Mark Lawrenson has been looking ahead Wednesday night at Goodison Park.

Newcastle looking to make it consecutive away victories in the Premier League for the first time since November 2014.

Just over four years ago it was a 2-1 win at Spurs followed by a 2-0 at West Brom.

Mark Lawrenson though says ‘it is hard to see’ Newcastle getting even a point at Goodison Park.

Whilst Newcastle had a great record against West Ham (only one defeat in 20 years at St James Park) before Saturday’s match, against Everton it is a very different matter.

The last nine clashes, home and away, have seen eight wins for the scousers and a sole 3-2 victory for Newcastle in December 2014, a game that proved to be Alan Pardew’s final one in charge.

Mark Lawrenson admits he got it badly wrong ahead of Saturday’s match at St James Park, saying: ‘I thought Newcastle would keep their good run going against West Ham but they ended up being taken apart.’

Whilst Everton lost the derby in dramatic (and embarrassing for Pickford) circumstances in the final seconds on Sunday, Lawrenson claims that they played well and ‘looked like a proper team.’

Obviously it is a bit of an advantage over Newcastle when they had two players (Sigurdsson and Richarlison) up against Liverpool, who each alone cost more than the entire NUFC starting eleven against West Ham.

At least Rafa Benitez has a more or less full squad to choose from once again, with every chance that Shelvey and Lascelles will be brought back in to start on Wednesday night.

Mark Lawrenson talking to BBC Sport:

“I thought Newcastle would keep their good run going against West Ham but they ended up being taken apart.

“Everton were also beaten but they did really well in the Merseyside derby.

“They got their tactics right offensively and defensively, and looked like a proper team.

“It hard to see the Magpies getting anything at Goodison if Everton can replicate that performance.

“The Toffees fully deserve their place in the top six at the moment.

“Prediction is Everton 2 Newcastle 0.”

BBC Sport had as their guest this time, Ross MacDonald, making predictions as well.

He is the bassist with rock band The 1975 and is also a Macclesfield Town fan.

Ross predicts a 2-1 win for Everton and says lead singer of the band Matty Healy will ‘hate’ him for it. Matty is the son of Newcastle fans Tim Healy and Denise Welch and has carried on the family tradition, despite growing up in Cheshire.

Ross MacDonald:

“Matty (Healy) will hate me for this but I have gone for Everton. Newcastle were on a great run until the weekend but I am still not convinced by them.

(Newcastle’s Under-21 team play Macclesfield in the EFL Trophy on Tuesday night in Sol Campbell’s first game in charge but MacDonald says he and Healy will not be able to go because they have a gig in London.)

“I told him this last week and we were both gutted. Macc and Newcastle do not play each other very often and if it were any other day, we would go.

“I am not sure how much I am going to see of Macc in the next few months – we’ve got a UK tour from January and then we start doing the rest of the world from March onwards, so we we won’t be around much for the next couple of years.

“But when Sol leads us into the Championship in 2021 I will hopefully be back for that, and that is when we can play Newcastle and Matty and I can go and watch it together, because they will surely have been relegated by then.”

  • Kenny

    Sky reporting that Ashley has told them he hopes to sell Newcastle before the end of January, if not sooner

    • Steviemagpie

      Seen it 🤞 we live in hope.

      • Kenny

        talks at at progressed stage according to Sky

        • Wezza

          Yes. At a progressed stage… they will hope to heed off a boycott, say nothing about it until February, not spend in January, FCB stays, takes TV money in summer. Repeat.

    • Carverlier football

      Immediately before a proposed boycott? Well colour me cynical… No let up in pressure until he’s physically out the door and his tat signs are gone!

      • Kenny

        He`s been interviewed on Sky, the boycott needs to go ahead

        • Rabid Dog

          Cue Moscow Monk saying don’t protest as it will put any potential new owners off…

        • Wezza

          I’ve just seen the video and FCB is 100% lying again. Stutters his words throughout and starts to turn red.
          Pathetic. I predicted this obvious Bishop PR months ago.
          Still, many will be fooled!

      • Wor Lass

        I agree with the whole idea of boycotting and did it myself before I moved abroad but I can`t see it working at the moment. It`s a personal thing, I think. Also, the fan base seems to have changed and, as someone said yesterday, there aren`t the angry young men that there used to be. Fans generally seem a bit older and more conservative (with a small “c”) and less inclined to kick back against the Fat Barsteward. Plenty of people reported getting abuse when walking in late on Saturday and I reckon the Wolves boycott will be a failure. The magpie group just haven`t got their tactics right and don`t seem to speak for a very wide spectrum of supporters. It`s depressing, really. I just hope the talk on Sky of a sale early in the New Year turns out to be true. It`s not surprising, though, that if it does happen it looks like being too late for Rafa to do much in the window. Quelle surprise!

    • Rabid Dog

      The key words here are “possible” and “hopeful”…….. So no then

      Mike Ashley has told Sky News he wants to sell Newcastle before the January transfer window and says a deal could happen.

      Asked if a deal being struck before 2019 was realistic, Ashley said the word “possible” would be a more accurate description.

      The Newcastle boss said he is “hopeful” of stepping aside to find an owner “that will please everybody”.

      • Wezza

        Hehe hopefully “that will please everybody”

        He is such a nice fellow I believe this to be an honest gesture!

        • Rabid Dog

          It’s hard not to read that with him doing the exaggerated quotation marks with his hands

    • Wezza

      You mean Ashley’s cronies at Sky are aiding him in BS PR to avert the protests?
      The club isn’t and. Ever has been for sale.

  • robbersdog

    He’s right; I fear we may be facing a thorough tonking at Goodison.

    • Kenny

      Everton were unlucky last night & they look a very good side

  • Rabid Dog

    We’ve pulled Blackburn at home in the FA cup…..

    • JohnnyH

      It’s ok we’ll put the reserves out………although………………….

    • Wor Lass

      They`ve been a bit of a bogey team for us but I do remember THAT Ben Arfa goal at SJP. One of the best I`ve ever seen.

      PS putting “pulled” and “Blackburn” in the same sentence makes me feel slightly sick.

  • Wezza


    • Wor Lass

      Is that the town or the game?

      • Wezza


        • Wor Lass

          It`s a bit of a dump but I`ve always enjoyed a nice pre match Guiness or three in the Havelock Inn (best name ever for a pub!) there.

          • Kev Newcastle England

            We are at home

    • JohnnyH

      Better still boycott the round after that……..100% guaranteed support.