Fair to say there was no shortage of confidence amongst the Watford fans before kick-off.

It was not so much a case of whether the visitors would win, instead it was just by how many goals?

These are just a small selection of what Watford fans were saying pre-match, then following that, what they had to say after the defeat…

‘With our squad we should really be smashing teams like this if we’re serious about pushing onto Europe, anything less than a comfortable victory will be embarrassing. Newcastle 0-4 Watford’

‘I feel a bit sorry for Newcastle really.

It’s going to be another gloomy night of sunken-shouldered post match interview woe for Melon-head Benitez.’

‘Newcastle always provide us with 6 points over a season, and I can’t see why this game should be any different, with our first 3 point instalment due on Saturday.

Not sure we’ll smash them, but a comfortable victory should be within our reach.

‘They look doomed and Rafa shows all the body language of someone who’s thrown in the towel.’

‘One of the 3 certainties in life: death, taxes, and taking 6 points off Newcastle.’

‘The law of averages suggests they must beat us at some point.

Not this time though, 3 nil us.’

‘I was thinking last week, against Huddersfield, that we haven’t really tonked anyone for a long time. I’m talking 4, 5-0. That’s why I was a bit frustrated last week despite the result, we had enough chances to really wallop them. This is another chance.’

Watford fans comment via their top WFCForums message board:

‘Poor wasteful performance against a dreadful team.’

‘Staggered that professional footballers can miss so many clear cut chances – Delefeuo, Gray, Okaka, Mapps!

It is just disappointing – the game should have been over at half time. It is quite shocking – £50 k a week and some basic misses.’

‘I know he was always going to Fulham but I was gutted we didn’t compete for Mitrovic in the summer.’

‘A good run home on the A1 was the highlight of the day, just pipping the all day breakfast in the Pontefract Morrisons. On the game, we were far superior in the first half, but petered out in the second.’

‘Who would have thought we could attract the likes of Pererya or Deulofeu, but we managed to sign them. We’re not talking about Aguero, just a player who is remotely competent would fit the bill.

We’ve already screwed up the Fulham and Newcastle matches purely because of a lack of a striker. We should not drop points against these clubs.’

‘Big game coming up for Gracia. Lose this and he could be sacked.’

‘Criticism of Success after yesterday is bonkers – he was our best player and laid chances on a silver platter for Deulofeu, Gray and Pereyra. He should have got at least 3 assists.’

‘We had so many good goal scoring opportunities. When you keep missing them, then it’s totally down to the players. We don’t have a striker at the club that has the necessary composure in front of goal.

It’s missing these chances that’s hurting the side so badly.

Had we been 3-0 ahead at half time, like we should have been, then Javi is a hero. There was nothing wrong with the performance, only the quality of our finishing that is the problem. We don’t seem able to take basic, straight forward chances, and this is a problem which I feel can only be rectified in the transfer market.’

‘I keep saying it, it’s boring! We need a goalscorer. We can’t keep relying on midfielder type players scoring spectacular goals, it just isn’t gonna happen regularly enough. The most satisfying goal for me last week was Success’s. A good move and clinically finished. We had half a dozen similar chances this week, and none taken.

Deloufou was so poor with his finishing today and a 36 year old Jermaine Defoe would have moved more quickly than Gray did for his chance. Success put it in plate for him and he waited for it, and Kenedy came from about 50 yards back to take it off his foot.’

‘I’ve spent 55 years watching Watford lose to crap sides that they should have buried and beating good sides they should have lost to. Plus ca change…’

‘I feel massively frustrated and on a downer with the result. But it wasn’t a bad performance. In some ways it was a better first half than Huddersfield as we absolutely cut them open with ease and style which was why the result is so frustrating. If we had taken one of those chances early doors it could easily of been 3 or more nil. It’s a game of fine margins and with one better finish we could all be on a massive high.

Yeah we missed a load of chances but at least we created them in the first place. Better to come away annoyed because we should have won as opposed to losing because we were rubbish and they were better. I still think this team is great with more to come and score for improving further.

Still gutted.’

‘As usual a defeat is followed by a load of over the top reaction.

We had the best start to a top division ever. Not over the last few seasons, ever. Better than Sir Graham even managed. We battered Newcastle for the first half and yes the finishing let us down but let’s not pretend we weren’t utterly dominant and looked a class above them just so we can have a good old moan on here.’

‘The ease with which Deulofeu and Success were getting into their box in the first half…’

‘In the first half we cut them to ribbons. In the second half they shut off our supply lines by pressing higher and we didn’t react.’

‘Games like this will happen.

If we have to lose the odd one, I’d much rather it was because we didn’t score a single one of the 40 opportunities that came our way.’

‘What is it about this club? We give life support to clubs on death’s door. Missed chance after chance in the first half and were ragged in the 2nd half, particularly after they scored.

Fantastic opportunity to move up the table badly missed.  

We created so many chances. Improve our finishing and we will win many more games.

Still seething about today’s game though.’

‘How many chances are we going to have and not score? We should of been out of sight at half time.

Credit where it’s due their goal was well worked but it should of been a mere consolation. We were dominant throughout but if you can’t take chances you deserve nothing from a game.

They were the better side after they scored and it could of been a heavier loss too.

They were going to win eventually but it should not of been this game.

I’m so annoyed we lost this. Not because it’s Newcastle but because it’s so frustrating to dominate a game and not take a single goal.

I applaud the brave fans who travelled and I hope they all have a safe journey back. I know exactly how they feel. Same as me. Bitterly disappointed.’

‘Very similar to the game against Fulham. The much better team, should have been out of sight by half time, only to go and drop points.

Extremely frustrating, I hate these types of results because it really was an easy game for us to be winning.

Newcastle know they have got away with one there but that’s football. It happens to every team, just sucks when it us.’

‘Fair play to Newcastle they wanted it more

Massively disappointing should have won.’

‘Some appalling misses. Newcastle are terrible and will struggle all season. We were well below par. Miles below par especially with the finishing. Deulofeu was the chief culprit. Needs to learn how to pick his spot, dummy the second ball and keep his head up. Appalling to lose to what is a really poor team and one that made three changes too. Yedlin deserves a ban for his pathetic simulation as well.’

‘You won’t see many better examples of a game where the result doesn’t match the chances created than that.’

‘Poor wasteful performance against a dreadful team.’

‘Watford can be a real charity case. How many sitters did we miss? Same old story. At half time it was obvious how this game was going to pan out.

We’re the better team, but even against a canon-fodder side like Newcastle, you can lose if you miss your chances.

The worst defeat of the season by a mile. Such a gift given away.’

‘Absolutely pathetic performance against an utterly woeful team.

First half bright but embarrassingly wasteful (got away with it last week, it wasn’t going to happen again), second half slow, weak, ponderous and just generally useless.’

  • Paul Patterson

    They seemed a decent bunch of fans the ones I mingled with before the game.

    The one Watford fan I spoke to in the pub before the match was a canny chap. Waxed lyrical about the clubs owners and said that the whole club was looking good because they cared about it at every level. I said If that’s the case fair play to them, at least they’re having a go at it.

    He asked ‘Surely it can’t all be about Ashley up here?’
    My response was simple- ‘You’ll see when he goes, but sadly yes it is’.

    I then wished him and Watford all the best for the rest of the season, after today.

    • Wezza

      That’s canny that mate. I’m sure they will finish top half maybe 8th. They have ambition though, we just have to be 17th or above and it will not change until FCB goes.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Heaven 17 for Mike……

  • Kc2018

    Some of them comments are hilarious. Can’t take a defeat, they’ve massively overachieved so far this season. A team that can’t defend a simple free kick routine are not a team that should have fans saying they’re getting an easy win at any team in this division. Apart from Pereyra they have nothing other than a group of bang average players. Delefeou couldn’t finish his dinner and Okaka couldn’t score in a brothel and that’s that. Easy enough 1-0 win for the toon against a bang average premier league side who will finish around 12th and their fans should be happy with that. Melon-head Rafa 1 – 0 shrunken head Gracia

  • Cockneytrev

    Most of these comments were from fans who only watched the highlights on MOD,
    They were a yard quicker than us in the first half, but we were the better team in the second, also they should have been down to 9 men, a deliberate stamp on yedlin and an elbow by there centre half, both red card offences and both ignored by the ref and BBC, when I think of offences by Newcastle players that have been disected in detail over the past few years it makes me sick,,
    Happy for the win, thought yedlin was our best player, Diame is back to his awful best, Rondon is as weak as pi££,,

  • gallowgate26

    Chin up lads, you can be ‘utterly dominant’ and a ‘class above’ all you like but ultimately sticking the ball in the back of the net more times than the other team is all that counts. We have had at least 2 or 3 games where we were unlucky this season so it was our turn for some luck, just how it goes..

  • Wor Lass

    “Big game coming up for Gracia. Lose this and he could be sacked.” You have to despair, really.

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Yeah what a clown

  • Big Al 1967

    And they say us Geordies have delusions of grandeur !!

  • Kenny

    That lot would top themselves if they had Hoss & Perez.

    • Steven05

      And if they Cashly they’d be a lot more pressure on him

      He’s fairly safe this far away from London

  • Dillon Tovak

    The Watford fans seem to think they were amazing in the first half, personally I just thought they were the slightly better team in a terrible half of football.

  • 45709

    Ameobi has said we need investment and pointed out no money is going into the club, really need more of this and to be more outspoken calling fatcash out on it

  • East Durham Mag

    To think the media and others call us delusional, some of the Watford supporters think they are Barcelona or Real Madrid. Fair play to the sensible comments but the majority of them are right up their own jacksies. 😂

  • Magpie1974

    I doubt that these comments are representitive of the typical Watford support, who tend to be pretty down to earth about things.
    We did the same to them as Brighton did to us. It happens.
    Fact is they have 19 points and we have 6, we hadn’t beaten them since 2010.
    Yesterday was great, reminded me of the away game at Leicester last season. The lads dug in and fought for the result, and that’s the way it has to be. We will have no easy games this season.

  • Paul Cannell

    I noticed most Watford fans had coats on.

  • Danimal

    I see another of our relegation rivals are showing Rafa how to play a more open game against the top six this afternoon, following on from Burnley’s example the other day.

  • GlasgowMag

    You would think by the comments they were battering us for 90mins which was certainly not the case!! Ok we were a bit lucky but then again after the goal our play also deserved a further goal. I must admit their fans naivety expecting a goal fest against a Rafa team was laughable. Pity our workhouse owner didn’t invest at least a quarter of our tv revenues in our player staff then we wouldn’t have to listen to fans of the equivalent of a pub side thinking we’re an easy touch!!!

  • Ba ba.

    Watford massive club. .😂 😂

  • Squintytoonarmy

    Just shows how much we have fallen under Fatty when they see us as cannon fodder.