Alan Pardew was in Atlanta on Saturday night.

Atlanta United) were hosting the MLS Cup final against Portland Timbers, a game which is the final one for Tata Martino.

The Head Coach/Manager is leaving the club now and is widely tipped to get the top job managing the Mexico national side.

Atlanta United won last night’s final 2-0, with Newcastle target Miguel Almiron helping to create the second goal.

Ahead of the match though, CBS Sports reporter Roger Gonzalez revealed he had been speaking to Alan Pardew.

Former Argentina national team coach Jorge Sampaoli has been widely touted to be the new boss but Pardew has now appeared to put himself into the mix for the job.

CBS Sports reporter Roger Gonzalez:

“Another name to keep an eye on for Atlanta United coaching search is Alan Pardew.

“He’s in Atlanta.

“I asked him if he was here to meet with the club, and let’s just say he didn’t deny it.

“Will be at the game tonight.”

Atlanta United fans haven’t taken this news/report too well…:

‘Please no. Dear God no.’

‘Absolutely not.’

‘Noooooooooooo!!! Wrong coach!’

‘That’s really not good.’

‘Condolences.’ (From a West Brom fan)

‘Wouldn’t wish him on anyone.’

‘Oh my god get Almiron out of there or he will be pardewed just like Ben Arfa! God help you guys!’

‘After the positives of Rooney/Zlatan etc.., this could set you (soccer) back a few years…..’

‘A thousand times, no. Stay tf out of our club.’

‘If would make as much sense as Berhalter the coach of the USMNT team.’


‘R.i.p atlanta united.’

‘Do not want! Give me Sampaoli!!’

‘That’s not good news.’

‘6 month from now. The Atlanta players will be stealing taxis.’

‘Atlanta avoid please. Tata has given Atlanta an identity, stick to what he taught you.’

‘He’s an utter disgrace.’

‘What an incredibly dumb move that would be.’


  • Lostprofit DBC

    Let’s hope he can get the deal over the line and he can get the owner interested in investment.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Universally regarded in the same esteem……..U.S basically…

  • Kenny

    So, they have heard of Pardew then

  • Wor Lass

    Some people on here go on about noot wanting to hear about Mitro but we`re no doubt doomed to getting news of Pardew for years to come. I can see it now, “Care home residents gutted about new admission”, “Undertakers Pardewed” …. blah, blah ….

    • Lostprofit DBC

      Almost as boring as our (justified) hatred of Ashley and strategic attempts to get rid of him. Then there is Brexit.

    • Pezza

      The manager who provided the best finishes and best football in the last 11 yrs.

      • Wor Lass

        You had to spoil it!

      • Kenny

        That`s hardly a ringing endorsement considering he inherited the players that gained such a dizzy height.

        • Paul Patterson

          It would take a special breed of idiot to screw up a side with Krul, Simpson, Santon, Coloccini, Tiote, Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Guttierez, Ba and Cisse.

          • Pezza

            Shearer managed to relegate much of that side

          • Paul Patterson

            So you’re judging a rookie manager on eight games?
            Seems fair . .

          • Chris-Chapple

            Seems stupid you mean.

          • Pezza

            Yet Houghton got a weaker team promoted and Pardew got them playing a little more progressivly up to 5th

        • Pezza

          He inherited a championship side, sold Carroll, bought Ba & Cabaye.

          • glassjawsh-got-banned

            Pardew wasn’t in charge of transfers…

          • Pezza

            Possibly true but he did ok with what he was given. As Houghton was blamed for Perchinho, Pardew didn’t get a go on transfers after Obertan

        • Pezza

          He inherited players that Shearer managed to relegate. He got some good players in via Graham Carr and we played good football.

          Personally, I’d have liked him to have sold Cisse after his purple patch and go for another of Carr’s list.

          • Paul Patterson

            That side was heading for relegation before Shearer came in . .

          • East Durham Mag


          • Pezza

            And which bit is not true.

          • East Durham Mag

            Inferring it was Alan Shearer to blame over relegation. You are entitled to your opinion though. Even if it is ridiculous.

          • Pezza

            Not blaming him alone, he should not have been appointed, it was unlucky / foreseeable that JFK took ill and we should have got someone else in to steer the ship. Terry Venebles was available for a short term fix and would have had more chance if suceeding.

            It’s not really the point and in actual fact, going down that year was just what was required.

            What I’m saying is Pardew managed to get a weaker squad than the one that got us relegated whilst playing better fiotball.

      • Paul Patterson

        That was all despite Pardew. One good season in five is not the norm . .

        • Kenny

          It`s a miracle at Newcastle under the tenure of the Fat Rat

        • Pezza

          We had two good teams in that time, the football was decent

    • Peaky

      Did you get back nice and early from the riots ???

      • Wor Lass

        I was a bit miffed when I got to Paris – they`d started without me!

        • Peaky

          Bloody French eh…selfish.
          Depending on what happens here with this Brexit vote on Tuesday there’s a fear it could all go breasts up in the UK…

          • Wor Lass

            That sounds about right. Half the country are unhappy with the outcome of the referendum (why do we elect governments?) but accept it and get on with life. The other half don`t like how it inevitably pans out and decide to kick off.

  • Ken

    Please let it be true, so he is out of the way when Rafa walks, can they also take Fat Sham and Moyes to MLS and get them out our way as well

    • Peaky

      MLS….Manager Losers Society….

    • Kenny

      If he did go to the MLS he`d have a release clause of $1 and after 5 or 6 games the Americans would gladly pay the dollar to get rid of him.

      • Peaky

        The Donald will stick a wall around him….🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Ken

        That would be OK as the fat man would not pay a release clause, not even $1, he usually starts ok then it turns to 💩 after6 months or so

  • Cushty lad

    This could be good news for us. Almiron won’t want to play for pardew. We may get him after all

    • phildene

      Apparently Almiron’s club doesn’t know anything about any deal so that’s another media wind up!

  • GlasgowMag

    They seem quite keen on the announcement!!!🤔🤔😂😂🤣🤣

  • Dillon Tovak

    I could criticise him all day and can’t claim to be a follower of the MLS but I’d assume he wouldn’t be horrendous at that level.
    How many team building trips Nevada way would happen?

    • Mark Bertram

      As an Atlanta United fan I would not even consider Pardew given the other coaches available.
      If Atlanta were playing in England, they would roughly be a mid to upper level team in the Championship division.
      MLS is not THAT far behind, and given Atlanta’s wage bill of GBP 8.94million, I think that’s about where they belong.

  • Christopher Smeaton

    Pardew’s agent is nearly as good as Hippo Heed’s!

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Even the Septics know he is s***e !
    The useless fecker only applied because he thought MLS meant : “Manager Least Skilled” !

  • Alreet

    How does he still get work in football. I think the UK market have finally worked it out but i suppose Murica dont know any better.

    Best of luck MLS