Newcastle United have become infamous over the years for being unpredictable, both on and off the pitch.

Nobody can say for sure what is now going to happen off the pitch but on it, we know what we are going to get week in week out, at least when it comes to the plan.

Rafa Benitez sets his team up to defend in a structured and disciplined way, it doesn’t mean that attacking/scoring goals is completely forgotten about, but it does mean that priority is given to all 11 players knowing and accepting their jobs when it comes to preventing the other team scoring.

It has produced mixed results but Rafa sees little alternative to going with this approach due to the players that are available to him, whilst overall, you doubt if any supporter would believe Newcastle could have had more than 18 points at this stage with any other approach.

As we tick over into a new year, there is little doubt that the manager will be saying anything other than keep calm and carry on.

Sadly, all of the other off the pitch factors that could help change the situation that manager, squad and players find themselves in, are more confused and uncertain than ever.

We all head into 2019 with zero certainty on Mike Ashley going, Rafa Benitez staying, or better quality players being targeted.

It is difficult to get away from believing that there is anything other than two polar opposite sets of circumstances…

Mike Ashley goes = Rafa Benitez signs an extension and is finally allowed to target the level of signings needed to take the club forward.

Mike Ashley stays = Rafa Benitez leaves this summer and the club continues to stumble along, spending the minimum amount possible and hoping it is enough to stay in the Premier League or indeed return to it.

The media reports in these four weeks since Mike Ashley’s Sky News appearance hardly help matters, for all the talk of exclusives and updates, we know nothing more than what the NUFC owner said on 3 December 2018.

Optimists hope/assume that a takeover is quietly progressing behind closed doors, whilst pessimists think here we go again and just more smoke and mirrors.

Dreams of winning trophies, qualifying for Europe and all that, are now things that nobody even bothers talking about. Future hopes all rest on whether Mike Ashley stays or goes.

Not that anybody thinks new owners would automatically equal trophies and/or European football, just the fact that they could at least be talked about once again as something to be aimed for.

The 1990s saw John Hall take control of Newcastle United, whilst the 2000s ushered in Mike Ashley.

Only 12 months remain of the 2010s and just maybe the most important year ever seen at the club, when it comes to the ownership and direction moving forward.

Happy New Year – Definitely Maybe.

  • graham18

    We all know what’s going to happen.The FCB won’t sell,won’t back Rafa,Rafa leaves and we are relegated.It’s not thermo nuclear science.

    • Toon Arnie

      Dead right – only Pezza and Moscow actually fall for this now, literally nobody else is fooled.

  • toonterrier

    As long as the supporters keep handing over their hard earned cash the fat man is going nowhere. Surprised that Rafa has stayed so long but that’s probably due to the clause in his contract which would mean he hands over money to the chubby one. Unless we get someone in to buy the club the only place we’re heading for is the scrapheap.

  • Wezza

    If anyone still thinks Rafa will be backed think again. This January will set the tone for the rest of the year – like the 11 years before it!
    We have no club under the FCB.
    We need to get the protest back on track in February and not stop protests if they cry “we have a buyer”.
    What kind of a club lies to it’s own fans and the media?

  • Leicester Mag

    Happy New year to every Newcastle fan, to everyone who remembers that magical feeling of walking up to St James Park for the first time. Here’s hoping one day we will reclaim that feeling however old we made be.

    • Steven05

      We will. One day, we will.

  • panther

    On a more heartwarming note, since im dying of man flu Im watching Sunderland till I die on netflix, its really nice to see a club do the right thing, and block the supporters going to games, and opening up the ground as a homeless shelter and a place for assorted mermen creatures to hang around for a year, well done , thats giving something back to youre community, shame they didnt advertise, theres not many there

    • Mrkgw

      Get well soon.

    • Tino o

      I’ve been watching it funny at first but there is a lot of similarities to the position we are in now if we go down again (looking quite possible ) i can see that being us

      • panther

        Aye, started getting an uncomfortable watch

  • KennySamsung

    If media, press, ex players, managers and fans all got together to criticise Ashley and he had nowhere to hide we might have half a chance to persuade him to leave.

    Unfortunately nobody has the bottle to do anything..
    Is this man too powerful?..
    Is he doing something right?
    There has got to be something wrong with society that allows someone like Ashley to conduct himself in a way that leaves a trail of misery behind him. It is such a crying shame that nobody cares except those who can’t do sweet FA about it.

    Do season ticket holders really want to watch average players trying to stay in this league?
    Surely there is someone out there that sees the potential in this club enough to buy it and has a desire for long term success.
    One man should not be allowed to have so much power, it takes away all our ownership of what we take for granted that our club, my club, everybodies club is now His and there is now a massive divide which takes away a bit of the love we have for the club.

    Happy New Year to everyone at The Mag.

  • Hughie

    Happy New Year to all genuine Geordie lads and lasses who’ve supported the club through thin and thin and particularly the 40, 000 silent majority who turn up year in and out to meet mates, have a pint, a laugh, and a good moan. Much more than just a footy match. For one night lets dream of a revolution at SJP and ignore the johnnycome lately trolls, southern dominated media and kids continuing to preach misery. No-one can understand Ashley’s continued fake news releases which can be interpreted as mischievous at best, the clubs overly cautious management, shadowy introvert henchmen and advisers who cannot grasp the phrase public relations, and whose decisions have cost Ashley millions, but the last thing he will want is a third relegation and losing Rafa. Just for tonight hope should reign, so lets dream and assume that the latter is still here on 1/2/19, assume that Charnley acts competently in the market, and that purse strings are loosened. Oh there goes a flying pig or was it a drone…
    Happy New Year folks….

  • Rabid Dog

    Happy New Year you lot, from the pack of rabid animals.

    May your wishes come true, may the football you watch be entertaining and most of all, let’s hope for an owner who cares first and foremost about our beloved club.

    Enjoy…. cheers

  • Mrkgw

    All the very best everyone – here’s hoping for a great 2019. 🍻🤞🏻

  • Steviemagpie

    Happy New year to all . Here’s hoping 2019 Is the year of the 🐷🐖 exit 🤞. We live in hope 😁

  • Wor Lass

    “Chuc mung nam moi” to one and all! I visited the “Hanoi Hilton” where the Vietcong imprisoned US airmen yesterday. I`d love to stick the Fat Barsteward in there but he probably wouldn`t fit through the door – mind, you could do it in bits …..!

    • Mrkgw

      Escape safely and have a good one. 👍🍻

      • Wor Lass

        Cheers – same to you.

        • Mrkgw


  • Coach Clagnut

    Phuck Fatty and all who associate with him. As long as he’s here the New Year is postponed.

  • Kenny

    To absent friends, all the best for the New Year
    F##k the Fat [email protected], leave or die, either will do.

  • Toontaff

    The transfer window’s open……………

    • graham18

      what’s that??

      • molend

        It’s what lets another blast of freezing cold air into a club with no coalhouse

        • graham18

          that’ll be right.We have no coalhouse but what we do have is a sh#thouse owning it

          • molend

            Funny that, isn’t it? The fella owns a bunch of clothes shops, but he’s definitely netty rather than natty

      • Jezza

        It’s a period during which you can sell players to fund your investments in high street department shops.

  • Toontaff

    Time for a new avatar!

    • Peaky


    • KennySamsung

      Its a wonder you got all his face in the frame

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Happy New Year, To Everyone.

    Wish I could be positive for this coming year but deep down it is going to be more of the same.
    11 years and counting of this nightmare vacuum of an owner who has sucked the life, Joy, Hope, Expectation, And the basic fundamental nature of following a football club.
    It is nothing but long drawn out despair and hopelessness at Newcastle United with his involvement !

    The rumblings are already starting about a faltering take-over which most of us knew was coming.
    I honestly think we will all be sitting here talking about the same thing this time next year.

  • Peaky

    Have we signed anyone yet…??? 🤣😂🤣

    • We’ll support you evermore

      Nobody in the premier league has yet you f*kwit

      • Peaky

        Fuckoff and die youcunt hiding behind a guest login….fuckingwanker.

        • We’ll support you evermore

          Show your face on your profile then peaky you [email protected]

          • Peaky

            Not dead yet…by the way you’re traceable….

          • We’ll support you evermore

            Everyone is traceable

          • Tweed Mag

            Apart from your common sense

          • KennySamsung

            Trolls don’t have common sense they’re either Sunderland supporters or in his case a Man Utd supporter

          • Peaky

            You have really fuckedme off… you don’t know what the hell you’ve unleashed…a couple of my boys are on their way to pay you a visit….they’ll give you a phone….they’ll hand it over to speak to me…do it..

          • We’ll support you evermore

            😂 f**k off man you numpty. I look forward to your boys🐷 coming over, they will get a warm welcome, you absolute nugget what you are peaky. you’re hilarious. You can give it but you can’t take it back😂🤣🖕

          • We’ll support you evermore

            Yes delete your deranged comments but I screenshotted them. You were either drunk, high on drugs, both, or have serious anger issues. I think you need to get a grip tbh.

      • NUFCLX

        West Ham have u f*kwit

        • We’ll support you evermore

          Yes a proper typical West ham signing. 100 odd k wages for a 31 year old has been.

          • Danimal

            Or, assuming no transfer fee and a 3 year deal, a proven quality player for £15m all in.

      • Peaky

        We are coming to get you.

        • We’ll support you evermore

          Where are you at. Il put the kettle on for you getting here.

  • Rich Lawson

    Never mind,the Cup run starts on Saturday !