With now less than two weeks until the January transfer window opens, Newcastle fans are wondering if anything will change this January.

January 2017 saw Rafa Benitez blocked from bringing in any new players, than January 2018 saw Mike Ashley once again not allow any players to be bought in, the Newcastle manager having to make do with only loan deals as he fought relegation.

This time around, it has become clear that Miguel Almiron is Rafa’s number one target but a loan deal won’t hack it.

The Atlanta United President commented on a reported Newcastle loan offer with a potential £15m to be paid to make it permanent next summer, he described the idea of any loan arrangement as laughable and declared it was ‘chump money’ when the £15m valuation was put to him.

Instead the Atlanta United President stated that $30m (£23.7m) would be the minimum they would consider, if Miguel Almiron did leave.

An interesting update on Wednesday from The Guardian, who aren’t usual culprits when it comes to pushing out transfer speculation just for attention.

Their Deputy News Editor, Ed Aarons, has said that his information is that the Atlanta valuation is £23m and that West Ham have shown an interest.

But that it is Newcastle United who are now still in talks with the MLS club to try and land the playmaker.

The Guardian man says that Newcastle have still not made an official bid though for the 24 year old.

Rafa Benitez said at the end of last week that he was still waiting to hear what money, if any, would be available for January signings, and that he was expecting to have a meeting this week where it could be clarified. Potentially setting in motion bids for players.

Since promotion, Rafa Benitez hasn’t been allowed to spend more than £10m on any signing and so it is little wonder that Newcastle fans continue to be sceptical that Ashley may now allow over twice that to be spent on anyone.

Every day that passes without progress news on a takeover, makes supporters also feel hope is fading on the dream double of Mike Ashley leaving and new owners properly supporting Rafa Benitez in the January window.

The Mag – 14 December 2018:

Leaving aside the endless Mike Ashley selling (or not) the club speculation for a second, the January transfer is intensely revolving around Miguel Almiron.

Whilst we are used to false trails on transfers, with this one, it certainly appears that Rafa Benitez wants him, and that the Paraguayan playmaker is January’s number on target.

The desperation for a number 10 with pace and the ability to score and create goals, has been there from day one for Rafa Benitez, but that type of player doesn’t come cheap. Definitely not within the budget Rafa has been allowed so far.

This January window though looks so pivotal for so many reasons, not least Rafa’s future, so could we at last see a breakthrough sign of both ambition and reality at St James Park, when it comes to the transfer market?

Even if a sale of the club did/does eventually go through, it is very unrealistic to think this will be before the January transfer window is done and dusted.

There is always a possibility of an arrangement between any potential new owner(s) and Mike Ashley in advance of the final completion of any club sale, whereby transfers could help to be facilitated. However, whichever way you look at it, Mike Ashley would have to play a key part in making any significant transfers happen.

Miguel Almiron would tick so many boxes if he was signed…an exciting player, one who also has potential still to improve, has pace, creates and scores goals, plus just as importantly would see Newcastle United break out from a 14 year old club transfer record.

So is it likely to happen?

We have had numerous updates from whoever but an interesting one to add to the mix now is Tim Vickery.

He is a long standing expert on South American football and is always worth listening to.

Vickery has now stated ‘Miguel Almiron is now surely on his way to Newcastle’ in the January transfer window.

He is not claiming insider knowledge of the deal but clearly everything he is hearing on the grapevine suggests the deal could well happen.

Tim Vickery is full of praise for the playmaker who he admired when the best player in Argentina playing for Lanus, before quickly adapt to the MLS (has started 65 games (2 off the bench) and has scored 22 goals with 21 assists, involved in 43 goals altogether in his two seasons with Atlanta).

A bit like the sale of NUFC, as Newcastle fans we have been bitten too often to get too expectant about any major signings, but this one is more and more sounding like one of Mike Ashley’s worst own goals if Miguel Almiron doesn’t end up on Tyneside.

I find it laughable when the local north east media talk about Atlanta demanding a ‘huge’ fee for Almiron. In today’s market the £24m Atlanta are said to be asking is just a typical transfer fee these days, Bournemouth and Fulham spent more than that this summer on defensive midfielders, never mind a player like Miguel Almiron who will be expected to score and create goals.

If Newcastle can sell players for ‘huge’ amounts, such as Carroll, Cabaye, Sissoko, Wijnaldum and Mitrovic, surely we should be allowed at least one of our own.

Tim Vickery speaking on Talksport:

“Miguel Almiron is now surely on his way to Newcastle.

“Atlanta have already brought in a replacement with Almiron [expected to be] coming over to Newcastle and there is a real player there.

“If I look into the future of Newcastle United…

“What I love about Almiron is the pace and the left foot and over the last few years he’s added more goals to his game.

‘He is a smashing young player.

“His decision-making in the last third perhaps could be improved a little bit…

“But he is scoring more goals now.

“He has great pace and the left foot is terrific.

“He is the right age [24] as well, so he is not going to leave it any longer [before moving to the Premier League].

“It was quite a surprise move, being the best player in Argentine football [with Lanus] to the MLS [in February 2017] but it seems to have worked out.

“I hope it comes off for the sake of the Premier League and Miguel Almiron, who I think is a smashing young player.”

  • Burt Humperdink

    One thing that strikes me is this might not be the right time to sign him. He has just finished a full season with Atlanta and then would be expected to pick up the pace in a more intense league on another continent and play at least 10-15 matches on top of the 37 he has already played. I know he is young physically but I wonder if it is expecting too much of him too soon at too young an age mentally.

    Personally I think us putting in a cheeky £12m bid for Victor moses would make more sense. He’s still only 28 and you know exactly what you are getting there.

    • Billmag

      The priority is a number 10 mate.

      • mactoon

        I would say a striker is the priority, ever since we sold Demba Ba

        • Chris-Chapple

          True but we do have Rondon & need a bit of class to support him,

        • Billmag

          True, but we will end up with niether unfortunately.

          • mactoon

            He hasn’t even met Charnley yet so no ‘reported bids’ are true. We can only go for overseas loan deals and this players club won’t send him out on loan. These reports just wind me up.

      • Burt Humperdink

        Moses can play behind the front man. I think this season is close to being a right off anyway. In that if we beat Fulham we’ve got a real solid chance of staying up but we probably cannot finish any higher than 8th-9th and that’s if we do what we did last year.

      • fistsofsteel2

        We’ve got a good number 10 already. Perez is probably our best player.

  • mactoon

    Vickery has now stated ‘Miguel Almiron is now surely on his way to Newcastle’ in the January transfer window. (Not for £23 million he isn’t!)

    Here’s a more believable quote from Rafa,

    “I’m telling you, we are not talking about anyone at the moment”

  • TeessideMag

    Why do people think we will sign anyone, we won’t. Ashley stated last year he didn’t want to sign players if rafa is going to leave, hence the loan deals… Why would we sign anyone now with rafa 6 months from the end of his contract?

    • JohnnyH

      Especially now that it’s looking like we might just scrape 17th or above.

  • Foggy

    As much chance as that of Bill Gates buying us.

    • robbersdog

      Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

  • Paul Patterson

    Never going to happen . .

  • Leicester Mag

    Cheaper to visit Kwik fit and kick tyres there

  • Carverlier football

    Pull the other one, it’s got bells on

  • Chris-Chapple

    Tim Vickery is one of the best reporters out there, highly respected but i still don`t believe we will sign this guy.

  • Rich Lawson

    Every transfer window the papers/media link us with xyz and when it comes to actually signing anyone there’s no money to speak of to do it ! They just build us up to knock us down.

    • Chris-Chapple

      All pie in the sky

    • Wezza

      Basicly KBA feed lies to the media and fans. That’s their job. The Ronnie lap up every word.
      We all have to be smart and recognise their BS.

  • Malcolm Fisher

    Have seen him ,3 times, not impressed.

  • David2211

    Reminds me of the Remy Cabella affair. Probably with a similar outcome.

  • Kneebotherm8

    “talking the talk” and “walking the walk”…….the former is all we ever get at this club…..

  • Rabid Dog

    KBA machine in overdrive…..

  • Superdooperhooper

    23.7 million? Won’t happen. Unless Ebenezer ashley gets visited by 3 ghosts this Christmas

  • Jewell Ahmed

    Last season it was Nikolai Jorgensen, this season it is this Almiron fella. Expect it to rumble on all transfer window, only for them to fail to get it over the line at the death. As per usual, the fat parasite will offer way under what the selling club wants, but hey, at least they tried right?

  • Jewell Ahmed

    Fattie seems to have found an annual formula that works for him. Every November/December time pretend there is a takeover about to happen. Every January window pretend they are about to splash out on a big money signing.

    Neither happens of course, but it keeps the heat off Fattie and gives the masses enough hope to keep them quiet for a few months. February 1st everything will be back to normal again and you can expect the same circus to start up this time next year.

    • Mr_Kinnear

      Even if Rafa leaves he only needs a manager to get the club to 17th. Still get full capacity of fans who are apathetic and give their money to ashley, no matter what.

  • Wezza

    Of course no bid has gone in. The only bid will be derisory.
    “We went £25M Lee”
    Phone hangs up.
    “Well we put a bid in and we were priced out and held ransom”

  • fistsofsteel2

    What would it take for Rafa to pay attention to Sorensen and Roberts in our reserve team? Maybe Sorensen would have needed to score 40 goals this season by now to be considered? Is Roberts not scoring enough or getting enough assists.
    These lads must be getting very frustrated at NUFC…who could blame them if they want to leave, when it’s clear Rafa won’t give them an opportunity and prefers sticking with useless £50k per week chumps like Joselu…

    • 1957

      It would take a miracle, Benitez doesn’t give youth team players a shot, there was an opinion on here last year about it by JDC with some stats showing how virtually no young players make it under Benitez.

      Sorensen is no world beater but he’s a better bet than the Hoss. Some will claim he is protecting young players by not putting them a struggling team, he’s not he just won’t gamble.

      Decent young players will continue to leave us under the current manager, Wood man will be next

      • Malcolm Fisher

        If you don’t try them you will never know how they will cope

      • fistsofsteel2

        …and I gather they have just offered Sorensen a contract he’s turned down…3yrs £1500 per week.
        To put that in perspective, Joselu is on £50,000 per week.
        Who could blame Sorensen if he leaves, after an insult of an offer like that?

  • Down Under Mag

    No doubt he will will get a future transfer to Barcelona… obviously not from here since we will bid some stupid amount for him and be laughed at while someone like Everton or Southampton will snap him up and turn him into a superstar!

  • Geordiegiants


  • Malcolm Fisher

    Never going to happen, no sleep lost