Stewart Donald has revealed how many tickets Newcastle United have requested for the Sunderland first team v Newcastle United Under 21s derby.

The Checkatrade Trophy rules state that away teams are allowed up to 10% of a stadium’s capacity if they request it.

Stewart Donald now announcing that Newcastle have done exactly that, meaning Rafa’s kids are set to have the backing of up to 5,000 travelling fans, around 10% of the 49,000 capacity.

Sunderland announced ticket arrangements for their own fans on Wednesday, with details for Newcastle supporters to follow.

What we did find out though were the ticket prices, with Sunderland raising their Checkatrade Trophy prices from £3 to £15 for Newcastle’s visit.

Stewart Donald saying he was left with no choice due to the extra costs involved with this (unusual) derby game…

Stewart Donald:

“I appreciate it (price of Checkatrade match tickets) has gone up but Newcastle have asked for a lot of tickets and the police bill, stewarding and general cost of the game etc is so much more due to that than the other games.

“We have tried to keep it sensible and we are certainly not likely to make much money based on costs. Just simply the cost of the fixture.

“Unlike all the other games with the volume of Newcastle fans expected to travel according to them then we have to police, steward and staff accordingly.

“That is I’m afraid, a completely different cost to opening one stand.

“We have tried to price sensibly.

“Opening one stand for a low risk game has a completely different cost base to a game against our biggest rivals who want their full allocation regardless of who is in their team.

“I have never been to a Newcastle v Sunderland game but judging by the security planning I can see why it is so expensive to stage and you can not unfortunately cover that at £3 a ticket no matter how much we would like to.

“As soon as Newcastle requested their full allocation the costs for Police, stewards, etc etc went boom understandably.

“It won’t be a payday with our costs.

“Although it is their youth team as you say, as soon as they requested their full allocation the costs involved in staging the game have become huge.

“We can’t cover that at £3 no matter how much we would like to.

“Opening one stand just isn’t the same cost base.

“Under competition rules they are entitled to 10 percent of our capacity so just short of 5000 tickets potentially.”

  • Wor Lass

    Seems fair comment. I`m pleased the club has asked for so many tickets but slightly surprised after the seat-smashing escapades of last year. The Mackems have to show their ticket buying record to get them for this game (they`ve all got a record over there!) so their attendance should be limited. I know they can buy 4 tickets each but most of them won`t have that many mates (or should that be marrows?).

  • Chris-Chapple

    If it was at St James Ashley would sell them as many as they wanted

  • Themoscow72

    Should go to zero points which means that most people who want to go will get one.
    Was hoping Sean Longstaff would be available regardless of who is the opposition.
    However I can see him being picked for the Blackburn game as well. Win this one and we could get to Wembley.

    • Chris-Chapple

      Rumour has it you were banned

      • Squintytoonarmy

        He’s got top barristers. Might be banned after this one though – could be tasty

    • Brian Standen

      Metro ? Or putting bus on? Either way – I’m in!

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Will you leading the mob of raj packets on the Metro???

  • Steve Smith

    He’s implying the cost of policing this game will be c£500k.

    The average premier league game in London (where wages are higher) costs about £150k to police.

    Either his maths is par for the course there, or he’s being economical with the truth.

    • Wor Lass

      Plus £350k for the ref.

  • Andy Mac

    This just might be their Cup Final for this season having been booted out of the FA Cup so any excuse to make some money ?

    • Wor Lass

      Andy, don`t mention being booted out of the FA Cup just yet …

      • Kneebotherm8

        We’ve lasted longer than them………whatever happens against Blackburn……..they were talking about drawing us in the 3rd round prior to their home replay against Walsall……..Ouch!!…..

  • Phil Scott

    ” police bill, stewarding and general cost of the game etc is so much more due to that than the other games.”
    Police – maybe a small amount.There would be a certain amount there regardless of how many away supporters.
    Stewards – Bollox
    Other costs – Bollox

  • Paul Cannell

    It will be a nice change for our fans to visit a third division ground.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    ‘The Don’ as they call him (cringe) talks more sack then a pair of balls. Anyone seen his new lass? Looks like a cross dresser

    • Ram Kishore

      U have been gone for a while. Exiled?

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Suspended on twitter again so back on here for a bit