Fans were shocked to see Mike Ashley increase the price of Newcastle United season tickets ahead of this season.

The new prices were announced the day before the Premier League fixtures were scheduled to be released on 14 June 2018 and some fans discovered they would be paying more than 20% above what they’d paid in 2017/18.

The decision was laughable in itself because the vast majority of Premier League clubs have accepted that there is absolutely no justification to put prices up, when the cash from TV deals is so massive and rising with each new deal.

However, to raise Newcastle United season ticket prices AND make a £20m profit on summer transfer deals was a real Mike Ashley special treat for supporters.

Now a new report into season ticket prices across the big five European leagues (England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy) has shamed Mike Ashley even further.

The research by My Voucher Codes has revealed the 20 clubs in Europe’s big five leagues who charge the most for their cheapest adult season ticket option. That is a season ticket that doesn’t have conditions attached, such as part of a longer term deal or in a family section where you also have to buy a child’s.

A massive 18 of those clubs are in the Premier League, with only the champions of Italy and France, Juventus and PSG making the cut from outside of England’s top tier.

The two English sides not to feature in the top 20 are Manchester City and Huddersfield.

No surprise to see Arsenal leading the way, charging £891 for their cheapest.

They are then followed by Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool.

In fifth are Juventus charging £579 with Newcastle just behind on £571.

However, this relates to only a handful of seats between the Leazes and Milburn stands, with the cheapest season tickets for most fans being £628 which is what it costs to sit behind the goal in the Gallowgate and Leazes.

newcastle united season tickets

Mike Ashley and his minions have often tried to claim that whilst the football might be rubbish, Newcastle fans are supposedly getting it on the cheap…

This new research rubber stamps the fact that you shouldn’t believe anything that comes out of the NUFC owner’s PR department.

Some of Europe’s giants offer real value to fans:

Bayern Munich charging £125 for the cheapest

Real Madrid £218

Barcelona £149

AC Milan £209

Borussia Dortmund £191

  • Paul Patterson

    Raise the price, dumb down the product. Simples!
    Well done to PSG for their cheap tickets, they also build a team.

    • Martin Rooney

      Qatar human rights?

  • Leazes.

    Comparable to Juventus off the pitch….

    • Martin Rooney

      much bigger crowds

  • Gusto

    About 20000 of us are on long-term price freezes though, paying much less. (Admittedly that price increase is going to hurt when the deal runs out).

    • Phildene

      If I’ve read your comment right you’re STILL buying season tickets even if they’re lower price ! So that makes alright then?! Unbelievable!! You’re getting what you deserve which is Sh*t . And you’re part of the big problem here by still giving Ashley money! Try doing what most sensible fans are doing and that chuck it in-we both did years ago!

  • Cockneytrev

    The cleverest thing Ashley did was offer the ten year price freeze, he knew exactly what he was going to do,, keep people coming who were afraid to loose their deal and then rape the club!!!
    ASHLEY OUT!!!!

    • Leazes.

      ……And those who left….. well they left gaps…. or would have done if he hasn’t made a family section with 2,500 adults at a cheap rate and 5.500 kids tickets practically free at £80 per season….. (£4 per game)

      ….. the fans who would have taken up seats in an extended Gallowgate end… as an elastoplast….

      No need to redevelop… just drive away football fans and replace them with match day experience fans…. sell the development land….. voila…

  • Monty

    At least Ashley’s behavior has got rid of some of the numptys who now ‘protest’