Wednesday morning has seen reports that Rafa Benitez is now looking to sign Tammy Abraham.

The Newcastle boss set up a deal to sign the striker on loan back in summer 2017, even travelling down to meet the player and convince him to sign, only for Mike Ashley to block the deal due to the one year loan fee and wages Chelsea wanted at the time.

The then 19 year old centre-forward had scored 23 goals and got three assists in 40 league starts and one sub appearance the previous season, impressive stats when playing for a Bristol City side that almost got relegated from the Championship.

However, after signing for Swansea in summer 2017 he found himself in a struggling side that faced a season-long relegation struggle which they eventually lost. Tammy Abraham only made 16 PL starts (15 as sub) and scored five goals plus got one assist.

Maybe a bad combination of the wrong club and a bit too early to be stepping up to the Premier League anyway.

This season he is back amongst the goals, having scored 12 goals and got one assist in 16 Championship starts for Aston Villa.

Two second tier strikers have scored more goals but nobody has a better minutes per goal average than Abraham’s one every 112 minutes.

The Northern Echo say that their information is that there is a ‘recall clause’ in his one year loan deal, meaning that he could be sold in January to another club if Chelsea want to go down that route.

They add that Maurizio Sarri does not see Tammy Abraham as part of his plans and is happy to sell to help raise cash for his own transfer targets.

The report says that Rafa Benitez wants Newcastle to move for the Chelsea player and it is claimed that he is seen as a cheaper alternative to Miguel Almiron, who Atlanta want at least £24m for, according to their President. The Northern Echo rather confusingly, also refer to Abraham as a winger in their story.

Crystal Palace are named as a rival trying to sign the Chelsea player and it’s claimed they have indicated they are ready to pay £10m for the 21 year old.

As with all transfer stories/claims, you believe it when you see it.

I think it is a fact that Rafa Benitez tried to sign Tammy Abraham 18 months ago on loan but is he really a target now.

I believe he could be because young English players who are scoring goals with the potential for more, will/should obviously interest any manager whose team really struggle for goals.

However, there are flaws in the story as Tammy Abraham is definitely not a winger and nor is he anything like Miguel Almiron.

Almiron is an out and out playmaker/number 10 who scores AND creates goals, scoring 22 goals and getting 21 assists for Atlanta these past two seasons.

In contrast, Tammy Abraham is an out and out centre-forward who in these past two and a half years has scored 40 league goals but got only five assists.

So, if by any chance he did arrive at Newcastle, Abraham would be competing with Salomon Rondon for the lone striker role, unless the manager made a radical change and played with two up front.

As for price, any suggestion of around £10m or being a much ‘cheaper’ alternative to Almiron looks very optimistic.

The Chelsea striker has been a permanent fixture with the England Under 21s and even made two senior appearances against Brazil and Germany last year.

He might not have convinced as yet in the Premier League but he only had limited chances at Swansea and his 35 goals from 56 starts in the Championship mark him out as a young striker who has ability and great potential.

Tammy Abraham is yet another player where it would require Newcastle to break their soon to be 14 year old club transfer record of £16.8m and once you accept that would need to be the case, that is surely the biggest obstacle to any thoughts of signing Almiron, Abraham or whoever, whilst Mike Ashley is still here.

  • TeessideMag

    5 goals from 16 starts isn’t too bad for a relegated side, considering mitro is a similar age and bagged us 9 goals in our relegation season, having played a lot more games

    • Carverlier football

      Not sure Mitro had a massive number of extra games – I do recall he had a pretty good goals per minute that season, one of the best in the league for an U21

  • Pezza

    “only for Mike Ashley to block the deal due to the one year loan fee and wages Chelsea wanted at the time”

    That’s not true though Graham. Rafa explained the issues with that deal to a group of people including the dot-com boys when in Germany pre season 2007.

  • Realist

    Rafa, please don’t waste more money. This would be a bad buy.

    • Realist

      😂😂nice try. You really need to get a life. Your obsessed 😂

  • Big Hairy Man

    Rafa can have as many targets as he likes. The calorie challenged one won’t pay the going rate simple as that. We may get a cheap loan deal from overseas or a bargain basement signing, but probably nothing. Where’s the TV money Mike?

    • Pezza

      It’s in the bank

      • Big Hairy Man

        And that’s where it will stay, deep in the bowels of MASH Holdings.

        • Pezza

          No, Newcastle United’s accounts.

          • Mr_Kinnear

            Dream on.

          • Pezza

            It’s all been there and documented in the past 10 years, why the change? We’ll find out in March but I’d be amazed if there was a change.

  • Geordiegiants

    FFS man, it’s like waking up a year ago. Come on man The Mag!

    • Pezza

      He’s just cut and pasted the Echo article and added a little lie to avoid plagiarism

      • Geordiegiants

        It’s absolutely pathetic.

    • Peaky

      And probably exactly the same this time next year…

    • Jewell Ahmed

      Expect to see the same stuff this time next year and the year after that ad infinitum as long as Ashley is still here.

  • Realist

    Would be a good signing. Knows where the back of the net is.

    • Carverlier football

      Make your mind up…

      • Pezza

        I think Chris-Chspple has tried to be snide, seems he’s been caught out. Naughty naughty

    • Realist

      😂 and here we go again. You must literally have me on your brain, sitting at home on your Dla dedicating your life to trolling. Why didn’t you come to the duke last night I was in till 9, will be in the Trent Saturday from 12 till 2 45, I’d like you see who you really are.

    • Chris-Chapple

      Liar, caught you bang to rights, pity you named a pub where i know all the staff & the manager. you have a big mouth pal, you and the other names you use on here.

      • Realist

        Bottle job is what you are. I would never name people’s names on an internet forum. I gave you a chance as you seem to be very vocal in your dislike to me and you bottled it. So one more chance like I’ve said in my previous post I will be in the Trent sat the times I mentioned, if no show like last night shut your mouth in future towards me eh because you look like a gobschyte. You approached me last night letting your mouth go for some reason so if you don’t like is that much do it to me face Saturday, simple. Oh and btw stop posting under my name man you sad c unt.

      • Pezza

        Oh dear, you’ve lost this one. I’d man up and call in at the Trent House if I were you.

  • Chris-Chapple

    More Fake news, Ashley won` t be spending in January.

  • Mr_Kinnear

    Unlikely but you do actually need 2 front men. You can’t rely on the “in form” sttiker to be fit all season.

  • Paul Patterson

    If its over £10m then forget it ..

  • Mike

    ha ha ha ha more tripe

  • Realist

    Not good to see them working down the list before the window opens

  • Kneebotherm8

    Story…….We’re gonna sign one of them
    Ideally…….We should sign both of them
    Reality…We’re gonna sign none of them

  • Billmag

    This news is like asking Chelski to do a swop deal Abraham’s for Hoss.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Story Copy and pasted from exactly the same time as last year!!

  • Superdooperhooper

    If Mr toad wouldn’t pay his wages and a loan fee for him he’s hardly likely to pay his wages and a much higher transfer fee now is he ? Well it is pantomime season I suppose

    • Mr_Kinnear

      Oh no it isn’t

  • Rich Lawson

    Wasn’t there some nonsense about his agent or family advising him to go to Swansea rather than being tempted by the flesh pots of Tyneside as well ?

  • Leicester Mag

    What a load of trucking scollops

  • lupa

    I do hope not

  • 1957

    Apart from being a young boy he doesn’t offer anything that’s better than Rondon

  • robbersdog

    If we sign Abraham and Miguel Almiron, it’ll mean a combined outlay of around £35m.

    So it might happen, but only if hell freezes over and pigs fly.

  • Cushty lad

    Nice xmas prezzie to get em both…….then i woke up!

  • fistsofsteel2

    I understand there are two talented youths – Sorensen and Roberts, at Newcastle scoring plenty goals…and getting plenty assists. Why won’t Rafa give them a try in the first team – 20mins as subs here and there, before potentially wasting money on these players. It must be very frustrating for the young players already at the club – what more must they do to force their way into the reckoning?

    • Down Under Mag

      I wouldn’t be too concerned – we won’t be getting Abraham anyway :)I also think it’s a bit early for Sorensen…he is banging them in at that level but it is a huge step up to doing that in the Premiership not to mention that the expectations would be insane (and i’m fairly sure Rafa is trying to protect him from having the home fans boo him when he misses his first chance and shout at him). I suspect he will head out of loan once they have his contract tied down!

      • fistsofsteel2

        I heard he’s turned down the contract he was offered – and who can blame him – 3yrs and £1500 per week…an insult to the lad, and an indicator of how shoddy NUFC is.

  • Carl Marks

    I heard this!
    Wasn’t it voted ‘Best Joke’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?
    Tammy Wynette(deceased)is more Ashley’s style!!