As some bloke off twitter posted recently, the only club Mike Ashley is interested in selling is a cheap Dunlop 9 iron from his tat shops.

I am not here to bang the old drum.

Everyone has picked a side of the fence by now, some of us are willing to sit back and watch others more prepared to take action.

We all know Mike Ashley repeatedly benefits from the club ,continually making transfer window profits, gets free global advertising via TV pictures showing 50,000+ St James Park. and club merchandise is sold through Sports Direct.

It would be bad business to give all that up.

I am no business expert but if you ask any informed Glasgow Rangers fan, how deep he sank his claws into their finances and how difficult it is to get rid of him…it’s not as simple as done deal new owners.

Since Ashley took over eleven years ago I have lost count of how many clubs, larger and smaller than us, have been sold.

The only conclusion I can come to is that just like he did at Rangers, he does not want to let go of the merchandise, and this is the stumbling block for future investors. While Mike Ashley passes them (potential buyers) off as time wasters and nondisclosure agreements prevent arguments to the contrary.

Newcastle United are the last good potential investment in the Premier league. Why have we not sold?

There isn’t another club in world football like Newcastle, a city that lives and breathes football.

We have unrivaled support for a team that has won nothing for almost 50 years. Where else in the world would you find that?

We are living in a time where a generation have had nothing to shout about.

The Magpie Group are doing some great work and they need your support.

I would have put our supporters well above that of Rangers but it seems they are more up for a fight.

What will it take for you to do something?

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  • Leazes.

    Boycott Wolves!

    • Cockneytrev


    • panther

      Boycott every game till he’s gone, been doing it for ten years

  • Paul Patterson

    Simple answer to why we haven’t sold.
    It’s not the asking price being too high, it’s the fact the owner doesn’t want to and the reasons for that are free advertising and you get £100m minimum for finishing bottom of the league knowing that you get a bonus if you get relegated to attempt coming back up. Then repeat the cycle.

    That and he obviously gets a kick out of it . .

    • Cockneytrev


    • graham18

      and also he is a complete b#ll end

  • Cockneytrev

    I’ve been saying the same thing since he got rid of Shearer,, it was his plan all along, he has no intention of selling, if he had he would have sold to the mansours, he has taken hundreds in of millions out of the club,,, the accoints are a smoke screen , they mean nothing,,,,
    Total boycott of the matches and keep the pressure up on his only interest, SD.
    Before the Ashley hoop lockers come on protesting the the account are real etc. Don’t wast your time or mine.

  • t00nraider

    We have a squad very capable of staying up. We’ve been very unlucky with either injuries or expensive flops under Ashley.

    • Paul Patterson

      Or transfer window after transfer window of under/poor investment . .

      • t00nraider

        Oh aye £90mil net in 12 months is canny poor investment.

    • Superdooperhooper

      What expensive flops? Name names . We haven’t broken our transfer record under ashley

    • molend

      Staying up?Is that it?

      • JohnCornwell’sHair

        Yes that’s it, that’s your lot i’m afraid.

  • Carverlier football

    Exactly why we need to make the pain of owning NUFC greater than the benefit. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!!

    • panther

      Yeah definitely

  • Kenny

    Why haven`t we been sold ?
    King Rat doesn`t want to & any buyer is getting a Skoda disguised as a Ferrari.

    • Geordiegiants

      it’s more like a Lada dressed as a cavalier these days. It’s a ran down old shitta now.

      • Toontaff

        More like a Wartburg.
        I remember, as a kid, the bloke down the road had one – orange – what a wreck – he was always polishing it – someone should have told him – no matter how much he polished it, it was still a trud!

  • Wezza

    “how deep he sank his claws into their finances”

    Yep and he is sinking his greedy claws even deeper into ours! We are just a cash cow club, pure and malevolent greed. The football doesn’t matter.
    At least £300 Million has been removed from the club.

  • JohnnyH

    He is obese, lives on pizza and lager, takes no exercise, he has stress from asset stripping and stealing from his acquisitions. His heart is labouring to keep his bloated body going. Some day soon he will have a stroke or a heart attack.


    • Geordiegiants


    • panther

      Fingers and toes crossed

  • Peaco

    If you’re in London tomorrow (Saturday 17th) don’t forget to get yourself along to the protest against the fat wank£r at Sports Direct on Oxford Street. Hopefully see some of you tomorrow!

  • Kneebotherm8

    The man is schitt,
    And don’t we know it,
    Apart from the tit,
    From Monkseaton.