Saturday afternoon saw all of the Premier League bottom half teams play, apart from of course Newcastle v Wolves which takes place on Sunday.

There are two Saturday late games with Chelsea v Man City and then Leicester v Spurs, as well as Everton v Watford on Monday night, but none of those fixtures affect the relegation fight.

Newcastle went into Saturday in 14th spot and have dropped one place, as Cardiff move one point ahead.

That was courtesy of a 74th minute Paterson goal and fair play to Warnock’s team because that is four wins in their last seven and they are beating the teams they need to, winning against relegation rivals Fulham, Brighton, Wolves and now Southampton.

The only other team to win that were below Newcastle and still are, is Burnley, a 40th minute Tarkowski goal against Brighton lifting them to one point below Newcastle.

It could have been worse as Palace took an early 6th minute lead and a victory would have taken them above Rafa’s team – but West Ham came back to win 3-2.

Huddersfield almost closed to within two points of NUFC but an 83rd minute from Arsenal’s Torreira prevented them getting a point.

A win for Newcastle against Wolves would take them six points clear of the drop zone and within only three points of latching onto that group of seven clubs currently separated by only four points.

Even a point has Rafa’s team inching a bit further away, four points above relegation, plus of course having the best goal difference of any of the bottom seven.

premier leagueSaturday

Bournemouth 0 Liverpool 4

Arsenal 1 Huddersfield 0

Burnley 1 Brighton 0

Cardiff 1 Southampton 0

Man United 4 Fulham 1

West Ham 3 Crystal Palace 2

Chelsea v Man City (5.30pm)

Leicester v Tottenham Hotspur (7.45pm)


Newcastle v Wolves (4pm)


Everton v Watford (8pm)

  • Paul Patterson

    Anybody else getting sick of the constant checking of other peoples results to see if we’re going to be ‘safe’ every week?

    If you are, think on when Rafa has walked in May and Ashley has f****d the club once again . .

    • JohnnyH

      The future is a downward spiral when you think about it.
      Rafa has got this squad punching above their weight now, and we’re only just above the drop zone.
      Once he’s gone we’re [email protected]

      • Peaky

        That last line says it all…

    • Peaky


  • GlasgowMag

    Yip another year and all we can look forward to is watching other teams results that could effect our relegation struggle!! Way to go Mike your doing a great job!!!

    • Peaky

      How’s the hangover…🤢🤢 Hope you’ve left some booze,me & the missus are up in Glasgow on Friday…

      • GlasgowMag

        Yip just about recovered but my other half has got me watching strictly which is bringing the pain back again.😂 one thing you can guarantee Glasgow will never run out of booze!! If you have time try the west end Finnieston area great food/drink great atmosphere it’s definitely better than the city centre enjoy!!

        • Kenny

          You`ll need to blag a Post Office to keep Peaky in drink

          • GlasgowMag


          • Kenny


        • KennySamsung

          Did you say fenian area? 😂

        • Peaky

          Going to a gig at The Hydro & staying at The Radisson Red right next door….looking forward to it.

          • GlasgowMag

            Yip you’re in the finnieston area just up from the exhibition train station who you going to see??

          • Peaky

            Paul McCartney….already seem Billy Joel & Paul Simon this year so it’s all the guys coming to an end….Paul Simon was superb.

          • GlasgowMag

            Sounds great went to see him a few years ago at Hampden great gig the guy didn’t take a break through the whole gig!! Going to from the jam at Brighton on the same night bit of a ritual I do every year also tickets just in recently for the Specials in Liverpool for April. Ps will send you some good bars to visit before the gig!!

          • Peaky

            Love that arena up there….saw U2 about 3 years ago…one of the best gigs I’ve seen….love Glasgow full stop…we live in Sheffield but tend to go to either Manchester or if not upto Glasgow as the place here is looking a bit tired….going to set off nice and early as we are looking at 4 1/2 hours ish….come back Sunday so will spend Saturday shopping and more importantly drinking….🍺🍺🍺

          • GlasgowMag

            Yip good venue also seen the who a few times their, barrowlands also a good venue!!

          • Peaky

            Just reading Daltrey’s autobiography….that guy is an absolute legend….voice still holding up as well…like yourself I’ve seen The Who a few times at different venues….never got to see them with Moon but never mind…

          • GlasgowMag

            He’s definitely a nutter!! Was watching him on the one show and he said the who’s earlier music was basically for fighting the presenter didn’t know where to look classic!!😂😂

          • Peaky

            Enjoy From The Jam & The Specials….I know he’s obviously not in them anymore but we’re both massive Weller fans…his last album True Meanings is brilliant…

          • GlasgowMag

            Russell Hastings fronts them sounds exactly like Weller in his hay day with Foxton backing him up!! Yip love Weller but I must admit he winds me up when he slows down the Jam songs!! Gigs at the Concorde 2 right on Brighton beach!! Tempted to do a Jimmy every year and sleep on the beach after the gig with my parka on but a bit to old for that these days!!😂😂🤣🤣

          • Peaky

            That’s it…you’ve done it now….Quadrophenia will be getting an airing tomorrow….😂😂

          • GlasgowMag

            Yip follow it up by the warriors and then Get Carter my 2nd and 3rd favourite films!!

      • Kenny

        Go the West route

        • Peaky

          Yeah just checked thanks….going to get across to Manchester then just stay on the west all the way up other than that it’ll be Leeds then across via the A1 which will be a bloody nightmare.

  • Kenny

    Had a good day out till i clocked the results,
    one good thing,
    Peaky`s not coming to Newcastle.

    • Peaky


  • Chris

    Would settle for a point, but really the two vs fulham and hudderfield are the huge fixtures coming up.

  • KennySamsung

    I don’t read these type of (results) posts or comment on them.

  • TeessideMag

    A draw between West ham and Palace would have been better, west ham are starting to pull away from the lower group of clubs. Must win tomorrow, I think it can go either way

    • Peaky

      Couldn’t agree more…that bottom 7 is now already starting to look like it’s own mini league…..really really hard to call tomorrow.

      • Sickandtired

        I’d say if Wolves play like their initial form then they’ll twonk us.

  • Mr_Kinnear

    I wonder if Chelsea and man city fans are having the same discussion about relegation rivals! Oh no they have heavily invested in top class players and are at the top. Until someone invests big money in both academy and team, this is the next 10 years conversations.

  • HarryHype59

    NUFC being involved in their perennial relegation battle, is one reason why no one will bid for this zombie club.

    Let’s be honest, NUFC under Ashley, are stinking the premier league out. There is no ambition other than survival.