Paul Merson has been previewing the game at Goodison Park on Wednesday night.

A balanced report apart from the fact that he doesn’t even mention Newcastle until the very last word.

Instead, Merson just talks about Everton – their form, their performance and result at Anfield on Sunday and in particular, Jordan Pickford.

Paul Merson says that the former Sunderland player is a ‘good goalkeeper’ but he has been ‘an accident waiting to happen’ when you look at previous games.

Whilst it was a pretty shocking mistake in such an important match for the blue half of Merseyside, it is also true that only four PL teams have conceded less than Pickford and his defence this season.

As for the outcome of Wednesday’s game, Paul Merson says ‘I can see them having too much for Newcastle’ and predicts a 2-0 home win.

Whilst outsiders/neutrals tend to want to ignore the disparity in resources, Newcastle fans are all too aware of the challenge Rafa Benitez faces due to Mike Ashley undermining him in the transfer market.

On Saturday, West Ham’s front three (Arnautovic, Hernandez and Anderson) cost twice as much as Newcastle’s entire starting eleven

Whilst on Sunday, two different Everton players (Sigurdsson and Richarlison) each cost more than Newcastle’s team against West Ham.

On top of that, at Anfield they had a £20m+ striker in unused sub Cenk Tosun, whilst Rafa’s man hope of goals is a case of relying on loan signing Salomon Rondon.

People talk about the haves and the have nots often in relation to the ‘big six’ and the rest.

For Rafa Benitez and the Newcastle fans, the likes of Everton, Leicester, West Ham, Bournemouth and numerous others are spending sums on players that Rafa can only dream about. Since promotion to the Premier League, Mike Ashley has refused to allow his manager to spend more than £10m on any signing.

It will be very much against the odds (and resources) if Newcastle pull off a result here.

Paul Merson talking to Sky Sports:

“Everton were really good against Liverpool but the error from Jordan Pickford was an accident waiting to happen.

“It was only a matter of time before because he’s got away with a few errors recently.

“He’s a good goalkeeper and a good shot stopper, but it’s the concentration.

“There’s got to be something wrong his concentration.

“Top, top goalkeepers don’t do anything for 90 minutes but then they are called into action and just make a save.

“That’s what separates the great goalkeepers from the good ones because they can all shot stop. I’m not sure what he was thinking and it’s down to concentration levels.

“We saw it with England in Spain and we’ve seen on it on another couple of occasions but he’s got away with it.

“He didn’t get away with it at Liverpool and it’s not because he’s not a good goalkeeper, he just needs to work on his concentration.

“Looking at the team though, I was really impressed with their performance at Anfield and I can see them having too much for Newcastle.

“Prediction is Everton 2 Newcastle 0.”

  • Wor Lass

    I can`t bring myself to hate “Merse”. He`s such a muppet – an absolute mess – that he needs a bit of understanding instead.

    • Rich Lawson

      What’s the French coverage of domestic football like ? Do you have a French team yourself ?

      • Wor Lass

        I don`t watch the French stuff – nothing against it but I have Sky and only so many hours of slobbing out in a week. Everyone here is more bothered about rugby. I`ve been to a few matches with neighbours – La Rochelle is the “local” team, fortunately. Saw them hammer Clermont Auvergne 51 – 20 last season. Fantastic match and atmosphere.

  • BigHairyDog

    As always you have to judge whether Merson made the comment before snorting a line and downing 20 doubles.

  • jpefc

    you could do alpt worse than try take Calvert lewin on loan in jan he wpuld thrive in ur team i think

    • Toontaff

      We’re the loan champions of the PL, and also the free signing capital.

  • Vodkamagpie

    When did we buy Murphy?

    • Mrkgw

      Think we bought the wrong twin. Cardiff seem to have faired better in that respect.

      • Vodkamagpie

        Maybe we can ask them to switch clubs every month, no one will know, except in their performances I guess

    • Rich Lawson

      Would have been better keeping Darryl.Saw Jacob in the friendly at Bradford and he looked great against them but has made no progress since,he either wants sold on or loaned out now.

  • TeessideMag

    Sick of every game feeling like a bloody cup game, being the underdogs

  • nufcslf

    Like him or hate him, 2 nil won’t be far off the mark. Miles ahead of us thanks to Cashley. Who knows where the next point will even come from. It won’t be this or the Wolves match.