Only a couple of hours before facing Accrington Stanley in a league match, Sunderland fans discovered an even bigger humiliation.

The Sunderland first team picked out of the hat to face Newcastle United’s kids (Under 21s) in the Checkatrade Trophy.

The game to be played week commencing Monday 7 January.

For Newcastle fans this is already a massive win, finding it very funny that Sunderland’s first team are playing the NUFC kids on an equal footing due to their rapid decline (consecutive relegations ending up rock bottom both times).

Reading the comments below, it has all gone a little bit hysterical amongst Sunderland fans, from promising violence on the night to insisting Newcastle supporters are banned, never mind the actual match…

Sunderland fans comment via their Ready To Go message board:

‘I’d play it behind closed doors, the ground will get smashed up and the Mags will come in force, it’ll be an absolute shambles.’

‘Make it so we need a customer number and ban away fans.

We know what will happen so no point even letting a few in.’

‘Easy passage to the next round for us and a fair few mags getting a hiding.’

‘Am curious as to whether we could afford the policing.

Checkatrade trophy tickets are cheap, attendances are below par (although this fixture inevitably stands out) and the cost of what would be a big away delegation and the above average costs of policing for Tyne-Wear Derbies would be too much for us.’

‘Mate, you make a really good point but it will be missed by many on here. The reality is; a derby is hugely expensive to police and I doubt you will see the usual protocols being put into place for this one.

I’d honestly be shocked if the police didn’t ban away fans or make Newcastle put on buses to get away fans to the ground.’

‘How many tickets will the skunks get in the AWAY end?’

‘I hope we limit them to a 1000 max.’

‘You will see the worst trouble for years.’

‘We will NEVER live it down if we get beat.’

‘Let’s face it

It’s their cup final. FTM.’

‘We win and we rub it in! We lose and we say its cos we are 3rd division and doesnt count.’

‘Worst possible draw for us

‘Absolutely no win and the f…ers will bring as many as they can just to smash up our stadium.’

‘You can’t just ban away supporters just because they might cause damage, the police will treat it like any derby.’

‘Northumbria plod have handled this fixture loads of times, it’ll be sound man.’

‘It costs a fortune to police a derby mate. On a normal derby day, there is 900+ coppers on duty – there simply wont be that level for this game.

A lot will depend on Newcastle’s allocation.’

‘Mags themselves are saying that it’s “haha you beat our U21s” or “Haha your first team can’t beat our U21s”.

My first reaction to seeing the draw was “F…!” to be honest.’

‘If Ross knows the club, he will know what this means.’

‘Really wanted to avoid them.

We will never live it down if our first team get beat off their reserves.

And if we win a lot of our fans will go on ridiculous celebrating like we just won a cup or sumit.’

‘Play our best team, knock them out and look forward to someone decent in the final.’

‘Oh god, my Birthday week, f…ingcome on you bast…ds, what better than battering them.’

‘Their reserves have higher resale than our first team.’

‘They will be f…ing devastated when we put out our first team and thrash them. Any of this it’s only wuh u21s will be bullsh.., they will still be devastated.’

‘Perfect time to take piss after the takeover falls through.’

‘Charlie will be rubbing his hands. But lets be serious it their u21s we should hammer them no excuses what so ever.’

‘Only people who went to the previous game should be allowed tickets.’

‘it might be a bit of fun for them but a serious game for us.’

‘Season card holders only (both teams). No general sale and a restricted away allocation.’

‘You really need to man the f… up, you’re making out it’s going to be like world war 3.’

‘Win win situation for them.’

‘No it isn’t.

Lose (which I’m expecting them to) and it will go down as a derby loss.

They may say it’s only their Kids but it matters less.

F… them. We win we win.’

‘It will be a derby match and will be treated like one by the police.

As for the result if we beat them we have a great chance of getting to Wembley.’

‘Bloody stupid competition. This is just dreadful.’

‘I’ve wanted to win the Checkatrade Trophy from the first game. Same with every competition our fist team enters. Just never, ever wanted this draw.’

‘Bleeding hell don’t even think about loosing they have to play 6 u21s man we can be as strong as we like .No excuses at all to loose.’

‘I won’t be equating it to beating their first team like some are with their 6 in a row quips.’

‘Neither would I, but they will be crowing from the roofs if they fluked a win.’

  • Tweed Mag

    The mackems. A breed like no other. More obsessed with Newcastle United than their own team.
    Should be a good game, good luck to the u21s.

    • Toon

      Yet the Mag are copying and pasting posts from their websites, that’s obsessive, embarrassing behaviour

      • Toon Arnie

        That’s standard practice for all upcoming games and this one is so unusual it’s bound to be of high interest. Stop overreacting and lighten up a bit.

      • Tweed Mag

        To be fair, this is an upcoming match, so is of interest. The other articles about Sunderland and their relegation(s) were a bit tedious.

  • nufcslf

    Any first team should beat a junior side. Bigger occasion for U21’s than for them, I would think. All the best to them.

    • Kneebotherm8

      They might be lucky…….Sorensen might have been loaned out by then….

      • nufcslf

        Sounds probably just about right. Even worse, fatty sells him on for a nice January profit……

        • Kneebotherm8

          Never say never with Ashley………

  • Steven05

    Is this what North East football has came to?

    • Leazes.

      Yes journalists keeping up a facade of rivalry.

      • Steven05

        An under 21’s team vs a Division 3 team. Remember the 3 Legends show on Century Radio? What did they call us – the Hot Bed of English Football? 😂

        • Leazes.


      • Rabid Dog

        Lol….. journalists….

    • Toon Arnie

      It’s a different world these days. You can’t protest, 80% of our fans think 4th bottom is an acceptable target for the season, the atmosphere at home games is appalling, despite the anti-protest rhetoric there’s a mass walkout every home game on the 80 minute mark and now we can’t even slate the Mackem’s without the pc brigade getting themselves all upset ! This club is rapidly becoming a shell of the proud and passionate institution it once was.

      • Steven05

        If it hasn’t already

    • Mr_Kinnear

      Sadly yes it is

  • Paul Cannell

    Playing a third division team will be a good test for the young ‘uns.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Out of all that pile of 💩 comments there proved to be just the one mackem with a sensible comment………….‘Their reserves have higher resale than our first team.’………how true is that…😂😂

  • Superdooperhooper

    Do the mackem websites publish our comments?

    • Murdy

      Yes, they certainly do. Have a look on Ready To Go. There are more NUFC comments than all the SAFC comments combined.

  • Mark Taylor

    Graham porter hates Sunderland more than he loves nufc, absolutely obsessed

    • Mr_Kinnear

      You would think he had more important issues to worry about. Rival teams not being up to scratch does not help NUFC.

  • Dillon Tovak

    I’d have thought Sunderland would prioritise going for promotion than this meaningless trophy.

  • KennySamsung

    The only thing I’m interested in is how well the youngns are progressing, they will give Sunderland a good game.

    the result… who cares?

    • Mr_Kinnear

      Yes it is all part of their development so it helps

  • TeessideMag

    To be fair this is the biggest game of the season for Sunderland fans. We’d be the same if we were in the third tier, gunna be a long time before any proper derby

  • Martin Rooney

    Our manager won’t even be in the dug out for a 30k to 40k attendance at the SOL. I don’t believe it will be acwslk over for their first team. The very fixture is humiliation enough defeat would devastating.

  • Ken

    Haha they are running scared

  • gallowgate26

    Actually agree that it’s a no win game for them. Win and they are expected to win because it’s seniors vs u21s. Lose and they will never live it down.

  • Ba ba.

    😂 They are kenking themselves …. 👍

  • TheFatController

    One advantage is our U23s have more derby game experience than their first team players…

  • deadtrail 74

    Sunderland are nailed on to win. First team against u21’s at home in front of 30-40,000 fans and a few hundred Newcastle fans who can be bothered to go. It means a hell of a lot more to there fan base than ours. If we beat them then great but they should win.