The Magpie Group have sent out a press release on Friday.

Coordinating protests against Mike Ashley, they are calling on Newcastle fans to support the demonstration against the NUFC owner on Saturday.

Supporters are asked to not take their seats until the 11th minute of the West Ham match, marking the 11 wasted years of Ashley’s ownership.

There is also a reminder that tomorrow’s protest is then followed eight days later, when fans are being asked to support a complete boycott of the Wolves match.

Press release from The Magpie Group:



The Magpie Group have called upon Newcastle United supporters to refrain from taking their seats at the West Ham match on Saturday 1st December until the 11th minute in protest at the 11 wasted years of Mike Ashley’s tenure as Chairman at the club.

The Group believe that December represents their last chance to apply significant pressure upon the owner to support Rafa Benitez in the forthcoming January transfer window, amid concerns that the manager will not renew his contract when it expires next summer unless he receives backing.

The protest this Saturday will be followed by a proposed boycott of the game against Wolves at St James’s Park which will be televised by Sky Sports on 9th December.

A Group spokesman said:

“We encourage fans to take a stand in this fixture and in the game against Wolves, where we propose a full boycott.

“We know this is painful for Newcastle supporters to do but, for the longer term future of the club, it’s time to tell those at the top that enough is enough”

  • tom

    I think albeit good intentioned this group is falling by the wayside.if the above and the failed protest at shirebrook are all they have got its a waste of time and effort.
    Was really hopefull when they emerged but i am afraid its all gone a bit wrong and they are sliding into the abiss…

    • X2

      Surely the best way to judge would be to join in with the protest and then see afterwards? For those that still go to games, of course.

    • Leazes.

      Whether you like it or not, the protests have been going on against Ashley since 2008 so this isn’t the start or end…. a lot like me walked out after it became clear that he was out to screw the club…… Some of us didn’t go silently which was the case for fifty years of running the club on a tick over.

      We can see what sort of regime he has, judge him by his friends his deeds and his inactions…..

      Nothing has gone wrong except he has discovered to his delight that a regional club can be run as a failure, something the chronicle know too.

      SJP has a 52,000 capacity….. and that is the height of ambition….just to keep it filled…. its a unique club with very unique problems…..

      ….and the problem isn’t the protest.

  • mactoon

    Sorry but I just think the whole idea of not taking your seat until the 11th minute is just an absolute waste of time and doesn’t get the message across.

    Here’s a message to the magpie group.

    1. Do something that will make a difference for god’s sake, work to promote everything good about the club and it’s fans, find potential buyers and sell it to them. Show them why they should take control of Newcastle, the passion of the fans, the success under Keegan, Bobby Robson and the pure love they expressed for the club and the fans while they were in charge. If you just suggest fan protests it could just deter potential buyers from wanting to get involved.

    2. Fans want to go and watch the team, and they will regardless of you asking them to stay away, so take advantage of it. Give them printed material to wear/wave/show to the cameras during the match so the watching world gets the message. All it takes is a few thousand printed cards distributed outside the ground before kick off.

    The best way to get attention is to hold up anti Ashley messages during the games. Put your grievances on world wide TV during EVERY GAME!

    Just print and distribute A4 paper before every home game saying


    That would be soooo much more effective because Sky/BT Sport/MOTD cameras would pick it up.

    • Leazes.

      You can’t run a campaign with ideas that were thrown in from a general meeting, you do need a sub committee to put it forward feasible options and not just everything wholesale…. some not so good ideas have been accepted.

      I was flabbergasted that they set up a fighting fund then withdrew it…. you can’t take on Ashley and his PR with good intentions and a prayer.

      Ashley is only part of the problem here, acceptance of failure is the other and that was here long before he took the reins….. (and everything that wasn’t tied down).

      You are right about the 11 minute thing, logistically it cant work…. it takes 15 minutes to empty the stadium by fans filling out…. it takes longer to fill, and it never worked the first time we did it, that should have been acknowledged but wasn’t. We’ll see.


      If you care about the club watch from home or the pub.

      • mactoon

        They magpie group should engage a few of the local pubs, the Bulls, Percy, Junction and so on. Tell them they will encourage the fans to watch the Wolves match in the designated pubs in return for allowing them to collect donations from the fans on the day. Go round with buckets, this will raise finance for the campaign.

        They could also distribute papers on the day asking the fans for ideas of how to take the campaign forward. It just takes a bit of organisation instead of just telling fans to boycott, get them involved, let them have their say and give them the chance to contribute.

  • Martin Rooney

    Oh ok then that sounds like a good idea.😅😅, Maybe just maybe we’ll see that the majority of nufc supporters don’t agree with magpie group and maybe they’ll shut up.
    He’s not going till he’s sold the club so start a fund cis neef ***ER else is gonna buy us