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Everton fans comments before and after drawing against Newcastle United – Hilarious

3 years ago

Everton fans were left devastated when Jordan Pickford gifted Liverpool a last minute derby win on Sunday.

With Newcastle to play only three days later, they were confidently predicting that it was only a question of how many goals they were going to beat Newcastle by.

It is no secret that Everton fans don’t like Rafa Benitez due to his success at Liverpool.

Whilst for whatever reason(s) the vast majority of them have a real problem with Newcastle supporters, leading many NUFC fans to refer to them as ‘scouse mackems’ because of the embarrassing way they carry on.

They didn’t let us down (with the odd voice of reason, decent exception), just read below what Everton fans were saying before and after the Newcastle match below…

Everton fans comment via their top Grand Old Team message board:


‘I hope we destroy the scruffy, fat, gravy guzzling, horse abusing, shoe waving, shop shouting, topless jawdee nashun, Barca of the North, causing Rafa the gaffer to resign and Ashley to employ BFS on a zero hours contract.’

‘Take it all out on these. Perfect way to get the derby out of the system, smashing some no-marks.’

‘They (Newcastle fans) are only surpassed by Liverpool fans in the being complete and utter weapons stakes. 6-0 to the Ev.’

‘Unless we stuff sides like Newcastle then what’s the point?’

‘Perfect game for Pickford, the horse punching mutants will be looking to get at him whenever they can, which will only help 35k Evertonians to get fully behind the lad.’

‘Really hard to be arsed for this now, nothing less than 4-0 should get this out my system.’

‘Looking forward to this. I need to get yesterday’s game out of my system so a quick match a few days later is ideal. Hopefully we’ll absolutely destroy Newcastle.’

‘Need to put it to bed early. Bigger game vs Watford.’

‘These need dismantling. For a number of reasons.’

‘We put these numpties back into the relegation zone where they belong. 5-0 Everton.’

‘Let’s absolutely smash them. 10-0 and the headlines to read EVER-TEN!’

‘I really expect us to be going in dry on these and smashing them. It’s not about just plucky performances against the bigger teams, we must dominate garbage like these.’

‘We need to smash them, score early, score often.’

‘That’s because this small time club will absolutely smash his relegation fodder.’

‘Glad there is a match tomorrow, let’s blow off the last remnants of the weekend and thrash the barcodes.’

‘We better smash these rats everywhere. Lower mid table squad and just lost 3-0 to Wham!’

I’ll only really accept a 6-0 win.’


Newcastle fans certainly can’t claim to be a big club by setting up like that in a game like this. Their massive celebrations at the end showed how small of a club they are.’

‘Probably the worst Newcastle team I have seen in years and certainly the dirtiest.

They seemed to take turns in committing a really bad foul.

I know they are struggling for talent but I never thought a Benitez team would play like this. We had neither the energy nor the wit to defeat a massed defence, and of course no proper goal scorer.’

‘Still so wound up by this, they are such a dog team Newcastle, never in a million breaking into the top 6 dropping points like this.’

‘We were lucky to get away with no injuries lastnight the way they were kicking lumps out of us any chance they got.’

A draw against the mighty Newcastle.’

‘The barcodes defended well.

We were wasteful.

A point is fair.’

‘Newcastle reminded me of a Tony Pulis side but with less skill

Cynical fouls agogo and timewasting from the 6th minute.’

‘I am actually surprised to realise after MOTD said it,that newcastle only had 2 away defeats all season,1 of them been that man utd away game were they should have been miles gone that 1st half,and the other defeat was at man city so seems they prefer to play away and they are also one of the lowest conceders away.’

‘The crowd – and I hate to blame anything on the crowd because it’s a two-way streak – but Christ the crowd were awful.’

‘You would imagine this to be an easy game to set a mark after the last minute loss to the RS. Very disappointing, especially with the Waiter in the opposite dugout.’

‘Well that was slightly frustrating. Thought in fairness Newcastle stuck to their game plan very well, they got everyone behind the ball and kept a very good shape.’

‘Lucky to get 1-1 in the end – Pickford saved us on one great save!’

‘How did Newcastle finish with 11 men on the pitch? The game plan was obviously to grab a goal if possible then kick the ………… out of the opposition. Not a football team.’

‘Since we did Benitez become Marki Hughsi? Never expected him to set up so negatively against us. It got him a point but I always thought he tried to actually play football with his teams. It really was a terrible game.’

‘It should be stated yet again how dirty they were. There were at least 3 Achilles stamps and probably more throughout. Atsu should have definitely seen red.’

‘The crowd were really quiet tonight, apart from when they were giving stick to our own players. I’m old enough to remember when we used to be like a 12th man.’

‘We have to win those games at home simple as that. The fact that we still really struggle to break teams that don’t play to win down is massively frustrating.’

‘I knew after the first ten minutes that they were going to be hard to break down, and when they scored I wasn’t that confident that we’d even equalise.

I don’t know whether Benitez always sets them up like that in games he doesn’t think they’ll win, but we don’t seem to be good enough to deal with it.’


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