Another tough day lies ahead for Newcastle United on Saturday.

Up against a team who play some exciting, clever, attacking football, very similar to last weekend.

There is an old saying about the victors writing history and that is what we have certainly seen in these past few days.

Interesting though, rather than it coming from Newcastle fans, it has been the media, particularly the regional press, who have chosen to ignore the facts of the win over Watford.

Newcastle won out in terms of the only stat that counts in the end, goals, but in every other respect they were second best.

If Newcastle United play like they did for the first hour against Watford, they will lose.

Not only will they lose but they will lose badly.

Newcastle showed spirit last weekend but little else, at least not until the final half hour or so when the goal completely changed the match.

Watford simply looked beaten from that point, unable to believe that they had found a way to go behind after wasting so many chances, 13 alone in the first half, 14 of their 16 shots in the game came from inside the box.

The opening five minutes saw Newcastle have a go at pressing/matching Watford, only to be forced to give up on the idea once realising how superior the visitors were, in midfield in particular.

I think to stand any chance of a win, Newcastle have to get another clean sheet, having not conceded in these past 211 minutes of football.

However, they are up against a Bournemouth side who have scored more goals than all but four Premier League teams this season.

Their last two aways have seen 3-0 and 4-0 wins at Fulham and Watford respectively, as well as a 2-1 away victory at West Ham earlier this season.

Watford were missing Troy Deeney as they wasted chance after chance but in Callum Wilson, Bournemouth have a striker who has scored six times already, including three in the last two games.

Newcastle have repeatedly lost the battle in the middle of the pitch this season and can Ki and Diame change that on Saturday?

Diame has been really poor this season whilst Ki has had to watch mainly from the sidelines, he produce a couple of minutes of quality to change the game against Watford, then helped Newcastle grow as Watford collapsed.

Bournemouth lost at Chelsea 2-0 with both goals in the last 18 minutes, whilst the 4-0 at Burnley was one of those games, dominating possession (62%), shots (19 v 12) and corners (8 v 3), yet finding themselves somehow on the end of a hiding.

Bournemouth will be coming to St James Park expecting to win and it is Newcastle who will be having to raise their game to prevent that happening.

With Muto set to miss the game through injury, Newcastle find themselves once again with zero pace up front as Perez and Rondon will play. Add in Diame, Ki and Ritchie, Newcastle are a team that is frighteningly short of quick players, something which isn’t a weakness for the visitors.

Interesting to see how Rafa Benitez sets his team out but anything that leads to something approaching an open game will surely suit Bournemouth more.

This will be a massive victory, if Newcastle can pull it off.

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  • Kenny

    What a mess when a club like Bournemouth can come to St James with the expectation of taking us to the cleaners.
    wonder how many of the walking dead will turn up this week.

    • Themoscow72

      Looking like 49,106 as they bringing up a mini bus and a dog. No place for them and the likes of Brighton and Fulham in the Premier league when only bringing a handful of supporters. We will take more to Burnley and Everton mid week. What is wrong with these guys.

      • magpiefifer

        A well run club like Bournemouth has every right to be in the Premier League – they have a good owner, manager and players and fully warrant being in the top division.

        Yes,we have great support – but where is that getting us, with the odious owner we are lumbered with!?

        • Themoscow72

          So have Monaco have every right to be in the Champions League but with only 8,000 fans not great for the game.

        • Paul Patterson

          Every street has an idiot like that. Generally the town ignore their ramblings and leave them to it. Either that or they are a deliberate troll . .

          • Kneebotherm8

            Or Village…..

      • Kenny

        You should pen an article
        An idiots guide to Newcastle Utd

      • Ram Kishore

        The size of the support base doesn’t determine anything.. Don’t be a idiot and have respect for every team. Especially when a team like Bournemouth who are moving with a direction.

        • Themoscow72

          I have respect for the ones who go even Sunderland but not the ones who do not.

          • Ram Kishore

            You have respect for the ones who go?
            Do you mean u respect a team by the number of fans ?
            Every team brings in a sizeable number of fans. The fan base depends on many things.

  • Wezza

    If we do win and IF we do avoid relegation then what? Rinse and repeat next season while the FCB takes the tv money again. It will never change with him here.

    • Squintytoonarmy

      Spot on – if we win Saturday im sure it will be a turgid 1-0

  • Themoscow72

    We hammered Bournemouth both games last season but only ended up with a point. Away we were two nil up and Shelvey missed the chance of the season and Perez one just after. Should have been at least four up and they got two late goals.
    At home we battered them again only the woodwork saving them and they got a goal in injury time to steal the points.In short we battered them both games and should do on Saturday.

    • Peaky

      Did I read right there….have you just said the β€˜great’ Perez missed a chance at Bournemouth last season ???

      • Kenny

        Newcastle`s Sergio Aguero

      • Themoscow72

        Yes but not an open goal like Shelvey.

      • Kneebotherm8


    • Kenny

      We seem to have bad luck game after game,
      maybe it`s you jinxing the team.

      • Kneebotherm8

        We should be top 4……..pure bad luck sees us stuck in the bottom 4……

    • Ram Kishore

      It doesn’t matter if we were hammering them or not but in the end they got 4 points.. not to forget the way they drew the match

  • Billmag

    Do you know something Dale after reading your post I feel like cutting my [email protected]@@@@g wrists, we might as well not turn up give them 3 points and move on to the next game.

  • The lads need a sounding win, like a 2-3 goals lead to get the strikers confidence.

  • Damon Horner

    Standard fan perceptions. Nobody cared about dominating the Brighton match, the result mattered most. Against Watford though, it’s about performance?