Everton fans were left devastated when Jordan Pickford gifted Liverpool a last minute derby win on Sunday.

With Newcastle to play only three days later, they were confidently predicting that it was only a question of how many goals they were going to beat Newcastle by.

It is no secret that Everton fans don’t like Rafa Benitez due to his success at Liverpool.

Whilst for whatever reason(s) the vast majority of them have a real problem with Newcastle supporters, leading many NUFC fans to refer to them as ‘scouse mackems’ because of the embarrassing way they carry on.

They didn’t let us down (with the odd voice of reason, decent exception), just read below what Everton fans were saying before and after the Newcastle match below…

Everton fans comment via their top Grand Old Team message board:


‘I hope we destroy the scruffy, fat, gravy guzzling, horse abusing, shoe waving, shop shouting, topless jawdee nashun, Barca of the North, causing Rafa the gaffer to resign and Ashley to employ BFS on a zero hours contract.’

‘Take it all out on these. Perfect way to get the derby out of the system, smashing some no-marks.’

‘They (Newcastle fans) are only surpassed by Liverpool fans in the being complete and utter weapons stakes. 6-0 to the Ev.’

‘Unless we stuff sides like Newcastle then what’s the point?’

‘Perfect game for Pickford, the horse punching mutants will be looking to get at him whenever they can, which will only help 35k Evertonians to get fully behind the lad.’

‘Really hard to be arsed for this now, nothing less than 4-0 should get this out my system.’

‘Looking forward to this. I need to get yesterday’s game out of my system so a quick match a few days later is ideal. Hopefully we’ll absolutely destroy Newcastle.’

‘Need to put it to bed early. Bigger game vs Watford.’

‘These need dismantling. For a number of reasons.’

‘We put these numpties back into the relegation zone where they belong. 5-0 Everton.’

‘Let’s absolutely smash them. 10-0 and the headlines to read EVER-TEN!’

‘I really expect us to be going in dry on these and smashing them. It’s not about just plucky performances against the bigger teams, we must dominate garbage like these.’

‘We need to smash them, score early, score often.’

‘That’s because this small time club will absolutely smash his relegation fodder.’

‘Glad there is a match tomorrow, let’s blow off the last remnants of the weekend and thrash the barcodes.’

‘We better smash these rats everywhere. Lower mid table squad and just lost 3-0 to Wham!’

I’ll only really accept a 6-0 win.’


Newcastle fans certainly can’t claim to be a big club by setting up like that in a game like this. Their massive celebrations at the end showed how small of a club they are.’

‘Probably the worst Newcastle team I have seen in years and certainly the dirtiest.

They seemed to take turns in committing a really bad foul.

I know they are struggling for talent but I never thought a Benitez team would play like this. We had neither the energy nor the wit to defeat a massed defence, and of course no proper goal scorer.’

‘Still so wound up by this, they are such a dog team Newcastle, never in a million breaking into the top 6 dropping points like this.’

‘We were lucky to get away with no injuries lastnight the way they were kicking lumps out of us any chance they got.’

A draw against the mighty Newcastle.’

‘The barcodes defended well.

We were wasteful.

A point is fair.’

‘Newcastle reminded me of a Tony Pulis side but with less skill

Cynical fouls agogo and timewasting from the 6th minute.’

‘I am actually surprised to realise after MOTD said it,that newcastle only had 2 away defeats all season,1 of them been that man utd away game were they should have been miles gone that 1st half,and the other defeat was at man city so seems they prefer to play away and they are also one of the lowest conceders away.’

‘The crowd – and I hate to blame anything on the crowd because it’s a two-way streak – but Christ the crowd were awful.’

‘You would imagine this to be an easy game to set a mark after the last minute loss to the RS. Very disappointing, especially with the Waiter in the opposite dugout.’

‘Well that was slightly frustrating. Thought in fairness Newcastle stuck to their game plan very well, they got everyone behind the ball and kept a very good shape.’

‘Lucky to get 1-1 in the end – Pickford saved us on one great save!’

‘How did Newcastle finish with 11 men on the pitch? The game plan was obviously to grab a goal if possible then kick the ………… out of the opposition. Not a football team.’

‘Since we did Benitez become Marki Hughsi? Never expected him to set up so negatively against us. It got him a point but I always thought he tried to actually play football with his teams. It really was a terrible game.’

‘It should be stated yet again how dirty they were. There were at least 3 Achilles stamps and probably more throughout. Atsu should have definitely seen red.’

‘The crowd were really quiet tonight, apart from when they were giving stick to our own players. I’m old enough to remember when we used to be like a 12th man.’

‘We have to win those games at home simple as that. The fact that we still really struggle to break teams that don’t play to win down is massively frustrating.’

‘I knew after the first ten minutes that they were going to be hard to break down, and when they scored I wasn’t that confident that we’d even equalise.

I don’t know whether Benitez always sets them up like that in games he doesn’t think they’ll win, but we don’t seem to be good enough to deal with it.’

  • Themoscow72

    With the team selection I feared the worst as the only three creative players we have were not in the starting line up. However that is why Rafa is a great manager while I am just a supporter who drinks Stella before the game. Great performance as Everton do not concede many goals at all.

    • Peaky

      Did you have a good singalong on the bus ???

      • Rich Lawson

        ”Be Glourious,our free Motherland” ? Doesn’t seem to have a witty ring about it ?

        • Rabid Dog

          More like “wheels.on the bus go round and round”

      • Leazes.

        Its actually illegal for a bus operator to allow the consumption of alcohol on a bus heading to a sporting fixture….. I’m passing on details.

        • Peaky

          That song must be his thing….on 2 different clips….Ollie Murs of Monkseaton.

          • Leazes.

            Yes saw it, unfortunately. He’s Mr big bopper of Seghill.

          • Peaky

            Big Bopper….😂😂….can’t resist you’ll know the tune….”I Found My Thrill,At The Club In Seghill…….”……Fats Domino sang it I believe….?

          • Toontaff

            There lived a Toon fan, in Russia long ago,
            To every Newcastle match he did go,
            From Moscow to Monkseaton wasn’t far
            Took him 10 minutes in his car
            With 13 tickets for every game
            Madmonk had millions of loyalty points to his name……..
            Mad, mad Monkseaton
            Lover of the fat cockney
            In the lift he’s always seen……………
            Mike Ashley’s favourite b1t(h and queen!

          • Peaky

            😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that is very good and funny.

      • Toontaff

        ScorpioMonk was leading the singing :’Row, row , row the boat…….’

    • Kenny

      When Perez came on i thought he`d bag a Hat trick in 15 mins.
      what a shame

  • Grahame Johnson

    The Everton of the 80s has gone, better trip then liverpool,banter and admiration applauded when we’ll beaten, wonder if Everton fans have the courage to admit we took 3 to 4 thousand at times and they struggled to bring about 2000,

  • Peaky

    Said it before and I’m going to say it again…….I absolutely fuckinghate this club and it’s fuckingmackem loving supporters with a fuckingpassion….that’s off my chest….going out now…

    • Rich Lawson

      Have a beer pal,that said if you are coming thro’ to Leeds (boo !) for any Xmas shopping give me a shout and I will meet you for a pint (only live 20 mins away on the train)

      • Peaky

        Meadowhall Rich….bloody nightmare….tram in and out….job done.Might take you up on that drink sometime in the new year…..I can also just jump on a train to Leeds.

        • Rich Lawson

          Would be good,all the best for the rest of your festive fun.

          • Peaky

            Yes you too….we’re just staying in Sheffield the two of us…the ultimate quiet Christmas….family all doing their own thing so it suits us fine….not that we’re been selfish or anything….😂😂😂

  • Billmag

    Evertonian’s have got worse down the years suppose that’s what happens when you live in the shadow of there World famous nieghbours.

    • Kenny

      At least we`ll never have that problem with the Mackems

      • Billmag


  • Rich Lawson

    We win, 1 – 1.

  • Kenny

    They should think themselves lucky Astu could have had 2 at the death
    now wouldn`t that have been a thing.
    we could lose Rafa for the sake of the vermin owner not spending,
    the Rat is scum & must be driven out.
    #BoycottWolves & to all those who want to call off the protests,
    don`t have a krap chances, you`ll flush your brains down the bog.

  • Kneebotherm8

    So the 4-0,5-0,6-0 and 10-0 pre match predictions didn’t happen then……..😂😂

  • Paul Busby

    Most miserable angry fans I have ever seen. I thought the Mackams had a chip on their shoulder, christ.
    As for all the “fouling”, I saw an awful lot of diving and the crowd acting like it was fouls… obviously there was a few genuine ones in there aswell, but it wasnt out of the ordinary for an EPL game.

    • Toontaff

      The mackems of twockers!

  • Ba ba.

    😂 😂 I rember Joe royals team the self proclaimed “dogs of War”
    Great team back in the 80s and well before that but perpetual struggles until the bug eyed beast moyes got a hold of them . And they were just full of grafters and kickers … Bitter blues.

  • Kenny

    Poll on the ronnie, 48% think that the latest sale is genuine
    Does Monk vote there as well/

    • Leazes.

      64% backed the boycott…. they ditched the poll.

  • Kenny

    Any news on the rumour Juventus want Dubravka

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Blue strips to go along with the blue pop they drink !
    No identity Scousers, Welshmen with their brains kicked out have then cheek to call Newcastle United.
    Remember in the 90’s with Joe Royle’s “Dogs Of War” and the awful style they played back then.
    Add to the fact they were always fighting relegation and were a couple of minutes away from going down at one stage.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    “Why didn’t they set up their team in a way that would give us a clear advantage?? The cowards should just play football (like morons, so the side I support can easily win)” – idiots everywhere

  • Leazes.

    The moral of the tale is big gobbed fans full of bluster are usually made to eat their words…. all clubs have them…. we are no different…… how many quotes from here have been pasted elsewhere I wonder?

  • Sing in the Leazes

    weird how none of the comments mention our entire team costing less than one of their players boots

    • Leazes.

      A draw doesn’t mean we have as good a squad as them, we played with nine at the back and only conceded one.

    • Vodkamagpie

      What was the odds for Leicester winning the league again

  • TheFatController

    Ah, that typical disease of ‘feeling entitled so when not getting what they want shaming the people doing the stopping’

    They’re probably all morbidly obese so maybe not ideal for them to get hung up on shaming others as if superior? Just a thought.

    • Leazes.

      Have you seen the Youtube Clip of Simon Carr?….. you shouldn’t insult fat ugly folk like that even if they deserve it.

      • Wor Lass

        I`ve just watched it – better than the X Factor!

      • TheFatController

        I didn’t insult them, I said it’s not really a good idea shaming others when you’re really angry at not getting what you feel entitled to.

        My point being there are more shameful things in daily life than defending in football and putting in some tackles.

  • Vincent Gigante

    Vermin and soft as shi&e.
    Don’t like us out of pure fear. Note the lack of trophies, trophies and you’ll never win (very little) coming out of their saliva dribbling and spitting, bin cuisine mouths over the last decade.

    • Wor Lass

      You`re not very keen on them, are you?!

      • Vincent Gigante

        Not really. Peasants.

    • Albert Stubbins

      spot on .bitter blue nose makems.

  • Andy Mac

    I would like to think that the average football fan knows how cash strapped we’ve been for almost all of the eleven years of Fatman’s reign. I dont expect sympathy but at least you’d think they’d know what’s going on and how badly this club has been run ? So is it any surprise we park the bus at clubs where money is no object ?

    The Blue Bin Dippers seem to forget how they were once a club without two
    pennies to rub together and now they’ve got money they’re clearly showing they have shlte for brains !

    Spending stats over the past two seasons

    17/18 Everton spend £272m sold £135 net spend £153m
    NUFC spend £71m sold £56.5m net spend £16m

    Everton spend £90m sold £21.5m net spend £76m
    NUFC spend £31m sold £39m net spend £-8m

    Total 2017-2018 seasons
    EFC Total net spend £229m
    NUFC Total net spend £8m

  • Richard Grain

    Wow i wonder how many lemons you need to suck to be that bitter

    • gallowgate26

      None, you just need to be a mackem, or a Scouse mackem, or a person with an interiority complex.

  • Mark Fleming

    Liverpool…Foodbank City.