Mike Ashley lit the fuse yet again on Monday night.

The owner of Newcastle United claiming yet again that the sale of the club could be imminent (read below).

When a football club has been supposedly up for sale for over a decade and yet still remains unsold, is this time any different when it comes to believing that there is any truth in Mike Ashley’s words this time…?

Here are a selection of comments from Newcastle fans reacting to Ashley’s appearance on Sky News last night.

A bit of a theme running through them…

Mark Egglestone:

‘More advanced’ meaning he’s shared his poppadoms this time.’


‘Then you read it again…and it sounds like a sound bite, something someone would use to distract people from the facts.  I’m expecting nothing from January. It’s exactly what I’d expect from this pitiful clown.’

Jamie Swan:

‘Sounds legit. What would make anyone think that a proven liar would want to do anything like lie to the people he always lies to. Frankly I vote we give him a twenty second chance to prove he’s telling the truth this time. Scouts honour Mike.’

Rafferty’s Jukebox:

‘Ashley reckons this is “closer than ever before”…….

No curry photos yet?

No corporate hospitality commitment yet?

No exclusivity as of yet?

Forgive me for not getting carried away.’

Chris Holt:

‘I’d strongly recommend watching the initial section of the Ashley interview.  On SD and retail he’s a serious, competent well versed and confident speaker.

Remarkable switch to the grinning, stuttering, sly faced dunce that talks NUFC.’

Erik Bjerke:

‘If there ever was a perfect time to boycott a game – it would be now if a deal is actually being negotiated.

It would enable buyers to put more pressure on Mike Ashley to get the deal done and get a better price..

Everyone should #BoycottWolves.’

Michael Gallon:

‘So that’s no spending in January confirmed

Tried and tested lie before window opens played again.’

Micky Thompson:

‘I’ve long thought Sky has ruined football as the game I fell in love with, but the way they repeatedly give FCB the platform to peddle his blatant sh…, just reinforces that opinion.’


‘I just shared the “NUFC close to takeover” story with my friend who supports Arsenal.

His response was “But doesn’t this happen every year? Like, the same story released just before the transfer window?”

You’re not even fooling people who don’t follow the club, Mike.’


‘Best thing is the journalists who are now claiming they’ve known all about this for a while but decided not to write about it. Just a big game for everyone, isn’t it?’

Richard Smith:

‘I think we all know why Mike Ashley chooses to tell the media good news for fans. It’s so they get off his case and think there’s good times round the corner. Been here before. Many times.’

James Lowery:

‘Misleading the way Sky News helped him imply that a buyer would need to back Benitez with their own money. The club would have enough money of its own if not for years of Ashley’s deceit.’

The Mag – Monday 3 December 2018:

Mike Ashley has announced on Monday night that Newcastle United could be sold before the end of this month.

The NUFC owner stating that talks with the potential buyer are way beyond any previous talks with anybody wanting to buy the club and that it is ‘possible’ a deal could be done and dusted in December – but ‘realistic’ for it to happen this month might be ‘too strong a word’ to use.

Yet again you can’t help but have a small part of you wonder if it could happen at last BUT having over a decade now of the club supposedly being up for sale and a series of supposed near misses, most of us will believe it when we see it.

Predictably, it was Sky where Mike Ashley turned up. With cynics (all of us!) no doubt wondering if his sudden chat about supposedly selling the club, is in any way some part of a PR circus connected to his appearance before a house of commons select committee to talk about ‘saving the high street’ earlier today and/or yet another episode in toying with the hopes of Newcastle fans.

Mike Ashley talking to Sky News:

“I am hopeful for the Newcastle fans, for the club, for everybody, that I will be able to step aside and we will be able to get an owner in that can please everybody.”

‘When will that be?’

“When would I like it to be?

“I would like it to be before the January transfer window.”

‘Is that realistic?’

“Hmmm. Realistic? It’s possible, realistic is maybe too strong a word.

“Hopefully we can carry on the good form…just recent good form…and we can get the deal done.”

‘So you are in exclusive talks with someone right now?’

“Not an exclusive but…

“Talks are at a more progressed stage than they have ever been.”

‘And whoever buys the club would presumably have to put in transfer funds for Rafa Benitez?’

“Yes, I’m very keen to sell it to the right buyer, so everybody is happy, that would be good news.”

  • graham18

    Would not believe/trust Ashley even if he said Christmas Day fell on the 25th of December every year.Let’s hope it happens…It will be the biggest street party on Tyneside ever known to mankind if he does sell.Still boycott the Wolves game though…FCB OUT!!!

  • robbersdog

    If/when Ashley sells the club, there’ll be celebrations in Newcastle, the likes of which haven’t been seen since VE Day in 1945.

    Every street will hold a ‘Goodbye Mike’ party and people will dance, sing and cry tears of joy.

    • Peaky

      “Party Like It’s 1999”…..

      • Hughie_Gallacher

        And I will bare my wotsit in Fenwick’s window while calmly awaiting arrest.

  • Kenny

    The Rat has told that many lies that nobody believes a word he says,
    the only time he did tell the truth was when he said he wasn`t putting money into the club.
    it`s another feeble attempt to try and get the fans off his back because the protests and confrontations are starting to get to him.
    BoycottWolves, keep up the pressure, drive the vermin out of the club

    • Themoscow72

      Whether Ashley is in charge at the end of the season or new owners be ironic if we lost on Sunday and got relegated by one point and the protesters helped send us down and we had new owners who did not get us up. Massive game on Sunday got another four potential customers just waiting to here from them. My mate is coming up from Bristol and got a Leeds supporter to go. Happy days. Be there tonight Wednesday and Sunday. Them eight layabouts from London will be at none and should get themselves a job rather than protesting.

      • Toon Arnie

        Will your mate stay for the full 90 minutes ? Is he just going g to catch up with you in the bar when the game is finished as you always like to leave early ?

        • Themoscow72

          Never leave early always stay at least twenty minutes after the game.

          • Toon Arnie

            I hope you boo those who leave early – do you think it’s their way of protesting ?

  • joe mac

    fatso says its tuesday…let me just check!

  • Peaky

    By some slight chance it did happen,which it won’t…….MadMonk will be holding a candle lit vigil outside his front door in Totteridge if anyone is interested ???

  • Themoscow72

    How many times o I have to tell you a bid of £300m will see a sale but there has not been one yet anywhere close to that. No mention of the game tonight in the Chekatrade trophy where we have a chance of getting to Wembley. The protesters probably do not even no there is a match on.

    • Toon Arnie

      I wonder if the normal 15,000 will be leaving before the end against Wolves ( you included ? ) – what do you think Rafa and Lascelles will make of that ? I hope they get booed as this mass walkout damages team morale far more than any organised protest. You’ve swerved this one repeatedly so I can only assume you’re one of the people turning their backs on the team at the 80 minute mark ?

      • Themoscow72

        I stayed till twenty minutes after the end. Most people left with only a couple of minutes left when the game was well and truly over. I stay till the nets are down and always have a pint. More like eighty eight minutes will tell you about Wolves unless you are there.

        • Toon Arnie

          I’m always there and don’t condone people leaving early like you do – you’ve really disappointed me with that comment. Rafa and Lascelles would be shocked to hear that a self proclaimed super fan thinks it’s ok for hords of fans to leave early EVERY game and turn their back on the team. At least the protesters only do it on the odd occasion. You’ve lost all credibility there Moscow.

          • Wezza

            He lost all credibility ages ago. He is a troll, I’ve blocked it.

    • Toon Arnie

      You are obsessed with the protestors even though you only think there are 100 or so but seem comfortable with up to 15,000 leaving from 80 mins onwards EVERY game – why is that as this must be demoralising for Rafa and the team ?

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    That interview had the same tone as his one before the final game of our relegation season where he uttered falsehoods like : “This Club Will Now Make It’s Own Luck.”
    All of his rubbish is archived and you can go back to pull apart any of his risible statements.
    The latest stunt was no different to that day a few years ago and we will all be crazy to think that there is any truth to it at this stage.

    Until the alleged takeover party steps forward to reveal themselves with the deal all but rubber stamped, I will take this story with HUGE TINCTURES OF SODIUM CHLORIDE !

  • Sickandtired

    ‘And whoever buys the club would presumably have to put in transfer funds for Rafa Benitez?’

    Ashley – “Yes, coz I’ve taken all the club income for myself. I’m very keen to sell to the right buyer as I have never and will never use my own money to strengthen the team or improve facilities. Ta very much”.

  • Mxpx

    I’m not convinced but if it goes through I’ll get up on the stadium roof myself and get rid of the billboards the moment it’s confirmed

  • HarryHype59

    I presume the sale will go through, after our locust like owner has emptied the till in January.

  • Mr wobert

    Maybe with all his new high street toys to occupy his avarice, it might happen but I’m not holding my breath.

  • KennySamsung

    Please Mike take a long walk preferably head towards the coast and keep on going.. do a Reggie Perrin!