It is Watford up next, Newcastle United’s 11th opportunity to grab their first win of the season, actually the 12th if you include the abysmal League Cup defeat at Forest.

Fair to say that the mood isn’t great.

The first 84 days of the season producing no wins tends to do that to you.

The back four and keeper did well at Southampton to pick up a third clean sheet and point but that alone doesn’t win you matches.

When you add everything else that is going on, in terms of the protests against Mike Ashley and so on, it just drags your mood down further.

Not that I disagree with the Newcastle v Wolves boycott and other protests, actually it is quite the opposite, I’ll be joining in with all of them as usual.

It is just the simple fact that this, going to the match, is supposed to be fun. It is supposed to be our release from the day to day stresses of home, work and family.

Instead of that, we find Newcastle United has become the biggest stress of all.

I must admit, I had been looking ‘forward’ to the Watford game as just another chore, a bit like putting the bin out or doing DIY around the house.

However, I have decided to shake all of that off and go positive.

Not saying it is going to be easy but I have now got it into my head that NUFC are going to win on Saturday and the more I think about it, the more convinced I have become that it will happen.

Not just a case of relying on the laws of probability and believing that we have to win sometime, somehow.

Instead, I think there are valid reasons for believing.

Salomon Rondon should be able to start, so Newcastle will at last have a focus for their attacks. This will also make it a double positive, as passenger Perez should be dropped to the bench.

Then when you analyse the last three matches as well, there is a case for believing that if luck could have fallen Newcastle’s way, Rafa’s players could have won all three.

The penalty that wasn’t given at Old Trafford that could have put us three up, then Newcastle were far better than Brighton and should have won, whilst Newcastle didn’t deserve to beat Southampton the clean sheer meant that if the team could have fluked a goal like Brighton did a week earlier – then the Magpies could also have sneaked a win.

As for the visitors, there is a bit of a pattern in recent seasons.

In 2016/17 Watford started the season with only three defeats in the opening 10 matches before only winning two of the next 12.

In 2017/18 Watford started the season with only one defeat in the opening eight games before ten winning only three of the next 17 (losing 11 of the 17).

This time they have once again started well and have 19 points from the first 10 matches but their bubble may be set to burst once again.

In that last home match, if Perez had put away that sitter in the first few minutes against Brighton then Newcastle would have won comfortably.

The same is the case on Saturday for me, somebody has to step up and take that chance and/or luck to fall our way.

The best victories are those that are unexpected and bizarrely, for many Newcastle fans, Watford at home has become a match that looks so unlikely to bring three points.

This is going to be Newcastle’s first win of the season and give us a chance to crawl away from trouble eventually.

You read it here first.

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  • Steven05

    Watford are better than Brighton and Southampton, but I like your optimism. It reminds me of when I had some. Thanks Mike👍

  • Leazes.

    Newcastle United exist only in brand name….what you are cheering on and looking for ‘positives’ for is a company owned from Buckinghamshire whose financial returns dont filter down locally but go to an account held in Derbyshire…..

    Those people running around on the big green oblong bit are an advertisement for the marketing concept of S***** D*****.

    • Steven05

      Which is why it makes no difference if we win 10-0 or we lose 10-0

      Actually I’m starting to feel pathetic calling us ‘we’

      What is ‘we’? There is no we anymore. If by ‘we’, we mean just one fat guy p!ssin all over us, then fair enough I guess

      • kingfisher

        As you say, no we, no us, just a shell of a once proud club being ground into oblivion by Ashley.

  • kingfisher

    I was always ” a glass half full ” type, but now under Ashley, I don’t even have a glass 😁

  • relaxed

    Lascelles has signed for another six years

    • Leazes.

      Just seen it…. that means they are going to sell him!….

      ….Its to Maximise the fee.

      He last signed an extension just a year ago taking him to….
      Contract until: 30.06.2023
      Date of last contract extension: Oct 6, 2017.

      • relaxed

        That wouldn’t suprise me one bit

        • Leazes.

          Believe me thats what its for….gives him a rise too from last year….. if you were Lascelles or Shelvey you would be thinking about the future relegation as well and saying to yourself enough is enough.

          • relaxed

            The way that the club is presently run Lascelles and Shelvey are wasting their time at NUFC

          • Leazes.

            They know it…

          • relaxed

            Truth be known so does Ashley

          • Leazes.

            They are planning for the drop…. the only planning which motivates action….protect your assets.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Lascelles will be earmarked as the big earner for the summer where they will hold out for a whopper fee.
        The money generated will be used to fund the promotion push after relegation.
        Get Dwight Gayle back as goal scorer and retain a few of the losers we have then the job is a good’un in Ashley’s eyes !

        • Leazes.

          ….Ryder…..”Lascelles’ commitment will help put an end to speculation linking him with a January move to clubs like Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur”…

          Wot a plonker!

          He’s hoping to take in the weak minded and gullible.

      • Wezza

        This could be PR…

        “We signed him on a lucrative contract”
        ” agreed his demands”
        “Head turned”
        “Did everything to keep him”

        These are all pre planted excuses. Don’t be surprised if he is sold!

        I’d doubt that one year extension sees a big increase in wages though.

  • KennySamsung

    Newcastle dont know how to win so how can they beat Watford? Only 5 or 6 players playing anywhere near something that resembles football.. how can they beat Watford? Crowd disenchanted no atmosphere… hmm! I’ll take Newcastle to win, that’s how absurd this has become. It’s a funny owld game!!

  • Jonas

    You’re asking for it.
    I winced hearing the away fans taking the mick at Old Trafford the other week (I remember when you feared the worse scoring early there, with a much better situation than we have now)

  • Rich Lawson

    The club don’t seem to like Troy Deeney much,he’d be great here,Jan’ Sales,with tokens and many players available for part swop ?

  • HarryHype59

    I expect Watford to thump NUFC 3-0 and then go into to their perennial slump period.