Mike Ashley has now received four acceptable bids for Newcastle United and a sale is imminent, according to Sky Sports.

The broadcaster says that Ashley is now negotiating with the various parties, with Sky stating that they have all at least matched the NUFC owner’s £300m valuation.

Newcastle fans will be naturally sceptical (don’t shoot the messenger!) about the Sky Sports claims, after over 10 years of the club being allegedly for sale.

They will rightfully be asking, if Mike Ashley had genuinely being trying to sell the club previously, why had their not being a single acceptable offer, yet there are four now…

Sky Sports say their information is that most, if not all, of the bids are from overseas investors.

However, the only one they name is the one fronted by Peter Kenyon.

It was announced/claimed in September that the former Chelsea and Manchester United Chief Executive was fronting a bid and had approached Mike Ashley to ask what his selling price for the club was.

Sky claim that Kenyon has remained in talks with Ashley’s representatives since that point.

They state that Peter Kenyon’s offer is backed by investors from the United States.

Referring to Mike Ashley’s surprise interview on Monday night on Sky News (see below), the broadcaster says that there is indeed optimism that a deal could be concluded by the end of December , in advance of the January transfer window.

Though for that to happen, they do admit that it would be ‘a race against time’ with the Premier League’s financial rules and background checks to take place.

On the face of it, with Ashley’s quotes and these Sky Sports reports, it would appear a sale of Newcastle United is all but guaranteed.

However, Newcastle fans certainly won’t be racing to celebrate just yet, after so many false dawns year after year.

The Mag – Monday 3 December 2018:

Mike Ashley has announced on Monday night that Newcastle United could be sold before the end of this month.

The NUFC owner stating that talks with the potential buyer are way beyond any previous talks with anybody wanting to buy the club and that it is ‘possible’ a deal could be done and dusted in December – but ‘realistic’ for it to happen this month might be ‘too strong a word’ to use.

Yet again you can’t help but have a small part of you wonder if it could happen at last BUT having over a decade now of the club supposedly being up for sale and a series of supposed near misses, most of us will believe it when we see it.

Predictably, it was Sky where Mike Ashley turned up. With cynics (all of us!) no doubt wondering if his sudden chat about supposedly selling the club, is in any way some part of a PR circus connected to his appearance before a house of commons select committee to talk about ‘saving the high street’ earlier today and/or yet another episode in toying with the hopes of Newcastle fans.

Mike Ashley talking to Sky News:

“I am hopeful for the Newcastle fans, for the club, for everybody, that I will be able to step aside and we will be able to get an owner in that can please everybody.”

‘When will that be?’

“When would I like it to be?

“I would like it to be before the January transfer window.”

‘Is that realistic?’

“Hmmm. Realistic? It’s possible, realistic is maybe too strong a word.

“Hopefully we can carry on the good form…just recent good form…and we can get the deal done.”

‘So you are in exclusive talks with someone right now?’

“Not an exclusive but…

“Talks are at a more progressed stage than they have ever been.”

‘And whoever buys the club would presumably have to put in transfer funds for Rafa Benitez?’

“Yes, I’m very keen to sell it to the right buyer, so everybody is happy, that would be good news.”

  • Ba ba.

    Merry Christmas Newcastle United…??

  • Lewis SG

    A glimmer of hope. For once, things start to look promising. The protests have worked well.

  • KennySamsung

    My take on this…. bidders are in for the club, anything can happen like one or two not liking Ashley making it public and the others pulling out because Ashley is incompetent and rash in his haste to do a deal which doesn’t exist.

    • gold coast mag

      or he will change his asking price

      • KennySamsung

        Yes he is daft enough to put his insane business head on and change the asking price.

  • Andynufc

    Haha sorry but I’am still as cynical as ever. I’am just not believing it.

    • KennySamsung

      To be honest there isn’t anything to believe yet other than Sad Ashley hoping to get out before the window.

  • TeessideMag


  • Cockneytrev

    Don’t believe it,,
    Keep the pressure up
    Ashley out!!!!!

  • Geordiegiants

    Keep at him he is cracking coming up with this BS. He is hoping that the boycott will be a none starter. It’s the exiles in London putting the pressure on him.

    • Steven05

      To those of you in London putting the pressure on him – thanks again and please keep doing it

      To those of us up here – boycott Wolves

      • Cockneytrev

        Here here,,👍👍👍👍

  • robbersdog

    It would be impossible for a sale to go through in time for the transfer window because it takes the Premier League up to 8 weeks to ratify any change of ownership.

    This smells like Mile Ashley’s not very cunning plan to avoid spending anything next month.

    • Kenny

      the Rats trying to head off a possible boycott of the Wolves game
      i say possible because you can`t rely on the sheep

    • tom

      14 days to sort it not 8 weeks

    • Carverlier football

      Can the Prem start the ratification process before negotiations are concluded I wonder? They have allegedly been talking for at least a month, why shouldn’t it be possible to notify about potential owners and let the Prem get a head start? For clarity, this wondering does not mean I actually believe MA’s horseplops…

      • TeessideMag

        It says ‘up to 8 weeks’, implying it can be quicker, and let’s be honest, if it means the club are gunna spend in January that benefits the Premier league too, so it’s in their interests to get it done quicker

  • Kenny

    BBC have just reported Kenyon in talks with Newcastle.

  • joe mac

    its an american consortium involving a man called ellis short…apparently he has experience of running football, all be it at a much lower level!

  • Peaky

    If true ????? Exactly what he wants…..a bidding war where they’ll all walk away empty handed and we’ll get the inevitable “well I tried”…..fuckingfatarsehole…..

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Is Monk bidding?

      • Peaky

        Aye….and giving Perez a 35 year contract….

        • Kneebotherm8


        • Wezza

          In a lift!

          • Peaky

            See he was outed the other day…..


    It’s all lies. He has no intention of selling.

    Does this every year as an excuse not to spend any money in the transfer window

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      My thoughts in a nutshell.

  • Carverlier football

    Now he just has to find out which bidder is happy to sign away all commercial income to SD in perpetuity…

    • Steven05

      I think that is the thing that will put most potential bidders off

  • LEE

    great news if it happens. but not holding my breath

  • Albert Stubbins

    When four separate bidders ALL meet the asking price for a property it will result in a sale. When four separate bidders all meet the asking price for Newcastle United it results in Ashley still running the club – I wonder why that is? Mr Blanks representatives issued a statement yesterday saying that their client had no intention of buying Newcastle United and had in fact never been interested. Expect four more of these kind of statements being released over the coming days and weeks. Another Ashley smoke screen. Who’s falling for it this time? Not me.

    • Steven05

      Correct, sadly

  • DZA

    Just another excuse not to spend in the January window.

  • Gary Jenkins

    We dare to dream! Although I’m deeply sceptical about all this takeover talk, in the era of Mike Ashley I’m also desperate to cling onto some positive news…

    • Kneebotherm8

      The man oozes scepticism…….and unbelievabilty…….

  • TheTradge

    Given the fat parasite’s track record of barefaced lying to supporters I’m not going to hold my breath, I can dare to dream but I don’t hold out much hope, this is most likely a ruse to avoid having to spend in the January transfer window!

    • Gary Jenkins

      Unfortunately I have to agree. We’ve been here before, plus there are so many things that don’t add up with the latest takeover talk (a lack of clarity that is deliberately manufactured by Ashley’s inability to tell the truth!) I just can’t blame fans for being a little hopeful. We should, however, still boycott Wolves. Stay on his back until he’s back over the Tyne and out of sight!

  • Tweed Mag

    George Caulkin (Times) seems to think Kenyon’s negotiations are genuine and he has been given access to NUFC’s detailed accounts. That could be the end of it.
    Caulkin knows what he talking about and has not ignored the obvious (like a few others).

    • Leazes.

      Like the Ashley priming journalists before a timely statement of a sale?

      A bloke who supposedly hit the roof about a disclosure….. does it himself.

      You have to give it to Ashley and Bishop they know how to play a gullible compliant press!

      He just put up a 10m permanent metal SD sign in the Milburn foyer…..

      …..like vandalising your house before you put it up for sale.

  • David2211

    It’s not imminent though is it? It’s lies.

  • Malcolm Fisher

    Do you also notice how close to the wolves game/ boycott it is..

  • Wezza

    Four buyers now is it? All bid the asking price have they?
    Cmon Mike, you said negotiations were further than ever now there’s only bids? At least get your lies straight.
    All lies. After Sunday all takeover talk will mysteriously vanish!