After West Ham hammered Newcastle 3-0, Matt Le Tissier picked out Ayoze Perez to talk about.

The Sky Sports pundit making the point that if the former Tenerife striker had taken his first half chances, it would/could have been Newcastle well in control of the match.

Matt Le Tissier pointed out that Perez missed chances with both head and feet, most of the time not even forcing the keeper into a save.

Ayoze Perez has become a big talking point amongst Newcastle fans, a small minority blindly defending him, whilst another small minority embarrassingly boo him at times, or as was the case on Saturday, cheered when he was subbed.

For the vast majority of Newcastle fans in between those two extremes, Ayoze Perez simply sums up the situation at Newcastle United.

A position (number 10) that Rafa Benitez has been desperate to strengthen every transfer window but Mike Ashley refusing to all the club’s money to be spent on the necessary quality.

Hence, Newcastle/Rafa end up having to keep playing Perez, even though he is clearly not up to the job, because there is nobody else.

Matt Le Tissier summing it up: ‘That is why the centre-forwards get paid all the big bucks because scoring goals is the hardest part in football. Ayoze Perez proved that today.’

The West Ham attacking trio of Hernandez, Arnautovic and Anderson cost around £80m, with wages to match.

You then had Newcastle who used Rondon, Perez, Atsu, Joselu and Kenedy on Saturday, costing less than £13m for the quintet.

Rafa Benitez has proved with the likes of Dubravka and Fernandez that you can still find bargains in defensive positions but pretty much every other club accepts that when it comes to creative players and goalscorers, you have to at some point pay the market price.

Rafa Benitez was desperate on promotion to bring in a quality goalscorer and number 10, instead we ended up Stoke reserve Joselu for £5m.

The situation hasn’t improved since then and got even worse this summer, Rafa Benitez forced to even let Gayle go the other way before he was even able to bring in Rondon on loan, a striker who had scored nine, eight and seven goals in his three previous Premier League seasons.

Matt Le Tissier speaking to Sky Sports:

“Ayoze Perez had so many chances in the first half to equalise.

“That is why the centre-forwards get paid all the big bucks.

“Because scoring goals is the hardest part in football.

“Ayoze Perez proved that today.

“He had chances with his head, chances with his feet as well.

“He had a great chance with his left foot which he dragged well wide in the end.

“It was disappointing for Newcastle.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 0 West Ham 3


West Ham: Hernandez 11, 63 Anderson 90+3

Possession was West Ham 41% Newcastle 59%

Total shots were  West Ham 7 Newcastle 16

Shots on target were West Ham 4 Newcastle 4

Corners were  West Ham 3 Newcastle 7

Referee: Paul Tierney

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Schar, Fernandez, Manquillo, Ritchie (Atsu 54), Diame, Ki, Kenedy (Shelvey 70), Rondon, Perez (Joselu 78)

Unused Subs:

Woodman, Longstaff, Lascelles, Clark

Crowd: 51,853 (West Ham 3,200)

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  • Paul Patterson

    Average at best. Should have been benched in the summer. What was the value of West Ham’s forward line? £80m? Ours? £8m. Enough said.

    • Clarko

      Again with the lying.

      Our forward four have a value of €39.00m (not ‘£8m’) compared to West Ham’s forward four who have a value of €90.10m (based on the last transfer fees paid the players).

      • Kenny


        • Clarko

          Great counter argument, you really showed me up…

          • Kenny

            Get back in your box, your valuations are krap

          • Wezza

            Same time as Monk came on. Clarko’s is a newer account since he got banned with monkseatonmagpies.

          • Clarko

            I’ll just copy and paste the same reply as it still applies:

            Great counter argument, you really showed me up…

    • Wezza

      Agree. His performances haven’t been good enough -bench him.
      Of course though, that’s what money buys you. I bet Monk isn’t peddling that line this morning. I’ve blocked his Clarko ID as well.

  • Perez is doing great with everything else but needs to be taken off starters for a few games.
    Should go with Muto and Rondon up top with wingers cutting inside but we haven’t got a decent winger apart from Kenedy and that is in spells.
    Another option would be to move Ki further up the pitch and play Diame and Longstaff behind him without a number 10

  • Kenny

    Looked decent when he first arrived as a young player,
    he has the technical ability but not the application.
    now in his 5th season he seems to be going downhill at a great speed of knots & the fact that Rafa has been trying to replace him since the summer of 2016 tells you a lot.
    his all round game is appalling & he needs to be benched, i`d rather play an extra midfielder if Muto isn`t fit than have Perez in the team.

  • Wor Lass

    It`s strange – he weighed in with vital goals last season and started to look like a decent player again but this season he`s been pretty disappointing. He works hard at closing down the opposition and is often involved in our best attacking play but too often fails with the final execution. The fact that there isn`t much of a viable alternative in the squad isn`t healthy and won`t encourage him to sharpen up. In the short term we need Muto available but longer term we need better quality – but you could say that about most of our squad outside of goalkeeper and centre half.

    • Kenny

      How did the riot go

      • Wor Lass

        Got my yellow waistcoat and 2 x 10 litre cans of fuel – good to go!

        • Rich Lawson

          Wor Lass for Mayor !

  • Themoscow72

    All the good play comes through Perez and most of the chances. Take him out the team and we will create very little. Yes he missed three chances but the ones Rondon had were easier and that’s his job to put the ball in the net. The header Perez missed was actually just behind so more difficult than it looked. Getting on the players backs is not going to help at all. The Sunday Mirror gave Perez the top mark so showed that the rest of the team were on par or worse.

    • Kenny

      That paper is also reporting that Miguel Almiron is coming to Nufc for £25m

    • 1957

      He could still end up as top scorer given the competition is the Hoss and Roundon.

    • Ram Kishore

      The whole team played poorly.
      Perez was bad, he didn’t take his chances and neither did he create clear cut chances for Rondon.
      So did Matt, Atsu, Kennedy all were poor.
      All are to be blamed imo. Not just Perez. People here need one whipping boy, that is Perez IG. But it is also his job. He needs to score. But he didn’t. So the stick.
      He is only one we got who can play behind the striker but we need someone better.
      We need to sign someone better or depending solely on Perez to create and score will keep us in relegation struggle.

      One reason why Perez struggled a lot is because whenever he makes a run, he doesn’t get any sort of support to pass the ball nor does he get any runners.

  • NUFC9

    Fully agree with the point. The difference between what other teams have spent vs our spending shows on the pitch. Saturday’s game showed why Rafa has no choice but to play defensively and hope to scrape a one nil win. Against the hammers we played a more open game and got torn to pieces as we don’t have the threat up front to really hurt teams.

    However the numbers quoted in articles like this are a bit unfair. Sure, West Ham, Brighton, Fulham, Huddersfield, etc have alll spent way more than us but to say our front line is just worth £13m is a bit misleading. The price to buy Kenedy this summer was reportedly £25-30m. Rondon was £16. We took them on loan and they aren’t ours to keep but they are still £40m+ worth of player in our starting XI, similar value to Arnautovic and Hernanzez.

    • Kenny

      you would be lucky to get a quarter of the valuation of Rondon & Kenedy
      you would get the valuation & more of West hams duo

      • NUFC9

        You think we’d get Kenedy for £7m and Rondon for £4. Are you the guy that Ashley gets to run our transfer policy?

        At the end of last season most fans agreed we weren’t likely to sign Kenedy permanently because we’d have to massively smash our £17m transfer record to get him.

        If I was lucky to get a quarter of £16m for Rondon, that would make him worth £4m max. That is less than Joselu or Manquillo.

        • Kenny

          the way those 2 are playing it wouldn`t be much more
          and how many other clubs were in for them in the summer

          • NUFC9

            In today’s market £7m gets you an Atsu. £4m only gets you a Joselu. That’s proven fact, not opinion.

            If Kenedy and Rondon weren’t better than those two, they wouldn’t be keeping them out of the team.

  • Albert Stubbins

    The facts as I see them are this- Ayoze was a player with buckets of potential but five years later he hasn’t progressed- gets into great positions but is very easily brushed off ball, lacks creative vision to play others in and lacks the natural goal scoring instinct. Probably better suited to the Spanish League. He will continue to frustrate and disappoint in equal measure as long as hes in the team.

  • Tweed Mag

    Perez has had his chance. Even Ashley and his muppets must see that. There are those who will say the opposite, just because they can and the desire to be awkward and argumentative clouds their common sense. New forwards required – asap.

  • Cockneytrev

    When he first arrived he had so much potential,, (the same agent as fellani) and had been courted by the big Spanish clubs as a one for the future,, the plannas always was to use Newcastle as a stepping stone,, he looked very sharp, nearly always hit the target,, he had a good first touch, his movement was excellent, he got in good positions and he looked like a real find, the negatives were he was a little weak,,,,
    In his time at Newcastle he has not progressed, (unfortunately) and looks to be going through the motions,,, it’s not all his fault, he has never had a decent target man to play off,,
    At any normal club , he would have had a decent forward bought to bring him on,,
    Unfortunately we’re talking about NUFC.
    Ashley out!!!

    • Ram Kishore

      You are right on that. Whenever he gets the ball, he doesnt have enough runners supporting him going forward. He has to do a solo job.
      The forwards or wingers either they are a bit late or not in right position.

      But he has his fair share of issues.
      Loses the ball quickly, can say a bit light weight, makes a awful lot of wrong or late passes

  • Gallowgate

    #boycott wolves
    Time to make a stand together
    Think where NUFC is going !

    • 1957

      The optimist in me thinks he will sell up and things will get better, the realist knows he won’t now he largely has ‘customers’ for his for his product that accept whatever he puts on the table… 45k plus supporters with Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Tony English

    I used to feel a little sorry for Ayoze, as many say he showed some potential when he arrived, showed improvisation and quick thinking with one or two great finishes (v West Brom springs to mind) but all to often the deficiencies in his game are exposed at this level as he plays in such a pivotal position, I hope he’s just lost his way a little.

    But since his fingers-in-the-ears celebration, he’s lost my sympathy, I think his numbers up….if funds are made available….so expect him to be here long enough for a testimonial).

    • Ram Kishore

      Never knew what he meant with his fingers in the ears celebration.
      Got any clue Tony?

      • Tony English

        It’s fairly clear it’s the international sign language for “I’m not listening ” if it was aimed at the media he would have clarified this by now.

        So if it’s not a response to fan criticism, then I don’t know what it is…but when you’ve only scored one all season and missed a hatfull it’s probably better to accept the criticism and save your response for when you’ve proved folk wrong.

  • Pezza

    He did well to get into position and had an ok game but for his finishing.

    • Ram Kishore

      Not bringing in a better CAM, which is a very pivotal role, has hurt us.
      After last season, I thought he had improved a lot. One more quality player would have kept him on his toes.
      Would have kept him sharp.

      All our players were poor against West ham, but all the fans and pundits needed a whipping boy and now they have Perez.

  • Mike

    pay peanuts………
    Quality comes at a price

  • Hughie

    Apart from a couple of flicks and his defensive workrate which takes pressure off others, Perez was yet again an attacking passenger. He loses the ball 90% of the time ; tries to beat defenders when he has no pace; falls over like a ninepin when breathed on; cannot shoot or head a ball and has been the weakest link all season. Why on earth Rafa hasn’t tried a different system or chucked in Longstaff no-one sitting around me can fathom. To be fair Perez never hides, but he is simply not PL standard and since he came here has not developed at all.

  • Damon Horner

    Spend little can’t expect greatness, it’s how I view it. You spend £2mil on a Spanish second tier player you’re not likely to unearth Messi. His seasons been average but he topped our charts for stats only last season.

  • Mxpx

    Perez has done very well for his price tag but has never been a good option in the Premier league he has many qualities however they don’t seem to compliment each other in making a great all around player