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There is only one enemy and it is not other Newcastle fans

2 years ago

Life is rarely simple for Newcastle fans.

The days when you just argued about who should be in the team are long gone.

I bet most of you have more conversations about Mike Ashley and how he runs the club, than you do about the actual football.

That is what this past decade and more has done to our fanbase.

It has dragged us all down, we will only really have our Newcastle United back when the dark shadow that the owner casts across our football club is removed.

That doesn’t mean we expect some super rich benefactor to come along and suddenly make everything right, just having people in charge who are willing to do things properly and try their best to push things forward on and off the pitch. Especially when it comes to working WITH the manager, rather than against him.

However, there has been a growing trend from a sizeable minority of supporters, at least on social media and online generally, to be having a go at other Newcastle fans, rather than Mike Ashley.

Obviously you will always get some trolls and attention seekers whatever you do, but there also appears to be proper Newcastle fans, who are losing the plot.

Those involved in organising/coordinating the protests against Mike Ashley, especially The Magpie Group, have been targeted by other Newcastle supporters.

There has been the odd mistake and ill-judged words.

Last weekend The Magpie Group called off the protest at the Sports Direct HQ in Shirebrook but bizarrely decided not to tell anybody. Meaning a handful of fans more local to Shirebrook still turned up, only to find that the organisers and main group from Newcastle hadn’t even travelled.

The Chairman of The Magpie Group has also said a few daft things on Twitter. These included a comment saying you were a Mike Ashley supporter if you didn’t boycott Wolves. Loose and stupid words, which is all too easy with something so instant such as Twitter (and why it should be avoided unless you are going to be disciplined and not do things in heat of the moment), but more a case of words coming out the wrong way rather than some cardinal sin.

However, these type of instances lead to some Newcastle fans taking it as a massive opportunity to have a go at The Magpie Group, many of them saying this is now why they won’t support the boycott or other protests.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Just because some volunteers do/say the odd wrong thing is very small beer, there is only on enemy here and it is not other Newcastle fans.

These are all our protests, not The Magpie Group’s, they (TMG) are simply a focus for a collective agreement on what to do and they have held public meetings etc to ask other fans what are the best ways forwards. You can’t blame them, the individuals involved in organising TMG,¬† as a reason for not supporting any or all of the protests.

You do or don’t do it because you think it is the right or wrong thing to do, not because of what some other fan(s) has/have¬†said or done.

It is Mike Ashley who has refused to allow proper investment in the first team squad, St James Park, the Academy, the training complex and so on. It isn’t The Magpie Group.

From what I recall there was no decision made to rename St James Park the Magpie Group Arena, with not a single penny going into the club in return.

It isn’t Newcastle fans inside or out of The Magpie Group who have humiliated our club and city.

It isn’t them/us who put Wonga on the shirts, forced Kevin Keegan out, employed Dennis Wise and Joe Kinnear (twice), discriminated against cancer victim Jonas Gutierrez.

Nor is it The Magpie Group who lie ahead of each transfer window, leading to Rafa Benitez to repeatedly declare that there have been broken promises, the net result being he sees no point in extending his contract.

So whether it is the 11th minute protest (stop outside SJP or wait until the 11th minute on the concourses before taking your seat) at the West Ham game, or the boycott of the Wolves match, do what you think is the right thing for you. Just don’t blame other people, or use them as an excuse, for not doing what you think is the right thing.


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