Newcastle 1 Wolves 2  – Sunday 9 December 4pm

We asked Jonathan Drape-Comyn to give us his match ratings after this afternoon’s match.

Newcastle losing 2-1 to make it consecutive home defeats.

The club now 15th in the table after only one point in three games, or 11 from the last seven matches, depending on how you look at it.

Dubravka 8 – Becoming our most important player this season.

Another solid performance with a few key saves.

Safe as houses is probably the best way to describe him. Never makes a fuss, never does anything stupid (aside from that last minute header).

Yedlin 4 – Did ok in the first half but obviously made a catastrophic mistake for the red card.

He must take responsibility of course but Rafa should never have put him in that position.

At half time, if Manquillo was to come on for Fernandez, then surely the logical thing to do is put Manquillo to LB, Yedlin to RB and go with a back four.

I’m not in a position to be giving Rafa Benitez tactical advice, but when you sacrifice your best attacking outlet and put him to centre-half, at home, against Wolves, it sets a precedent for the rest of the team.

Fernandez 7 – I thought he did well in the first half. Unlike Lascelles who generally had a torrid time of things.

Came off at half time but luckily Clark is there to step in and we could see Lejeune back in the near future.

Lascelles 5 – Didn’t think he had a good game at all.

Caught for the first goal and generally looked lethargic and static all afternoon. In particular for the Wolves winner, what was he doing?

Didn’t look fit at all. He is the main man and the captain, but it would be interesting to see who would be Rafa’s main two centre halves, if all were fully fit.

Clark 7 – Another good performance from Clark.

Was somewhat of a forgotten man not so long ago but is chipping in with reliable performances again. On a day when the back five as a whole was somewhat all over the place, individually I thought he did well.

Ritchie  6 – Gave his all but was completely wasted at left wing back.

I don’t think he looked comfortable or happy in that position. At most points in the game couldn’t get high enough up the pitch to do anything.

Ki 5 – I didn’t see much of him at all today. Was he even playing?

A very quiet and ineffectual day at the office for him. Don’t think the formation helped him either.

When he did get the ball and looked up, rarely was there an option in front of him except to lump it up to Rondon.

Diame 6 – A poor performance from the big man but he did try his best to make things happen.

Again, I go back to the formation being to blame with Diame appearing to be the only player in the team doing the ‘donkey work’. Was knackered after an hour and that showed every time he got on the ball.

Atsu 6 – He ran hard and tried his best but his efforts were fruitless today.

Not sure why he got a game ahead of Murphy today, who did well during the week, but that obviously isn’t my decision to make.

Perez 7 – Had a decent game, scored a good goal and got MOM on Sky. I’ll never condone any supporter booing him but I have no time for Perez if he continues with this stupid disrespectful celebration.

Rondon 7 – Another good game from Rondon up front.

Held the ball up brilliantly and really bossed the Wolves defence in the first half an hour.

The game changed for him after the sending off as he became more isolated.


Manquillo 5. – Went down with a touch of cramp having been on the pitch for 45 minutes, which is a strange one.

Doherty, the wing back was on the six yard box for their winner… I don’t think we could expect him to pop up there.

“Either way, he let many of the Wolves players run straight past him as they scored their winner. That is not good enough.”

Joselu – N/A (Not on long enough to judge)

Kenedy – N/A (Not on long enough to judge)

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 1 Wolves 2


Newcastle: Perez 23 (Yedlin red card 57)

Wolves: Jota 17, Doherty 90+4

Possession was Wolves 49% Newcastle 51%

Total shots were  Wolves 13 Newcastle 12

Shots on target were Wolves 6 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Wolves 6 Newcastle 4

Referee: Mike Dean

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez (Manquillo 46), Clark, Ritchie, Diame, Ki, Atsu (Kenedy 89), Rondon (Joselu 86), Perez

Unused Subs:

Woodman, Longstaff, Muto, Dummett

Crowd: 50,223 (Wolves 3,000)

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  • Damon Horner

    Might want to change the ref Jonathan.

  • TeessideMag

    If we manage to stay up again this year, the second it is assured, we need to be asking the question from all angles, constantly, “where is the buyer, when can we expect to be sold, now we are staying up.” answers need to be forced.

    • FatParosite

      If we manage to stay up or go down Ashley is going nowhere. He knows NUFC fans have no stomach for a fight.

      • Chris-Chapple


  • Paul Patterson

    Ki 5? What?
    His neat and tidy passing was great at times.
    Give your head a shake..

    • FatParosite

      I thought that too..
      Not sure on his Perez mark either…

      • Paul Patterson

        Perez was typical Perez. Hit and miss..

        • FatParosite

          But 7..?

          • Paul Patterson

            Ratings are subjective. He did score. Without the goal he’d been a 5.

          • BigHairyDog

            I gave him 7 for the goal and that he actually played better after it than he has been all season. It wasn’t his fault he got smacked in the face and dodgy Dean refused to see it.

          • Sickandtired

            His fault for giving the ball away for the second goal. He should have ran it into the corner. Kenedy nee better for completely failing to track back also, despite fresh legs.

          • PedroTheGr8

            At 1-1, I wouldn’t want him to run it into the corner. Apart from Joselu and Kennedy (who should have tracked), everyone else was behind him so it shouldn’t have been an issue.

    • Tweed Mag

      Waddle rates him, said he had played well on R5L

  • Dillon Tovak

    I agree about Lascelles and the answer to the question in my eyes is Fernandez. I really believe he could be at the very least a squad member for any team in the league.

    • Chris-Chapple

      Best recruit for a while certainly a bargain in the days of £60m defenders

  • What a poor article John! Did you even watch the game?
    Ki – 5? Out of 6 maybe. He was brilliant.
    Diame – 6? He wasted every ball he got! Didn’t bring down Moutinho! Sure, won a few tackles, how about being one of the tallest and toughest players and never wins and aerial ball or is a threat from set-pieces!
    Ritchie 6? Defensively, yes, going forward – 1/10. Made, perhaps 2-3 successful crosses out of 10-12! Didn’t take on a single player, didn’t cut inside once.

  • Salty

    And marks for Rafa? Tried to be too clever at times, that HT change was the most bizarre he’s made and there’s been a few. Why didn’t Dummy come on to slot into back 3? If he wasn’t fit enough why on earth was he on the bench?

    • Leicester Mag

      Maybe Dummett was on bench because the sackofsh1t and his cheapskating has meant there’s no-one else

      • Chris-Chapple

        I think you’re right

      • Salty

        Really? So not Shelvey or Murphy then? Or could we not be bringing in one of the youngsters, you know like mighty Wolves have with that 18 yr old? Or maybe Lazaar who we blew another £5m on?

        • Toon

          Shelvey wasn’t fit (apparently)

          • BigHairyDog

            Murphy got subbed on Wednesday so he might’ve picked up a knock.

  • Leicester Mag

    The biggest issue is the uttershyte that is our bench. Hos would weaken the Nackers Arms on a Sunday morning

    • Chris-Chapple

      Leazes would be proud of such a concise and to the point post 😁

      • Leicester Mag

        I’m in his bad books what with coming from Shiney Row and all that 😉

        • Chris-Chapple

          He’s a hard taskmaster

        • Billmag


    • Billmag

      I can’t understand why he would be brought on he can’t hold the ball up, he’s just got no quality whatsoever.

      • Leicester Mag

        It beggars belief that someone scouted him and actually thought ‘ he’d be an asset’ maybe the last word got garbled

      • Mrkgw

        Too true.

  • Chris-Chapple

    It’s always going to go pear shaped at any given time because of the lack of quality in the team. I think the assessment is not to far off the players performances. the next two games may well get us 6 points you just don’t know as there’s no consistency. At the start of the second half I honestly thought we’d win.

  • GlasgowMag

    Praise the Lord we have an instant replacement for Rafa!! Jonathan you obviously think you’re more tactically aware than Rafa put your name forward mate!! One question though why is Rafa to blame for Yedlin’s sending off and what position did he put him in to help with this???

    • Paul Patterson

      Steve Bruce is keeping his powder dry for June.

      • Leicester Mag

        I’d hate it if his powder was wet paints a scary image

    • steve

      The position Rafa put Yedlin in was centre back, a position he was clearly uncomfortable with and largely contributed to him being sent off.

  • Alan

    Why did The Mag ask Jonathan to give the player ratings?
    According to his post on 18th November he is in Asia until mid January.
    I realise the game is probably beamed live but TV does not show the full picture of events and details like getting the referee’s name right might be lost.

    • Carverlier football

      Having seen plenty of matches in person and plenty of matches on tv I have to say the well-worn notion that you get a better idea of what is going on if you’re actually there is largely nonsense…

      • Alan

        What is nonsense is that a local magazine has to rely on a guy about 70000 miles away giving ratings in the early hours of Monday morning local time.

        • BigHairyDog

          He could’ve been sat next to Lee Charnley and he’d still see it all wrong.

        • Ram Kishore

          Every rating by everyone will be different and it’s only subjective. Even if I giving ratings, it would have many disagreements. He can’t be objective unless he’s a neutral.
          For a neutral it was definitely not a good game of football yesterday.
          Perez was actually a lot better yesterday. His celebrations are annoying though

  • BigHairyDog

    What a load of sh….tosh, looks like you need zero football knowledge to post ratings here. Anyone with half a brain could see Rafa was concerned about Traore’s blistering pace, as Yedlin is the only one who could match it he got switched there. Traore could outsprint Ben Johnson on steroids and he gave ALL our defenders problems until he got subbed.
    Ki ran the show for us, he was everywhere trying to create something so how you can miss him is bizarre. Rafa tried to be proactive and even when we were down to 10 men he still kept pushing forward, to keep Ritchie at left back just proves it.
    Dubravka 9, Lascelles 5, Fernandez 6, Clark 6, Yedlin 5, Ki 7, Ritchie 6, Diame 6, Atsu 6, Perez 7, Rondon 7
    subs – Manquillo 6, Joselu 4 and Kenedy 4

    • molend

      Pretty much spot on, except for Diame who had yet another very aimless game

    • Kneebotherm8

      Thats why Benitez is a top manager and we’re all amateur onlookers….

    • JohnnyH

      Spot on, Lascelles looked like the mothership had beamed him down on the wrong coordinates.

      • Ram Kishore

        Losing a player at half-time especially at defence has definitely had it’s impact. Whenever one of our defenders get’s replaced due to injury we have looked out of sorts on many occasions. We we’re lucky against Watford though

    • PedroTheGr8

      Apart from the loose touch (which didn’t really have anything to do with him at CB), Yedlin didn’t look particularly out of place on the right side of the back 3 – granted, it was 10 minutes. I’d say that Lascelles was at fault for both goals – unless there was some reason Yedlin was supposed to mark Jota – but there was someone coming in on the wing.

  • Billmag

    Dubs and Rondon was our two best players, Perez did ok and scored a very good goal, Ritchie was wasted in that position, thought Ki and Diame did ok, I blame Yedlin for there first goal and also for getting himself sent off, Lascelles had a really poor game and would get the lowest mark IMO.

    • mentalman

      I agree but a bit shocked you’d give lascelles a lower score than yedlin

  • Rob Hawkins

    Rondon deserves more than a 7. Worked his socks off all game, held the ball up well, battled hard & created the goal. Deserves an 8. Felt sorry for yedlin as he shouldn’t have been put at CB, rafa should never have bought manquilo on, dummett should have come on and gone alongside lascelles & Clark, which in turn would have allowed yedlin be wingback still, we missed his pace in the attacking g 3rd in the 2nd half. Now well miss it for 3games. Rafa cost us today with poor tactical decisions.

    • Damon Horner

      1 game suspension for Yedlin isn’t it? I agree it didn’t sit right with me Yedlin played right centre back.

    • Toontaff

      How do you get a grey???

  • Toon

    Unfortunately we can’t compete with Wolves, a club that has invested in their squad and bought exciting players with a bit of skill and flair – look at the changes they made throughout the game, impact subs. Watching the likes of Atsu, Perez, Diame, Manquillo plod about offering little and glancing at our bench, worlds apart

    • mentalman

      We were competing quite well until rafa had a brain fart and put yedlin in at cb

  • GeordieZebra

    That wasn’t the ref

  • Hughie

    Were you at the same game as me? Yes Perez scored and played better than I’ve seen him this season and then for the umpteenth time this season lost the ball stupidly and unnecessarily with a minute to go and Wolves scored. Like Yedlin he is a hopelessly inadequate stop gap in this team. Atsu was good – a constant thorn in Wolves flesh who struggled to handle his pace and trickery with several good crosses. Ritchie was terrible – spends his time playing the ball backwards. Dummett should have been on in the last 20 if not before. Tactics wrong Rafa, and we need a right back and decent no10 urgently.

    • PedroTheGr8

      It’s a bit harsh on Perez today, he tried to play Joselu in – if we were up, then yes, that would have been an unnecessary pass. How was Jota allowed to run so far without a challenge is a better question than asking what Perez was doing.

      • Toontaff

        Ritchie’s crossing was awful 3. Ki did lots of simple stuff well 7. Manquillo 2 – his control was shocking. Yedlin 2 – he caused is own demise. How can Dubravka get MoM, when he could have saved the winner? Atsu and Rondon were our best performers. Watching a dodgy tv in ladyboyland clearly affects vision!

    • degs01

      Rafa’s tactics keep us out of the bottom 3

  • JohnnyH

    It’s easy with hindsight, we’re all master tacticians after the event.
    Having said that I think I would be giving up on playing Lascelles on the right, he can’t do it.

  • nufcslf

    Any stupid c**t that showed up to that. Ha ha ha. Got what you f**king deserve. 7 losses out of 9 home matches and couldn’d send a message to the club killing owner. Fatty wins, well done. Not a football fan in the place.

  • Toontaff

    £8-50 for a burger, chips and coke – at SJP – according to signs – did a Leazes and looked around to see how many are buying food/drink at SJP. Smells like shyte, costs an arm and a leg and you may get ketchup doon your £70 funbet top! With so many food outlets and pubs near to SJP, why? Certainly becoming more apparent that many of our fanbase are not football/Toon fans – far too many leaving, laughing and joking, having witnessed a last-minute defeat.

    • mentalman

      Losing is becoming so common people are becoming used to it and its not such a big deal now

  • S.G.M.

    Lascelles single handedly lost us that game, woefully inept, no commitment, total lack of concentration. He gave me the impression that he didn’t want to be there, get shut, soon as.

  • magpiefifer

    Lascelles was awful – if Fernandez is fit enough for Huddersfield Lascelles should be dropped.Thought the ratings for Atsu and Ki were a bit harsh,they both played better than a 5/6.
    Thought Dummy should have come on at half-time and Clark moved to central defence – Yedlin is not a central defender!!!
    My heart sank when I saw who the ref was – shocking decision with Boli’s elbow.
    Tough times ahead – thank Ashley!! and Dean,of course!

    • DZA

      So true and the squad weakness has shown all season thanks to Ashley. Let’s hope Rafa has some money to spend this January as I can’t see the club selling this season with some fans already thinking Ashley going by new year (god knows what planet they live on) but he’s going no where soon.

  • Steve Jones

    Not sure what match he was watching but Ki was the best Newcastle player on the pitch along with Rondon and Dubravka