Some interesting comments from Sunderland fans ahead of the FA Cup draw.

Judging by those commenting, a decent majority would love to draw Newcastle United in this next round.

They got a 1-1 draw at Walsall on Saturday so have to get past them first – but already looking forward to a possible January derby.

There is the odd pessimist (realist) but in the main the Sunderland fans would see it as a positive and a decent chance of beating the Magpies.

The third round draw will take place on Monday (December 3) at 7.30pm at Stamford Bridge.

The fixtures are scheduled to be take placed over the weekend of Saturday 5 January 2019.

The Mackems are currently second in League One, four points behind leaders Portsmouth and two points ahead of both Luton & Peterborough.

I’m sure the Police would be thrilled with the idea of an FA Cup derby…but what do you think from a Newcastle United perspective?

Sunderland fans commenting via their Ready To Go message board:

‘You just know we are going to draw them.

So will this team continue the run of taking the p… out of the little skunk bitches?’

‘I hope so.’

‘If we did it would be a free hit and all the pressure would probably be on them.’

‘We’ve both been in the 3rd round every year of my life (and sometimes later rounds where the chances of meeting would be better) and never played them, so no reason why this year would be different. I’d really like it though.’

‘We have played the scumbags many times in the FA cup. The last time we played was in the quarter final in 1956. They were the FA cup holders and we beat them 2-0 at the landfill in front of a 61,000 crowd.’

‘It doesn’t matter though. How could they take the p… as we’re “only League One “.’

‘Oh they could if we lost badly!’

‘I reckon we could give a decent accounts of ourselves, especially if it was at our place. Imagine if we won man.’

‘We’d beat them.’

‘If we drew Newcastle I’d play the under 16s v Walsall. Newcastle would absolutely batter us. As would any premier league club.’

‘I don’t f…ing think so.

I will also be coming to this one if it happens, a team of committed lads against those f…ers, and the shop shouters in attendance.’

‘Nah mate, Rafa would have ten men behind the ball and nick a 1-0 and be lauded by the media as a genius.’

‘Number 61 Walsall or Sunderland…. versus… number 27… Newcastle United.

Get Uri Gellar on the draw. Make it happen!’

‘We’d get f…in bladdered unless Benitez took the piss and rested 6/7 of his main players.’

‘We wouldn’t get bladdered at all, 25% chance of winning according to the stats.’

‘Hope we get the Mags.’

‘It’s the mags.

And we beat them.

I had a dream…’

‘It would be an interesting game, Rafa wouldn’t be happy though, he’d have to actually manage the team for once.

Don’t think he could push a defeat against us on to Ashley’s shoulders.

Then again it’s the Mags and they desperately need to pretend Rafa is still a good manager for their own egos.’

‘It is 40 years since last time (League Cup) – Sept 79.

We certainly wouldn’t have as embarrassing a turn out through there as we did that night..

Even Ken Knighton said how disappointed he was that so few had shown confidence in us getting to the next round.

He was then forced to apologise later when he was deluged by letters from safc fans explaining that it was the threat of violence that kept them away, not a lack of faith in the team!’

  • Kenny

    Sad people the Mackem`s, they can`t get over not being Geordies

    • DC1964

      They pretend they are when on their holidays!

  • Peaky

    Thought it had been a while since we’ve seen the owld 3 headed freak photo….

    • Kenny

      you were right about Anderson, he`s just what we need

      • Peaky

        Great player…..can you imagine Rafa asking Fatso for £42m….?? 😂😂

        • Kenny

          Click !
          no sign of wor lass must be in Paris rioting

          • Peaky

            Aye it’s going a bit titsup over there…..not popular Macron.
            Was at Bramall Lane yesterday…..the Leeds fans were their normal,quiet,reserved and extremely well behaved selves…..NOT……absolute total heed the baalls….

          • Kenny

            i miss being at a game, haven`t been to St James for 3 years.
            nothing like a live match

          • Peaky

            Jan 2015 since I was at SJP….won’t go back til ‘it’ has gone…
            Enjoyed yesterday as we were guests of one of the Sheff Utd Vice Presidents…nice been a neutral and as you say nothing beats a live game…
            Mind you given that the two teams I saw are promotion contenders the quality on show was very poor….both wouldn’t last 5 mins in the PL without multi millions been spent…
            Cracking atmosphere at game….should have really been a draw.

          • Toontaff

            It = they = MadMonks?

          • Danimal

            Nice contribution from the keeper to settle it.

          • Peaky

            Aye you’re not kidding….a right howler….on loan from Man Utd I believe so you can imagine the stick he got from the Leeds lot…

  • Steven05

    Hi Graham

  • Mrkgw

    Would love to draw Sunderland in so much that it would give us a free pass to the next round.

    • Paul Patterson

      Let’s not go down that road ..

  • Realist

    I’d imagine they’d open the top tier if this happened, 4800 tickets 10 percent. I hope it’s the mackems away.

  • Albert Stubbins

    I’d love it if we beat them. Love it.

    • Kneebotherm8


  • Themoscow72

    No airport, no proper hotels, no great nightlife and a team on par with Newcastle Reserves.

    • Hebburn

      Gave up our WW2 fighter station for NE employment whilst Woolsington Airclub was run by hooray Henry’s sitting around in deckchairs drinking Pimms. A Hilton, a Grand & the only genuine 5* in the NE at Seaham.Granted nightlife at the moment is poor & if your reserves are so good why does Rafa never use them?

  • Rich Lawson

    Can you drop the picture at the top now ? Do you not have one of Roker Park being demolished instead ?

  • Grahame Johnson

    Threat of violence in 79, have they never looked at toon fans pictured in the roker end late 70s early 80s, it’s like every wanted poster or police line out, I’m a mag and it scares me ha ha