes to football. It often annoys me when fans use the term as it suggests that a player or a manager isn’t trying their best. I don’t think you can ever use that word to describe any player in this Newcastle team.

Unfortunately, gutless was the first word that sprung to mind when certain people decided to cancel their support for The Magpie Group (TMG) organised boycott against Wolves, and later, TMG’s own decision to then cancel the boycott against Wolves altogether, as well as other matchday protests against Mike Ashley.

In hindsight, I wouldn’t describe TMG as gutless, although others I certainly would. I think TMG have been forced into a corner in the past few days by certain individuals which has made their position as a group almost untenable.

I don’t represent the views of The Mag. Unlike social media pages or journalists etc, I don’t think anyone who writes for the Mag (which can be anyone, you only have to send the email) intends to take any moral high ground or pretend that they are something bigger than just an ordinary Newcastle fan.

As a matter of fact, I actually completely disagreed with the editor’s article published the other day which stated that he believed that this time ‘may be different’ and gave (valid) reasons why Ashley may be more inclined to sell this time round (because maybe he needs the money, as Sports Direct’s falling share price means selling a few % of shares now generates a two thirds less than a few years ago, when he regularly sold shares to raise money to spend on other investments).

In the past 24 hours or so, there seems to be a narrative arising in which a few commentators have stated that if Mike Ashley does not sell in this coming period then anarchy will spread amongst the Newcastle fanbase. For example, one comment that I have seen from a journalist includes “wait to see what is unleashed if he doesn’t sell this time.” With all due respect, what on earth does that even mean? Is he insinuating violence will occur if Mike Ashley doesn’t sell?

The whole saga has got well out of hand, and journalists have been reduced to sensationalised soundbites on topics that we all just wish they would admit, they know nothing about.

So if Mike Ashley doesn’t sell, then what is going to happen?

It appears that protests will be set up again but with even less credibility. TMG wont be credible any more as they have abandoned ship in the heat of the moment. The local journalists won’t be credible (as if they ever were) after they reported on all the several interested parties, and commented on how “this time it looks different due to their well placed sources.”

In summary, if Mike Ashley doesn’t sell the club now, then everyone has lost complete credibility. Egg will be on everyone’s face and we will be back to square one.

The only person who won’t have lost any credibility will be Mike Ashley, because he hasn’t actually said anything except that “a takeover is possible.” Remember that, please. A lot has been said about that Mike Ashley interview, but all he said is that “a takeover is possible”, that is literally all he has said. If anyone can provide any other information to the contrary, then be my guest.

Everything has got out of hand very quickly. Perhaps a problem that has emerged because of this is that some people, some groups and some journalists, think they are bigger than just us ordinary Newcastle fans. As a matter of fact, some people, and some journalists, aren’t even Newcastle fans, so why people take their word as the gospel is beyond me slightly.

So again, lets be VERY clear here. Mike Ashley has given one interview to Sky News in which he said a takeover of the club was possible. That is literally all that has happened.

TMG cited “Revelations in the media” as one reason for abandoning the protest movement. I find this laughable considering that the media has long been said to be ‘in Ashley’s pocket’and on top of that, when was the last time they provided any credible information on anything?

Taking into account that much of the protest movement is also centered on the fact that Mike Ashley is a proven liar, as has been shown when Keegan won his unfair dismissal case, it continues to mystify me as to why everyone has fallen weak at the knees because of something he has said.

If Mike Ashley hadn’t have given an interview to Sky News, would we be talking about a takeover now? No. So where have all of these journalists with their millions of sources come from all of a sudden? It is a load of rubbish and people are falling for it.

If you don’t believe me, and of course why would you, then you only have to read the print. Read the Chronicle. Read the Daily Mail. Read Sky Sports. There are no sources. The only things that are mentioned is “someone from the club”or my personal favourite, we are “hearing noises.”

The mere mention of officials at Newcastle United is actually laughable. Are people forgetting how Mike Ashley has organised Newcastle United? There is no board. No major shareholders. There is Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley, Steve Nickson, Rafa Benitez, and of course Keith Bishop (pictured with Ashley above) and Justin Barnes. It is a load of rubbish, and again, I can’t believe people are falling for it.

To be honest, there is one journalist out there that I do have a lot of time for and that is George Caulkin, who at the very least, is an eloquent writer. However, earlier today he tweeted “when the takeover collapses Ashley will blame climate of negativity at the club so I think it is the right decision.” I must be truthful and say I am quite staggered that this is some sort of justification not to protest. It may not be a far-fetched notion, of course I wouldn’t put anything past Bishop or Ashley, but the sheer suggestion that fans cannot be negative about Mike Ashley because he will then never sell the club is beyond belief.

It also suggests that a potential owner will look at a negative and restless fanbase and think “woah, I don’t want anything to do with that, what if that is me?” Well, if a prospective owner is thinking that, then that just suggests to me that any owner has not done their homework on the club to begin with. It is an insult to our intelligence.

It has been 11 and a half years of proven lies.

Maybe I am the stupid one who ‘doesn’t get it’, perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps I am not giving people credit for just how reliable their sources are. Forgive me.

Let’s take a look at who these so-called 4 interested parties are that are definitely interested in buying Newcastle United:

Don’t know.

Don’t know.

Don’t know.

Peter Kenyon representing Don’t know.

Again, c’mon people, what is going on here? Wake up.

These are the so called facts that means that all of a sudden, people are bending over backwards left, right and centre to believe.

I feel sorry for the individuals involved in TMG, as there is no doubt that many in the group have as their no.1 interest, Newcastle United football club.

As I have said before, TMG was the only team in town and we had to get behind them, get behind the walk-in, get behind the boycott and keep the pressure on Mike Ashley. Now the group has drifted into irrelevance.

So where does this leave any protest movement for the future?

With the official statement mentioning the Huddersfield game in February as a future protest data. Well, all credibility has been lost at this stage. The Magpie Group seem like decent people, but as much as I have been at the meetings, been at the protests, supported them on social media, the past few weeks have shown that they couldn’t organise the proverbial p… up in a brewery.

Some people may say this is an own goal from TMG. I don’t think so, it would be more fitting to say that Keith Bishop has scored a hat-rick and he is mugging you all off.

The only positive that can be taken away from the whole saga are the actions of the London Magpie Group. I hope that they are not affected by the cancellation of the boycott and that they keep up their own pressure on Mike Ashley. They are in a unique position to continue to bring negative attention to his businesses in the south, shareholders and overseas manufacturing procedures. I believe they have done more than any other fan group to disrupt Ashley and I hope they continue to do so.

What has really got me down about this whole saga is the lack of truth. The lack of honesty and transparency.

Please, ask yourself this, would Mike Ashley and Keith Bishop be happy with this current situation? If the answer is yes, then you have your own answer to just how stupid this all is.

Newcastle fans have been divided into various splinter groups. The Magpie Group has ultimately failed, and it is not because of Mike Ashley or Keith Bishop. It is because of backstabbing from certain Newcastle fans and the failure of the local media to put their neck out in support of the group.

There is no imminent takeover of Newcastle United. Mike Ashley and Keith Bishop are winning, and the vast majority of Newcastle fans are letting him.

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