Miguel Almiron finally sees his MLS season end on Saturday.

After finishing runners up in their Eastern Conference League season, the 24 year old playmaker and his Atlanta United teammates take on Portland Timbers of the Western Conference, to see who lifts the overall MLS Cup.

Played on home soil, a crowd of over 70,000 will wonder if this is the last time they see Miguel Almiron turn out in their colours.

It has been made clear in recent weeks (see below) that Almiron is Rafa Benitez’ number one January target.

Now The Mail report that their information is that a transfer deal has been agreed with Atlanta United.

The only problem being that Mike Ashley is yet to sign it off.

The newspaper says the deal is understood to be for an initial loan and then £15m to be paid in the summer, in what must surely be a binding clause if Atlanta have agreed to such a deal. They aren’t going to risk Newcastle having their star player and asset on loan, with then the possibility of deciding they don’t want to buy him.

The Mail say that NUFC’s head of recruitment has been in Atlanta agreeing the terms of the (potential) deal and now it just needs Ashley’s agreement to go ahead.

Ayoze Perez has shown once again this season that whatever abilities he does have, he isn’t capable of being a first choice Premier League number 10.

Whilst obviously the Paraguayan international is an unknown quantity at PL level, Miguel Almiron would be an exciting addition to Rafa’s squad, with an awful lot of potential after what he has produced in the MLS.

The Mag – 30 November 2018:

Miguel Almiron has been making headlines this week.

Atlanta United’s star asset has been widely reported for some time to be a January target for Newcastle United, and other clubs, though Wednesday brought news that Newcastle had stolen a march with a number of newspapers reporting NUFC had sent representatives to start talks ahead of a hopeful transfer in this next window.

Atlanta fans had also commented on the news and we published an interesting range of views (see below) from them.

Thursday night (in New York/America – early hours of today for the UK) have seen Miguel Almiron in action once again.

In what is looking increasingly likely to be his penultimate appearance for Atlanta, he has helped them to reach the MLS Cup Final.

A two-legged semi-final saw Atlanta leading 3-0 (Almiron scored one) from the first leg and last night the second leg took place at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.

Miguel Almiron was subbed in the 90th minute with the game goalless, the New York Red Bulls scoring an injury time consolation but Atlanta winning 3-1 on aggregate.

Steven Taylor’s old team Portland Timbers beat Sporting Kansas City 3-2 yesterday (early hours today in the UK) and a goalless first leg means they will face Almiron and Atlanta United.

The final will be played at Atlanta’s home stadium which holds over 70,000, so a massive advantage for Miguel Almiron and his teammates. No worries about filling it as well, as over 70,000 were there for the semi final against New York Red Bulls.

That final is on Saturday 8 December (early hours of Sunday in the UK) and then all eyes on where the Paraguayan playmaker ends up.

The Mag – 29 November 2018:

The Bournemouth match saw Daniel Campos in the crowd at St James Park, agent of Miguel Almiron, he watched on as Newcastle won 2-1 heading into the international break.

Newcastle have been linked with the Paraguayan playmaker for some time now, each of the last three windows there has been claims of transfer interest.

On the day that Newcastle beat Bournemouth nine days ago, it was revealed that NUFC had sent people to watch Atlanta United playing New York City.

After being seen at St James Park, Almiron’s agent told AM 1080 in Paraguay:

“There is interest in Miguel Almiron and Oscar Romero.

“I’m in the process of working in England and here are two or three clubs interested in Almiron.

“There’s nothing concrete but certainly Almiron will play in the Premier League.”

Moving forward, reports late on Wednesday night in various English media, reported that Newcastle have made Miguel Almiron their top target this January and are travelling to Atlanta for talks. Reports also claiming that Newcastle representatives have already travelled to the States to watch the player nine times this season.

The playmaker has two games at the most left in his MLS campaign and  by 8 December at the very latest, his season will be over.

In the regular Eastern Conference League season, Atlanta United finished runners up to New York Red Bulls. The league season ending on 11 November with a 3-1 win for Atlanta over New York City, Miguel Almiron getting one of the goals.

The league season is then followed by the MLS Cup which sees six of the top clubs from each (Western and Eastern) conference play in a cup knockout process, with finally one from each Conference meeting in the MLS Cup final.

On Sunday, Miguel Almiron helped Atlanta United to beat New York Red Bulls 3-0 in front of 70,016 at home, with them now hot favourites to reach the final when they meet for the second leg of the semi final tomorrow (Friday).

If they go through, Almiron and Atlanta will face either Portland Timbers or Sporting Kansas City, who drew 0-0 in the first leg of the Western Conference side of the draw.

A £25m price tag has been mentioned in various reports on both sides of the Atlantic, my guess would be that any initial buying price would be lower than that, but still almost certainly taking us beyond the 2005 club record of £16.8m for Michael Owen, with no doubt further money to be paid if Miguel Almiron hits various targets.

The player’s wages are reported as currently being £1.6m (just over £30,000 per week), so any Newcastle offer on that front should be able to meet the player’s demands.

Since moving to Atlanta for the 2017 season, Almiron has started 63 games (2 off the bench) and has scored 22 goals with 21 assists, involved in 43 goals altogether. This season alone he has 13 goals and 11 assists so far.

So what do Atlanta United fans think of the reports of Newcastle travelling to try and buy Miguel Almiron? Here are comments from various Atlanta fan message boards and their supporters on Twitter:

‘Miggy HAS to win mls cup

If he goes to Newcastle he will never win another trophy.’

‘Prediction: Mike Ashley offers a *staggering* bid of $3.5 million for Almiron

And then spends the rest of the day worrying that he’s offering too much.’

‘I don’t see this going anywhere, Newcastle is way too cheap to meet the price Atlanta is sure to ask.’

‘For the Miggy Fans that don’t know EPL.

We need a EPL explainer for the teams he’s rumored to go to. Like a a breakdown of coach, tactics, form, style, who has the best kits, etc… I’ve got faith in you guys to help us out in your own special way.’

‘Coach is Rafa Benitez. Well regarded – he’s holding that team together. Generally pragmatic, tactically savvy.

On the downside, their owner is a dumpster fire and IMO miggy would be the best player on that team.’

‘I’ll root for for whichever team he lands on…

If they win the MLS Cup they need to build a statue of Tata, Miggy & Josef. The phenomenon of ATL UTD and the city’s love affair with this team is unlike any sports story I’ve ever witnessed in my 54 years. It needs a memorial posthaste. ATL took MLS from zero to 70,000 in 1 second.’

‘As a Newcastle fan I would be ecstatic.

Rafa is a good coach and Miggy playing for him would not be a bad thing.

Newcastle need a 10 and Rafa has the team going in the right direction.

Miggy is the missing piece that would keep them in the top half he’d easily be the best player in the squad.’

‘Unfortunately only way I see this happening is if Rafa has kidnapped CA$hley and is forging his signature on the checks.’


‘I just want him to be as happy as he’s made me, so whoever can give him the most minutes and expertise, you go, son!’

‘As a Newcastle fan, I would love Miggy there.

 I have heard a few times that the US investors rumored to potentially purchase NUFC from Ashley is being headed up by Blank. As a fan, Please Dear God, let that be true.

Unfortunately, as a Newcastle fan, we have heard tons of rumors only to have our hopes dashed by Fat Ashley.

In my opinion, Ashley has not paid for anyone as owner and I don’t think he will now unless it becomes part of a business transaction to get him his 300 million asking price with no relegation clause. Just my two cents.’

‘Club is a shambles under Mike Ashley.’

‘Miggy, you deserve so much better than Newcastle.’

‘I don’t expect Miggy to stay with us forever, but wherever he does leave us for, I want it to be a team where he’ll play. And play often.’

‘Why would he do that (go to Newcastle)?

ATL UTD is 19th WORLDWIDE attendance average & is part of a straight shot up.

Newcastle United is basically a quagmire.

He’d start but…. hmmmmmm.

IF he’s going BPL, I’d expect Spurs caliber, minimum.’

‘I’ve supported Newcastle for a while now. Trust me, they aren’t gonna splash the cash needed to get Miggy in.’

‘I really hope he holds out for a better situation he doesn’t deserve to be relegated to the championship.’

‘Newcastle? Really?’

  • Paul Patterson

    Never going to happen because Ashley’s selling up, he told us so last Monday . .

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      I think you`re a smiley face short!

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  • Wor Lass

    Say the miracle occurs and the Fat Barsteward signs this off then the lad`s bound to get crocked in that last game of their season.

    • Kenny

      Sell before you buy, so who will be out the door 1st

      • Rich Lawson

        It’s a long que.

      • Peaky

        Shaun Ryder has more sense than him at The Ronnie….and he’s away with the fairies….

        • GToon

          Do you think a front three of Shaun Ryder, Bez and Rowetta would do better than Perez, Joselu and Atsu?

          • Peaky

            Definitely a lot more entertaining….I bet Brylcreem,Hoss & Sneeze have never had their melons twisted….😳😳

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            I saw them play once n they were horrendous. Hadn’t got a clue. Think they were hammered. I mean the band btw.

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            Funnily enough I had a similar experience…..1997 at The Mayfair….think they were Black Grape that night not 100% sure….terrible,Ryder could hardly stand,was slurring his words and appeared to be swigging vodka….crowd started on them and Ryder stormed off….we just left….

          • Rich Lawson

            Had a similar experience with The Pogues at Leeds Academy,Shane would sing 1 song then go off stage for ”refreshment” and someone else would sing the next 1 while he was off,added a lot of time to the set and cos we refused to leave til we’d heard Fairy tale of old New York (last song !) we missed the last train home and ended up paying £25 for a taxi !!!

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            Saw them at Glastonbury years ago and they were horrendous. I was at the side of the stage, away from the atmosphere if you like so I could see him staggering about and hear them clearly. Awful.

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      You French are so sceptical !

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        they do know how to protest effectively.

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          Yes they do.

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            I lived over there for close on two years. Not a month went by without a protest of some sort and by all kinds of groups. And the French may bleat about how good their rail network is, but it’s no [email protected]@dy use if they are on strike all the time!

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            ….on the plus side we’ll have a monopoly on herrings….until they’re overfished.

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            The latest incarnation of Bonepart threatens otherwise ;-) Fish, that is.

  • Rich Lawson

    Great if he is going to be no 10 (what foot does he favour ?) but please not as another midfield choice.

    • Kenny

      He`s an attacking midfielder, take that anyway you want
      he has also played out wide

      • Rich Lawson

        If he’s replacing Diame or Perez I’ll take that.

    • Leazes.

      Left footed….have a look on transfermarkt.

      Scores goals, makes goals….. in something called soccer.

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        I’m lazy,I know you can do it for me (thank you)

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        As a footnote,what is his price on there ?

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      He’s undoubtedly no 10 material

  • Mike

    20 odd mill? wake up and smell the bllshte

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    I believe this would be a solid piece of business but Ashley is unlikely to pay for it

    • Sickandtired

      Fatty never pays. It’s the clubs revenue, not his own.

  • Lostprofit DBC

    I doubt this will happen unless their owner becomes ours. We could of course sell to buy. This could be goodbye to a very good central defender, knowing Ashley.

  • panther

    So nothings agreed and he’s not coming

  • Lostprofit DBC

    I only hope the Lascelles money isn’t in instalments.

    • Kenny

      it will be

  • Rabid Dog

    Errrrr….. we can’t loan him, we already have two loan players in the first team – right?

    • Kenny

      i think we can sign him on loan, if Clarko`s around he`ll know or for sure leazes will know

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        You will get blocked!

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            He’s a belta Leazes

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            he certainly is, i enjoy the way he takes some posts apart.
            mine included.
            i think he`s Vera`s consultant

    • Carverlier football

      Is that 2 PL loans? Not sure.

      • Rabid Dog

        Yes actually, we are limited to 2 loans from other premiership club’s…. not total. My bad.

      • Vodkamagpie

        2 PL loans, and you can have 2 foreign loans I believe

  • Carverlier football

    Well this’ll show the veracity of Ashley’s sale claims. If he’s really serious about selling and talks are so far advanced, why would he not sign it off? Somebody else would be paying for it.

    • Mr_Kinnear

      So what is your logic? I can’t see anyone agreeing to fat boy spending money on their behalf.

  • Geordiegiants

    Who writes this stuff?

  • robbersdog

    We’re waiting for Mike Ashley to sign-off on a £15m transfer? HaHa – it’ll be a bloody long wait.

  • Mr_Kinnear

    It’s strange but man Utd are bring linked with blokes from Italy for 75 million. NUFC 15 million for bloke from soccer Sunday league. Let’s see if fatty signs off on it

    • Vodkamagpie

      Yes, and look how great man utd are doing.

      • Mr_Kinnear

        Ah yes you have a point. Let’s see how that works at the end of the season. Probably more silverware for NUFC based on how badly another team performed. Let’s all just turn up every other week and moan shall we

        • Vodkamagpie

          I’m not moaning, it’s a difficult league, and fans think spending 300mil will automatically improve results, which is not the case

          • Mr_Kinnear

            Of course but some commitment from the owner and a long term strategy for an attempt at success would be good.

          • Vodkamagpie

            Oh, like spending about 230mil in the space of the last 4 years isn’t enough for you

          • Mr_Kinnear

            No it’s not. Is the ambition of the fans 10th or below or competing at the top. Approx 60 mil each season is not European contention.

          • Vodkamagpie

            It’s not the about the amount of money you spend, it’s about right combination of players you sign. Which teams have qualified for Europe besides the top 6 relating to final league positions, within the last 10 seasons?. Newcastle, Leicester, Everton, Burnley, ?, only one team out that bunch spent a fortune to achieve that

  • Mike D

    He’ll be off on his jollies tomorrow. Lastmin booking dot com.

  • Burt Humperdink

    I certainly agree with the notion of loaning him first. The US league is such an unknown quantity it’s hard to say how good he truly is.

    I’d love to say that because Rafa rates him that is a good sign, but I genuinely think this is Rafa’s weakest area across the span of his career. He was the one who came up with lazar only to ditch him a quarter of the way into his first season and the jury is still out on Manquillo, Murphy and Atsu, whilst Joselu is blatantly woeful.

    • Leazes.

      Borrowing him…. no that’s not going to happen, he is in demand but as you say its a risky transition.

  • Andy Mac

    You have to ask if the Head of Recruitment has travelled all the way to the USA to arrange a deal why

    1. Is it up to Fatman to OK the deal ?
    2. if he’s selling the club – is it up to him to confiirm a deal ?

    As I said on soc med if it smells like BS, looks like BS then the chances are it is BS according to the Fatman

    • Leazes.

      If he’s selling then he’s not going to sanction any deals for a new owner….. its a lie and shock….the press bought it again!….

      ….I’m really surprised at the degree of both gullibility and stupidity…..

      …..what can people do once they realise it has been another stunt….the magpie group (minority report) are now targeting Huddersfield….

      …. what happened to Ryders Poll?

  • Wezza

    FCB will wait till. Feb 1.

  • Albert Stubbins

    more bull being served up to newcastle fans. 15 million, lol itll be a lot more than that when he does leave the mls and it wont be newcastle where hes headed. 99% of the stuff that gets on here is made up. if even one percent of the players weve been linked with in the past was true id be surprised!! a deal has been agreed my a***. as if they are going to send him out on loan, hes there best player ffs. fake news.

  • GToon

    If Ashley is looking to clear off I would imagine it’s much more likely his transfer business will involve selling players rather than trying to improve the squad by buying somebody. I expect laschelles to leave, no signings to be made and Ashley to still be in control after the transfer window has closed. And this time I don’t even expect that light to be left on on deadline day – every penny counts for worlds poorest multi billionaire.
    One last thing. If he does sell the club for £300m or whatever will he be paid in wallpaper?

  • Mike Wright

    almiron is hot