The big word for me with Newcastle United was ‘relief’ on Saturday.

Relief to get that first win of the season.

It didn’t matter how it came, we just needed to get that victory on the board and hopefully help calm the nerves, on and off the pitch.

If any of you had been asked how Newcastle would potentially win the game, I think we pretty much all would have picked that starting eleven.

As for how a winning match could look, I think an early goal, or at least a first half one would have been scripted, to both give Newcastle’s players confidence and knock Watford back.

A tight defence would have been seen as essential and then the hope being that Salomon Rondon could make the difference up front, with probably Jonjo Shelvey needing to have one of his better games.

Well, we got the tight defence.

As you will all know, the game saw Watford dominate and the first 50 or so minutes should have seen them a few goals up and the game killed off.

Newcastle had tried to start quickly and press but after only five minutes of so they had to accept they were up against a better quality attacking outfit who were able to regularly cut through United’s midfield and defence.

Rafa’s team rode their luck and as the Newcastle goal led a charmed life, the home side struggled to threaten at the other end.

Definitely not in the script was to see the likes of Lascelles and Shelvey forced off with injury, surely two of the players needed on the pitch if Newcastle were to stand any chance of getting that elusive first win.

With Muto also injured, all three subs had been used after 52 minutes with Schar, Perez and Ki introduced.

Newcastle able to grind it out, character seeing them survive the substitutions, fashion a winner and actually start playing some football, with Ki at the heart of it.

Only time will tell in the coming weeks as to whether Newcastle can use this win as a mini-springboard towards a decent run of results.

However, surely anybody who was there on Saturday will appreciate that this was just a sticking plaster placed on a very serious wound.

The next couple of months will hopefully see a few more sticking plasters that will help prevent any more life/hope slipping out of this club BUT it is obvious that a full bandage needs fitting in January.

Bottom line is that due to the chronic failure by Mike Ashley to allow investment in the squad, Newcastle have been doomed this season to be one of the relegation candidates.

Only the fact there are up to half a dozen other clubs who look equally bad has prevented Newcastle’s early season results not to be a total disaster.

At this stage last season only one club had less than eight points after 11 matches, this time there are five.

Even with Saturday’s victory, if Fulham beat Huddersfield tonight, Newcastle drop back into the bottom three.

With Mike Ashley, you always think that any positive result makes it less likely there will be any investment in the team. The mantra being survival with as little spend as possible.

In January there has to be serious investment in some better quality players, certainly a striker who can score goals and a number 10 who can cause the opposition problems, are absolutely essential.

The same with the left-back situation, Paul Dummett is a great squad player but the team desperately need a left-back who can get up the pitch as well and contribute. The failure at the minute to be able to do so is one of the things that makes Newcastle’s play so predictable.

We got away with one on Saturday, getting the luck that has been missing and then having a little bit of quality to take advantage.

I think all of us would settle for being fourth bottom when the January transfer window is reached and then thinking surely this is when even Mike Ashley sees that money has to be spent to give Rafa’s squad even the chance of having a relatively comfortable survival run-in.

Failure to do so would mean not even a bandage would do any good, with major surgery needed to revive the club.

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  • Kenny

    A forlorn hope that King Rat will invest in January.

  • Paul Patterson

    A bit like the Crystal Palace game last season, we won a tight game that could have gone either way. Now we need another couple.

    Sadly, if we start winning games the chances of spending in January decreases . .

  • kingfisher

    The league table does’nt lie. We are a Championship club,with Championship players and a Championship owner. The sooner we get relegated and Rafa leaves the better.Then we will have no ridiculous unatainable expectations of Premiership glory and then perhaps we can get back to winning a few games and start enjoying supporting NUFC again.
    I would rather we were in the Championship competing with teams of a similar standard than fire fighting every game playing terrible defensive football and hoping that there are 3 worse teams than us to avoid relegation.

    Obviously the 50,000 regulars don’t care what league we are in as long as they can watch a game, as was proved by the massive attendances when we were last in the Championship.
    Some reports and fans are saying it was a fantastic win v Watford, really ? Is that what it’s come down to ? This is NOT the Newcastle United I have supported for over 50 years. Absolute garbage and who’s to blame ? :

    Ashley for not spending ?
    Rafa for his dire / boring tactics?
    The 50, 000 for turning up every game?
    The local media for not telling it like it is ?

    We all have our own thoughts on whose to blame, but at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter because nothing will change and the club as we know it is doomed.

    • Themoscow72

      To be fair there are ten teams of a similar standard to Newcastle in the Premier League and even Leicester only beat us with the ref’s help for a penalty and Man Utd also got lucky with the ref. With the exception of perhaps Liverpool and Man City would back Newcastle to beat anyone. Just bought three more Wolves tickets this morning only £34.00 each.

      • East Durham Mag

        Imagine that …. oh! 🤣

      • kingfisher

        How many suns has your planet got Moscow ? 🤣😁😂

        • Themoscow72

          One Sun above St James’s Park and may it shine brightly on December 9th.

        • Leicester Mag

          One it rotates around the flat earth

        • East Durham Mag

          He has one that shines out of Fattys @rse 🐖☀️

      • Peaky

        Who do you buy the tickets for ??? I thought you were supposed to have the best seats in the ground already ???

        • Themoscow72

          Three lads from Cramlington including a six foot ten Polish guy but expect more to come on board for that game.

          • GlasgowMag

            Did you meet them in a lift!!🤔🤔🤣🤣😂😂

        • Wezza

          He claims to have the biggest box in the ground lol.
          He is a troll, tries to get people meeting up with him when he isn’t even there to begin with. Very sad.

          • Themoscow72

            Brian Standan showed up the rest did not show a big surprise but Brian knows me anyway.

      • relaxed

        You will need a hell of a lot more than three extra tickets to fill the gaps at the Wolves game you plonker

        • Realist

          48 thousand plus

          • Themoscow72

            I forecast the following crowds for the games up to Christmas. Watford and Bournemoth both 49k as two games in a week at home, West Ham 51k as they bringing full following, Wolves 50k while Wolves bringing full amount it’s Sunday at four and Fulham 48k as they bringing next to none and near Christmas. I am never far wrong.

          • Realist

            Everyone I have spoke to about the wolves boycott has said they won’t be boycotting and never will. Boycotting achieves nothing. Also who on earth is going to travel to Liverpool on boxing day after a hard year at graft enjoying Xmas holidays and one of our best away trips to shout at a shop?!

          • Themoscow72

            I asked over sixty people in the Three Bulls on Saturday and others and not one said they were boycotting. One came out with a torrent of swear words about the protesters another threatened to knock them out so strong words.

          • Keeganontherebound

            ‘A torrent of swear words’ and ‘threatened to knock them out’? Yeah, sounds just like Ashley supporters to me…

          • JohnnyH

            Sounds like Ashley himself enjoying a meal

          • Keeganontherebound

            Exactly- he’s making this stuff up and doesn’t have the imagination to come up with something different from press descriptions of his hero’s behaviour…

          • Wezza

            He is a deluded troll, nobody in the bulls would support Ashley. Monkmoscow is a sad little troll who likes to get a reaction out of people.

          • Kneebotherm8

            He’s taakin a load of bulls……

        • East Durham Mag

          They are for his imaginary friends

          • relaxed

            He has got no friends at all not even imaginary ones as the Thermoscow72 poster is just someone elses imaginary season ticket holder with one hell of an imagination

    • JohnnyH

      Who would you like to replace Rafa with?

      • kingfisher

        At the end of the day Johnny, if Ashley is still here I don’t suppose it matters who is the Manager, but obviously it would have to be someone who’s not currently employed 😁

        • JohnnyH

          Fair point, but i think Rafas current tactics are borne out of the limitations of the squad. His CV has a lot of top level success.
          Anyhow I suppose it’s moot point really because he’ll go at the end of his contract.
          Steve Bruce is waiting by his phone no doubt.

          • Realist

            Rafas tactics aren’t out of limitation of squad. He was like this at Liverpool very defensive minded, Steven Gerrard is on record saying this.

          • JohnnyH

            Google his record at Liverpool then think again,

          • Realist

            Aye Gerrard must be lying.

          • JohnnyH

            The record doesn’t lie.

          • Carverlier football

            Rafa will never be one to play gung ho, but the better his players the better the football. At Liverpool his record was 1.67 goals scored per game. Keegan and SBR’s records at Newcastle were 1.73 and 1.60 respectively. Not much difference there.

          • kingfisher

            I agree Johnny. I think the main problem at the minute is with having a world class manager,the expectation will always be there that better times are just around the corner.
            If (when?) we go into the Championship,I suspect most fans would be happy to compete with sides that they could have a go at and start winning some games.

          • Steven05

            There’s no point in any of it until the cancer has been removed

          • magpiefifer

            I’d be happy in League 2 if Ashley is ‘amputated’!!!

        • Paul Patterson

          I’ve said on here before, get your money on Bruce . .

          • HarryHype59

            Step forward …Fat Sham. Relegation battler par excellance!

  • East Durham Mag

    The one and only cure for Newcastle United is an amputation. The fat ugly cancer who is blighting it needs to be removed asap.

    • Peaky

      Just beat me to an almost identical post 😂🤣

  • Peaky

    It’s neither a “sticking plaster” or a “bandage” we need it’s an amputation of the owner and his minions from the club.

  • Coble’s Return

    FFS, I wish The Mag would stop issuing stupid, frivolous articles like this which almost make light of the dire situation we are in. “Major Surgery!?” We don’t get Ashley out of this club and CPR won’t save us. Make no mistake – we go down with this squad and we are dead and buried – especially when Lascelles and Shelvey are sold off to the first bidder. The only answer is to make Ashley understand that his continued ownership of Newcastle United will be hugely damaging to his other business interests. Any benefit that he gets from the advertising will be completely eroded by the negative publicity that the boycott and associated protests will bring.

    Our failure to drag Ashley to the point where he cannot wait to be rid of the club will haunt us for years. #BoycottWolves

    • HarryHype59

      You make a number of very good points.

  • 1957

    Big Mike will give Benitez a bit of cash to spend in January, Benitez will then roll over have his tummy tickled and sign his new contract and the elephant will still be in the room… and will probably never leave.