For Newcastle fans to come together and say enough is enough, I’m asking, what does Mike Ashley have to do, or not do?

For god’s sake man, he’s even given us the two fingers quite literally to our faces!!

I have followed this club of OURS for over 50 years now but during the last hot summer of ours, I made a mammoth decision (in my life anyway! ) to boycott games both home and away, until this cheap and tatty soulless owner does one.

I, like a lot of fans, thought that in the autumn of 2017 this was really going to happen when Amanda Staveley made it clear that she wanted to buy the club and it also came to light that there were other potential buyers on the scene.  Then we had that bad run of results and relegation threatened any sale going through. I decided then that I personally had to go to as many games as possible to help support the lads to achieve safety and then hopefully the sale of the club would go through.

Well, we ALL know now that Mike Ashley is not going anywhere and I doubt even if someone offered more than the asking  price he would still refuse to sell because WE are worth so much more to him and his empire, than the 300 million or whatever the current price is that he is supposedly asking for the club.

Unless we do something we will have this parasite for the rest of our lifetimes and quite possibly our kids and grandkids will as well, if he decides to hand it down to his kids or whoever.

I think targeting Sports Direct is a very clever idea but we also have to attack on all fronts and that includes mass boycotts of home games.  Not partial boycotts or a few thousand empty seats here and there. What would the watching world think if they saw live games from St James Park with a completely, or a very nearly, empty stadium week after week.

What would Ashley think of his main business being shown and associated with that to the entire world? He wouldn’t like it would he and I personally don’t think it wouldn’t take too many matches for him to call time and get the hell out as soon as he can.

Fellow fans of this great and truly wonderful club, that has broken our hearts many a time, but given back twenty fold in return, the choice is clearly OURS!!!

If you want to continue with this shambles of a regime who has done absolutely nothing for OUR club and the city as a whole, but who has continually taken and taken, and made countless meaningless promises which have all meant absolutely nothing.

If you all want to continue to support him and his retail empire then you continue to go to games ( I know you are going to support the lads but there’s a BIGGER picture here lads and lasses) but please don’t complain to the rest of us, when in 30 or 40 years we’re fighting off relegation yet again with a tinpot yes-man for a manager!

If we do nothing THAT is our future.

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  • Paul Patterson

    Is this a serious question?

    After all that’s gone on over 11 years? The answer is – F**k off!

  • John Marshall


    • Kenny

      Beat to to it

      • Peaky

        Flying visit in the NE Kenny….which bar did you say you had that bottle of Cristal paid for and put aside for me after your wager against Bournemouth ?? 🍸🍸🤣

        • Kenny

          I have to look it up

  • Steven05

    Good article. I read it as saying how much more are you (some) willing to take before you wake up??

  • Wezza

    Great article Tom.
    FCB did indeed give Newcastle fans the two fingers yet they STILL go to matches thinking they’re watching an ambitious and properly run football club. It is not, far from it. It operates on a shoestring and now we have the lowest wage bill for years! Hundreds of millions the FCB and SD has taken from the club.
    I second the article. What is it going to take?
    You get the likes of so called super fan monkmoscow praising Ashley yet he got the fingers too. The football doesn’t matter anymore, it’s all about the money and shifty and unethical as hell lying PR from parasite KBA.

    • ZinUru

      You only need look at his other businesses to see how they operate, NUFC is no different, do you honestly think that he would hang around for a decade if he wasnt making a killing? Not many fans can see through his lies, the toon army are thick

      • Wezza

        Of course and I can see through his and KBA lies right away. They’re predictable.

        • ZinUru

          We can mate, but the majority dont see it. Mike Ashley is a freemason with his mason cronies he has stitched up NUFC and made at least 300m in a decade, it is all coming to a head now as his approach is transparent. The question is can the Happy Clappers see it

          • Wezza

            I really don’t think they can see it. It really is flabagasting. I totally agree that he has made at least 300M probably more. At the end of this season he will have made 300M in two years. That’s all the club is.

  • Leicester Mag

    Worst part of this that it isn’t hope or belief that sees fans still go it’s fear and habit. Too afraid to follow the courage of conviction and stand for a principle. Sadly the net result is more of the same.

  • JohnnyH

    We should have done something years ago, it’s not like this is a recent thing.
    He has been systematically destroying the club for 11years.

    Sad to have acknowledge the fact that the majority of toon fans haven’t got the backbone to take action.

    They just go to the match………………

  • East Durham Mag

    Simple :- shuffle off this mortal coil.

  • BigHairyDog

    The second they changed from protesting outside Sports Direct in Northumberland Street to SD at SJP you can bet Ashley was relieved. The idea that numbers would be increased because there are more fans in the vicinity backfired, instead you had anti-protest groups mocking those standing up for the future of the club. You had a few who ran and got stewards to remove banners being held from the balcony above the club shop, you only have to read the Chronicle’s FB page to see who two of them were.

    And what of the Magpie Group? After the embarrassing fiasco of protesting at the SD headquarters, cancelling it but telling nobody, what next? The Magpie Group seems certain to be doomed to failure, not because they’re not backed, but because there are certain members of the hierarchy in it that are on a power trip. Of all the suggestions I’ve offered, the only one that has been implemented was the advertising van driven around the city and parking up outside of SD stores.

    The long term future is at stake, fans are slowly being poisoned by the toxicity of Ashley’s NUFC. Eventually numbers will really fall, there is no future whilst Ashley owns the club, just misery. The club needs a fresh start from him and the continual “from the frying pan and into the fire” approach to running the club.

    • Leazes.

      The Club shop is SD… was to make that connection.

      • East Durham Mag

        Even the quality of the kit has been downgraded by Fatty into tat. Compared to my all time favourite 1996 Adidas shirt the shirts now are rags. It’s appalling that pittance goes to the club from sales now too. I wonder if he did sell up what would happen to the rights for the club shops?

        • Leazes.

          Everything is downgraded to maximise profitability….. its one way of doing it….. there’s a problem though…. you tarnish the brand don’t you…. it seems nothing has been spared the treatment…. remember the Magpie Room Restaurant?

          • East Durham Mag

            Never been in, your right though about downgrading its from top to bottom, including the Sh*te D*r*ct tat plastered all over SJP cheapens the whole place.

  • nufcslf

    F**k off, comes to mind……..

  • ZinUru

    “I, like a lot of fans, thought that in the autumn of 2017 this was really going to happen when Amanda Staveley made it clear that she wanted to buy the club”

    Mike most have almost choked on his cereal when somebody called his bluff.

  • Leazes.

    When you listen to Ashley, Jimenez and Llambias…….do you think those are ‘Top Business People’ or ‘London Mafia’…..

    ….They’re scumbags!

    • ZinUru

      Mike Ashley is a freemason as is John Hall, its all a stitch up

      • Novocastrian Git

        Didn’t realise that the obese wockney canker was a freemason that explains a lot thanks

        • Leazes.

          I doubt it….. lack of respect, puking into fireplaces and Ashley’s world view isn’t the sort of thing they would be terribly happy about. Although judging by his choice of artwork in his home he is a sado-masochistic misogynist.

  • FatParosite

    NUFC is dead. Get used to it.

    • graham18

      we need it to be resurrected-the only problem is the FCB

  • Mrkgw

    Deplorable owner. Worst imaginable. ASHLEY OUT!

  • DeadToiler

    The title of this piece doesn’t go with the content. It suggests what Ashley has to do to get the fans to stop opposing him but the text is about the ways fans should organise demonstrations. What Ashley has to do is obvious – give Rafa enough money to assemble a squad that can compete. If he done this people would soon forget about him being a horrible individual and boycotts etc would fizzle out. Will he do this? Highly unlikely.

    • Steven05

      Too late. He has to go.

  • DeadToiler

    I would prefer that but I can’t see it happening soon

  • Martin Rooney

    It’s not just ‘what Mike …has to do…’ it’s what does any owner have to do!.
    The answer is spend a billion pound and then keep on spending billions thereafter.
    You see there are some of us who remember that our supports houbded out Bobby Robson when he came fifth one year
    Reality is some nufc fans are very very demanding and nothing but winning the league every year will suffice.

    • Damon Horner

      Definitely some in the fan base who will always think that more could be achieved regardless.

      • JohnCornwell’sHair

        Some in every fan base, not just ours.

        • Martin Rooney

          Thats very true

    • JohnCornwell’sHair

      Winning the league every year? Absolute rubbish.
      Most fans just want to enjoy going to the match again, yes a minority of fans will never be happy but the vast majority just want him to run it properly.
      I don’t remember any mass hounding out of Bobby Robson either, fake news that.

      • Martin Rooney

        Really! Get to the docs your memory is failing our last game of the season around five thousand fans where left in the ground having been booed of the pitch. The message boards phone ibs and media where full of accusations he’d lost the plot. Then even when faced with three game changing decisions against him in 3 of the first 4 games against boro Norwich and Villa which if they had went correctly meant we’d have been 3rd not second bottom the hysterical cries of the few hundred nufc cry babies that stabd outside spd could be heard everywhere.
        He was hounded out.

        • Albert Stubbins

          Is the correct answer. Selective memory syndrome for some on here.

    • Superdooperhooper

      It was the players rather than the fans who got Robson the sack. Fighting on the pitch and Bellamy the
      bell end causing trouble . Shearer should have got them by the scruff of the neck and thrown them into line

      • Martin Rooney

        Who was fighting on the pitch? I remember during Souness time bowyer and Dyer doing that but no incident like that during Bob’s time. As for bellemy during his reignite what was the superstar captain doing to help during this time?

        • Superdooperhooper

          I heard it was all kicking off on the training pitch towards the end of Robson’s tenure and yes shearer should have done more. I’ve never put him on a pedestal

          • Martin Rooney

            I never heard that or read it in any of the books, however had those refs not missed Jimmy Floyd’s handball not chalked a good goal off against Norwich and sent Sorenson off Bob would have managed us for a lot longer.

  • Damon Horner

    Sounds like an article that should be written after the attempted Wolves boycott not before.

    6 months ago the writer was the subject of the article quite ironically, reality is you won’t get every fans buy in because their relationship with the club’s much more simple, turn up, watch the game, have a laugh, have a drink and go home.

    Some fans don’t want their pleasure time to be shrouded with too much ill feeling, we’ll have to accept that or keep producing these type of articles almost daily.

    If the protests flourish more people on the fence would support them.

    • Leazes.

      The Chronicle keeps doing article defining United’s fans after they are attacked by the London media for being too demanding, Ryder basically saying they’re not….

      …..Ryder has just done another one in fact. But what he’d ‘defining’ is those ‘Matchday soccer fans’ that United attract in such large numbers.

      Football fans (Sport fans not entertainment) on the other hand are very demanding and you can see it with every club on every forum.

      What Ryder is doing basically is the work of the accusers and telling our fans to ‘shut up’….

      ….I’ve a message to Ryder….. go to Liverpool and stand on the Kop and tell fans not to have ambition but accept a downgrading of your club because its massively in debt…..

      We are demanding of a team that tries to win things and a club that attempts to compete financially….. Ryder is happy to pander to the entertainment aspect as are te rest of them there, thats why they constantly revert to nostalgia for the nearly men….the ‘entertainers’ not the winners…..

      For this club to get out of the stranglehold of the chronicle’s insulting apathy only takes ambition for them to come back into the realm of football as sport, but until then they’re quite happy to play by London’s rules…..

      Who does Ryder think he is?

      • KennySamsung

        Ryder standing on the Kop? probably fall over the seats and write something like “I nearly broke my kneck for a Scally”

        • Leazes.

          His family are from Toxteth…. he’s a Scally with a Shields accent, brought up in his families tradition….. why not, Shearer used to stand on the Kop with his uncle.

          • KennySamsung

            I’ve stood on the cop before in 1984 I think, it was in the FA cup when we had about 14,000 in the Anfield Rd end and main stands, I was in HM Forces in those days and what a great experience, was with a Scouser mate of mine and they treat me ok, however I think we got beat 3 or 4 nil that night, I was so proud of how the Toon outshouted Liverpool and afterwards Ian Rush said he would one day love to play for us. Keegan was playing in that game too.

          • Leazes.

            Your memory serves you well third round….4-0

            The fact they won was probably the reason they were okay with you….. Liverpool too has its Matchday experience fans…. it seems that you and Shearer were party to it.

            I remember a first visit asking a bobby where in the ground I should head for…. he said the Kop was the best place for me and gave a chuckle…. there wasn’t much protection then for fans or busses.

          • KennySamsung

            I could tell you some stories at away games that just don’t happen now, early 80’s in particular, to say the cops took a blind eye to some things is an understatement.

          • Carverlier football

            Shame by the time Ian Rush did come to play for us he was past it… Though given he was free I suppose he was worth it for scoring the winner against Everton in the 3rd round of the cup

          • KennySamsung

            Same as John Barnes, Stuart Pearce and Kenny Samson (Samsung) 😁

          • Carverlier football

            I though Barnes did pretty well and Pearce was excellent for us. Still not quite peak of course…

          • KennySamsung

            At times Pearce was as good as he ever was when younger, Barnes was a yard or two slower but you could still tell he was class.

          • Leazes.

            we get the joke…. you can retire it.

          • KennySamsung

            Were you born miserable?

          • KennySamsung

            Haha ok misery guts

          • Pezza

            Keegan claimed he decided to quit because of that game when Mark lawrenson cought up with him in a sprint.

            Rush if cocourse joined us eventually as a pension builder

  • Ashley-out


  • KennySamsung

    It’s true that fans don’t have the bottle to do anything, the only thing that is happening is this ‘two sides to the argument’ debate. Power in numbers is only any good when the two sides can unite in some way, until then there will be no change.
    I’ve said it before that Ashley is everyone’s responsibility, does anyone outside of the Toon realise he is bringing the whole culture of our game into disrepute, greed in the way he operates, lack of empathy, knowledge of the game (even after 11 years).
    Supporters are the life blood of our great game and bring with it not only finance but passion, atmosphere, spectacle, whit, noise, intelligence and a voice whether good or bad. All supporters need to be United now more than ever, it’s not about what Ashley can do because guess what, the future is in our hands!

  • Toontaff

    I was thinking, give us all: a SD mug, a bag for life and a signed, framed photo of his bestest pal, MadMonkMoscow!

    • Kneebotherm8

      The mad monk Rasputin…

  • toonterrier

    Trip up over his wallet in front of a passing bus. God bless his sole.

  • Shipcote Willy

    NUFC is dying but SD United is thriving as the parasite feasts off the dying. It’s not just about giving Rafa a few quid but rather engaging with the club and fans in all the aspects and infrastructure that have been neglected and declined during the Ashley reign. He will never change as long as he owns the club. So the choice it accept it or try to change it. I hear ‘I support the team not the regime’ but I would say support the team and prop up the regime. Those content to sit and watch and complain about the dissenters better get used to watching years of struggle on the pitch and the continuing dumbing down and downsizing off it because thats the future with the odious owner. All power to the elbow of the protesters especially in relation to SD.

  • Loco

    Do one!Sooner the better.

  • Stephen Paylor

    He has two options, either sell the club or start running it like he gives a toss. For starters make the Kenedy loan permanent, sign a top level number 10 (that super quick guy from Atlanta would do nicely) and sign a left back that can be a threat going forward. If he did that this January we would all be up again. Then in the summer solve our long term number 9 problem with a Dominic Solanke or Michy Batshuyai and a beast of a holding midfielder to replace Diame.

    • Toon Arnie

      All good points but none of this will happen unfortunately.

  • t00nraider

    If doing nothing is supporting the club and not embarrassing the area on tv, then count me in. What’s more important is the club making good decisions, ie having a good manager and bringing in players who aren’t called Mitrovic.

    • Toon Arnie

      Bringing in players without any money to spend ?