The 2018 World Cup finals were widely seen as a massive success.

The entertainment at the finals was seen as generally high.

The kick-off times were very good for a UK audience.

A very competitive tournament saw the vast majority of games not seen as walkovers.

Whilst worries about violence on the streets after the disgraceful behaviour of Russian fans in France (at Euro 2016) proved not to be the case, as they weren’t repeated on home soil.

Now FIFA have released figures showing exactly by how much individual clubs benefited via the participation of their players in the tournament finals.

Manchester City banked more than any other club in the World, a hefty $5,003,440 (approc £3.93m).

These are the figures showing what every English club has banked:

2018 world cup

As you can see, Newcastle received $123,105, which is roughly £97,000.

Whilst Sunderland banked $682,030, around about £536,000.

The English clubs combined banking $37,406,940 – Approximately £29.4m.

  • Paul Patterson

    Ah, some money to give St James’ a lick of paint? Sadly, it’ll probably go to Ashley’s local fireplace cleaner . .

  • Sickandtired

    So, only 5 clubs earned less than us. Speaks volumes for the ownership and the players we have as a result.

  • Kenny

    Won`t last an hour in Aspers

  • Kenny

    just a thought, leazes will login one day and see blank articles,
    he`ll have banned everyone

    • Leazes.

      No just your mates from the jolly boys club in Seghill.

  • Ron

    When you see the 4 (only four) who got less than us – Barnsley,
    Bradford City, Burton Albion, and Norwich!

    It really shows you the Fatboy wants to compete with!

  • Leazes.

    Totally insignificant figures dwarfed by the amount leaving the club as the owner takes free advertising and merchandising.

  • Rabid Dog

    Even the unwashed down the road got over 5 times more than we did….. Jeezas

  • 45709

    So nufc get paid nothing but SD get a mini boost of cash then…