Newcastle fans looking enviously across at Burton Albion and Middlesbrough, that is how bad things have got.

Let me explain why, to those (the majority…) of you who haven’t yet realised that you are actually jealous of that pair of clubs at the moment.

Maybe Mike Ashley’s greatest success with Newcastle fans is that now pretty much nobody really kicks off, or seriously mentions, the cup thing.

The debate/fury peaked during the Pardew years and then has simply dwindled away.

Mike Ashley claimed/announced not so long  ago that his policy of not trying in the cup competitions was now over but that isn’t why Newcastle fans no longer bother getting uptight.

It is simply a case of the NUFC owner ensuring that we now have potential relegation or promotion to occupy our minds, which will always trump cup concerns.

Of course, the presence of Rafa Benitez has also helped.

Whilst Rafa remains, Newcastle fans will not (or at least the vast majority won’t) criticise the manager for playing weakened teams in the FA and League Cup, even though the Spaniard has pursued this type of selection at least as strongly as the last trio in charge. Fans want to support Rafa and they appreciate how weak the squad is due to lack of investment, meaning NUFC/Rafa aren’t allowed the luxury of really trying in the cups.

In reality, it is refusing to compete in the cups by other means.

Once Newcastle get knocked out of the FA Cup in January (they have never got beyond round four under Mike Ashley) that will be 24 domestic cup ‘runs’ so far under this owner, with the ‘highlight’ being a fifth round (quarter-final) League Cup match at Hull two seasons ago.

When Newcastle lost against Championship Forest in August (for the second season in a row) at the first attempt, Newcastle fans were annoyed to lose but more concerned that the team only had one point from nine and had Man City away coming up on the Saturday.

Imagine if you started going actively to matches as a 14 year old back in 2007. You could have in the reign of Mike Ashley gone through normal school and sixth form, then university, got a job and got married and have a family, without ever seeing Newcastle United trying to do anything in the domestic cups.

In the decade before Ashley swooped, Newcastle fans enjoyed four FA Cup semi finals and two finals. Well I didn’t exactly enjoy the Chelsea (apart from Bobby Lee’s goal of course and NUFC playing well) and Man Utd semi defeats but you know what I mean.

Realistically, the FA Cup and League Cup are the best chance of glory for pretty much every club apart from the obvious, so when your club never ever competes in them, what is the point?

Next month, either Middlesbrough or Burton Albion will find themselves proceeding to a two-legged League Cup semi-final, the two clubs meeting on Teesside in a quarter-final to decide that, the matches that got them there saw Boro beat Palace in front of 11,850, whilst Burton defeated (Newcastle’s conquerors) Forest in front of 4,284 spectators.

Newcastle fans have never seen a cup semi-final under Mike Ashley, he isn’t interested.

The World isn’t really interested in domestic cup competitions, they like the Premier League and that is why it is the most watched league around the globe, which is why of course Mike Ashley loves it as well, pushing his brands via the TV screens in every country.

There is a balance of course but with Mike Ashley’s chubby frame sitting on one end of the seesaw, there is no chance of any decent balance on competing for cups whilst he is still around.

So good luck to Middlesbrough and Burton, well just Burton really.

At least you can dream, unlike this ongoing Ashley nightmare at St James Park.

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  • Steven05

    I’m pretty much jealous of any fan with a football club. I used to have that. Thanks Mike 👍

  • Geordiegiants

    Im jealous of the majority of football clubs. Most are trying there best. If only we had a Steve Gibson!

    • Themoscow72

      If we had a Steve Gibson we would be permanently in the Championship. Thanks to Mike we are not.

      • Westdentoon

        Nah, we just like to pop down there and say hello every once in a while.

        Thanks Mike x

        • Themoscow72

          Our record without him 25% in lower tier with him 16% a massive difference be sad when he goes.

          • Westdentoon

            2 out of the 6 relegations in the clubs history on Mikes watch, but for Rafa could easily have been 3….nearly 50% of all our relegations under his tenure!

            You radgie you! 😂

          • Geordiegiants

            Don’t fuel him, he is a doylem. He is an attention seeking click baiter. He seriously can’t be real. He either works for the mag to up the clicks, or he has mental health issues

          • Westdentoon

            Aye I kna, can’t help it.
            Definitely the latter!

          • Geordiegiants

            A good chance, Brian recons he has been going on the drink with him and knows him.

          • Westdentoon

            Rather him than me..

          • Geordiegiants

            Your not kidding.

          • Pezza

            We’ve spent 25% of our history outside the top flight. 1/6 of MAs time do history says his record is good

          • Westdentoon

            Aye ok, he must be great then if you say so, after all you are never wrong, are you..

            History won’t say he is great, I can guarantee that.

          • Pezza

            He’s clearly not the greatest owner but at the same time, the idea that we’ve had two relegations, we need to have some perspective in that we have not been a club that has been able to hlenjoy sustained top division football.

      • Kev Newcastle England

        Maybe the worst post ever on this site?

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          not even his worst post this week

    • James


  • Tonnie Paul Ewing

    Thanks for the well just Burton really mate 👍 that’s the difference between our fans, if it were newcastle and Burton I’d say good luck to you both

  • Themoscow72

    Thought we played Spurs a few seasons ago in a later round and remember going to Man City and winning two nil. Boro’s record of being in the Premier League under Gibson is a joke.

    • Brian Standen

      Quarter final at white hart lane in 2013 I believe – but not much since

  • Wezza

    Or ANY team with the mindset to run the football club for its FOOTBALL and show ambition by having a fully equipped and adequately staffed backroom. Not by setting the club up as a pure cash making machine.

  • Leazes.

    Fourth round….eleven years….. blimey, sounds like a betting scam.

    • Wor Lass

      You going for the round dozen this year?

  • DeadToiler

    There are really no excuses for not trying to win cup games

    • Geordiegiants

      I agree we should be going into every game in the prem, fa, and league cups with a mentality of winning. If someone get injured just replace them with who ever we have available.

  • Ram Kishore

    I am just going to be honest.
    This season’s loss at Forest is totally down to the players.
    The team that was fielded had vast PL experience and had good players.
    Imo Rafa knows the players were the ones to take responsibility or the whole team wasn’t serious
    A bit on Rafa and Ashley.

  • Aussie Bill

    Of course he is not his father but young Nigel Clough is not doing too badly with a tiny fraction of our resources. Good luck to Burton.