Interesting stuff from Stan Collymore after this weekend’s results.

Wolves lost 2-0 at home to Huddersfield who were bottom, making it only one point in the last five matches for the recently promoted club.

Stan Collymore giving it both barrels when calling out the likes of Phil Neville (see below) and others, for their comments on Wolves after only a few games this season.

Collymore declaring it ’embarrassing’ when pundits such as Neville were saying Wolves were the best promoted side there had been in Premier League history.

The reality being that now after 13 matches they have scored only 12 goals and won four matches, against Palace, Southampton, West Ham and Burnley, all clubs involved in the relegation struggle.

Stan Collymore says it is ‘not even close’, with Kevin Keegan’s 1993/94 side and the Forest team a year later, clearly being top in the Premier League era, when it comes to the season after promotion.

Then when it comes to all-time records, Forest are top dogs. Collymore pointing out that Brian Clough’s team came up and won the First Division in 1977/78 AND then won the European Cup the next two years.

Stan Collymore:

“Not bagging Wolves fans because  haven’t heard any claim it.

“But what an embarrassing shout by pundits claiming 3 games in that Wolves are best promoted ever.

“Not even close. 1 point in last 15 and threw it in at (h) against bottom of the league!

“An affront to Newcastle United in 1993/94 and Nottingham Forest 1994/95.

“Facts don’t lie.

“Premier League era, Newcastle 93/94 and Forest 94/95 finished 3rd on 77pts (1.85 points per game).

“Joint best Premier League record for a promoted club

“All time, Forest were promoted (1976/77), won the league (1977/78) with back to back European Cups (1978/79 and 1979/80).

“No other team comes close to that.”

An article by Matthew Robson on The Mag – 18 November 2018:

Phil Neville had plenty to say not so long ago.

Specifically, back in late September.

Only half a dozen matches into the season and Neville insisted, without being prompted, that Wolves were the greatest side to come up from the Championship (see below).

When questioned about the Newcastle United 1993/94 Kevin Keegan side, Phil Neville was adamant, even KK’s side weren’t a patch on this Wolves side.

Coincidentally, when Neville made his Wolves comments, they had just drawn at Old Trafford. Back then Man U weren’t great and now we know that for sure, Phil Neville though with his red and white glasses on.

This isn’t a go at Wolves, good luck to them, they have come up, invested, and are having a bit of a go.

However, pundits/experts such as Phil Neville are a complete joke, how can you come out with such nonsense based on half a dozen games and a couple of draws against the Manchester club.

As it stands, Wolves have now played 12, won 4, drawn 4, lost 4. Their four victories ave been 1-0 wins over West Ham, Palace and Burnley, plus a 2-0 over Southampton.

They are now 11th in table with 12 points, having scored 12 goals and conceded 13.

If you ask me, forget all about any comparisons with the brilliant Keegan team of 1993/94, surely the comparison has to be with Rafa’s 2017/18 vintage! A well organised team that defends resolutely but hasn’t got enough quality to score goals.

That Keegan team finished third in 1993/94 after promotion, in a 42 game season they scored 82 goals and ended up with 77 points.

Taking the average over a 38 match season, Wolves would now have to average 2.4 goals and 2.08 points per game, if they were to match than NUFC KK team.

I think in reality they could just possibly match the 10th place Newcastle achieved last season.

However, with only one point from the last 12 including defeats to Brighton and Watford, Wolves and Phi Neville might just be looking over their shoulders.

My earlier article on The Mag – 24 September 2018:

Phil Neville should maybe stick to talking about his expert subject, women’s football.

The former Man Utd player showing himself up when appearing on Match of The Day 2 on Sunday night.

After having watched Wolves draw away against what looks a very average Manchester United team, Phil Neville came out with a well over the top claim.

This is what Neville and MOTD 2 presenter Mark Chapman said in their exchange:

Phil Neville:

“Defensively they (Wolves) are really solid, you saw the (Man) United game yesterday, they (Man Utd) struggled to break them down.

“They (Wolves) are the best side to ever come up from the Championship.

“I think they are brilliantly coached, I think he has got the balance right, Nuno, between defending in numbers and strength, then attacking with quality in midfield.”

Mark Chapman:

“So in the Premier League era, you would have them better than say Kevin Keegan and Newcastle United who came up with Andy Cole up front?”

Phil Neville:

“Yes, I think they (Wolves) are the best side that has ever come up from the Championship.

“They have spent money, they have got quality players. You saw on Saturday the strength in quality they have got on the bench, the quality up front, the two midfielders.

“They will not be scared to go to any Premier League ground.”

Fair play to Wolves because they have ambitious owners who are having a go and look to have a decent side BUT to suggest they are better than Keegan’s 1993/94 side on such little evidence is hilarious.

So far Wolves have played six games and only beaten Burnley and West Ham – both 1-0, two clubs who are really struggling. They have lost to Leicester and as well as the draw on Saturday, have drawn at home to Everton who played for 50 minutes with 10 men,  and got a creditable but fortunate home draw against Man City despite having only two shots on target and the away side dominating.

I think Wolves will do ok but that NUFC team was top quality.

Peter Beardsley missed the start of the season through injury and Keegan’s side won only two of the first eight matches, when you looked how the season turned out, who knows what could have happened with Beardsley from the start?

Keegan’s team finished third in the Premier League after promotion and as you can see below, they actually scored more goals than anybody else, including Phil Neville’s beloved Man Utd. As for conceding, Newcastle only let in three more than the champions.

The final 1993/94 Premier League table:

phil nevilleCole and Beardsley were brilliant together and I would argue they were the greatest front two in the Premier League era, that season they scored 65 goals between them (55 of those in the Premier League).

I would be amazed if Wolves’ strikers are within a million miles of those two.

As well as many other good players, that season Kevin Keegan had six (past, present or future) England internationals, with Venison, Bracewell, Lee and Howey, as well as the front two.

Also, if Phil Neville wants to go down the nonsensical route of claiming it is all different now (reality is you can only compare to teams/clubs of the same era), then surely it then makes Man Utd’s title win that 1993/94 season as all but worthless, if football is supposedly so much better now.

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  • Kenny

    The only time i`ve witnessed good football at Newcastle was under Kevin Keegan
    and Sir Bobby, the rest has been krap

    • Peaky

      Was at a wedding in Monkseaton on Saturday afternoon…..luckily under the cover of darkness….I was in and out of there like a ninja….

      • Rich Lawson

        Kept to the stairs then ?

        • Peaky

          😂😂 too bloody right…back in the safety of South Yorkshire now.

  • Peaky

    Well said but you know yafucked when even Stan Collymore calls you embarrassing…..both Nevilles’ talk shyte and are total dickheeds….

    • Toontaff

      Stan Collymore – the voice of reason!

      • porciestreet

        Hes still the git that got the winner at Anfield but that was his job…..I forgive him.

    • Kneebotherm8

      I remember Phils commentating debut for the BBC………World Cup England v Italy a few years ago…………ah nearly put me foot through the telly…………….what a boring drone like individual………..I believe the BBC were inundated with hundreds of complaints about him……and rightly so.
      One Quote after the game(amongst many others):-
      Other viewers joked that the England physiotherapist Gary Lewin – stretchered off after injuring his ankle – had actually “fallen into a coma” while listening to Neville.
      “And the BBC have just made one change for the second half. They’ve taken off Phil Neville and brought on a speak-your-weight machine.”

      • Peaky

        Yes I can remember that….and wasn’t Gary the defensive coach for England when basic defending errors from throw ins etc cost them the game against Iceland in Euros 16…they are a right pair of twonks…

        • Kneebotherm8

          Yeah Gary’s a top manager and coach……….a la Valencia………..their respective commentating and coaching skills are on a par with each other………

    • Rich Lawson

      Hate Collymore,but the stat’s don’t lie.

  • Mrkgw

    Well said Stan. Very much a case of credibility spent for those other hapless pundits. Ridiculous claim to have made and they must know it, surely.

    • porciestreet

      Mr K, for me, as soon as these plonkers start talking, i turn the volume off as with Gray, Keys etc.
      Most of this c**p is synonimous with ex Munure players isnt it and the writing is on the wall before the programme even starts.

      • MrkGW

        Yes, most certainly seem to have lost the plot and are no more informed than the rest of us. During the KK reign, I actually likes the Gray and Keys partnership but now, their true colours have come to light. Not good! Fingers crossed for some points vs Burnley – we need them.

  • Leazes.

    You should do a poll….

    How interested are you in the opinions of people with links to…..

    Both Man United and Liverpool
    Just Man United
    Just Liverpool
    BetVictor and Both
    BetVictor and Man United
    BetVictor and Liverpool
    Nether just Betvictor
    I’ve lost the will to live….

    Who is it behind this Jackie Smithfield and Graham Porter nonsense…… is it Simon Van der Velde or someone else…..

    ……maybe the could tell us, or we could do a poll and guess, because whoever it is they aren’t United fans, they are as silent as Charnley and Ashley!

    A. Simon Van Der Velde
    B. Mark Jensen
    C. A professional Media Company based somewhere near Salford hired to fill a certain amount of pages but is struggling to have an interest in Newcastle United.
    D A and C
    E B and C
    F None Smithfield and Porter are real people, I honestly believe that. really….

    • Fixer

      Just a normal article Leazes.
      Can’t you have a giggle.
      It is actually better than very silly click bait articles Mag usually comes up with.
      Is there anything that can make u happy?(or stop whining)

      We all know the Mag writers won’t reply back, why keep banging on about the same thing that they are pen names of Simon? I believe u, does that make u happy

      • Leazes.

        Cheers Mark

        The authors don’t write back because they (or he) isn’t in touch….. and shouldn’t be representing United fans, and neither should Douglas or Ryder for that matter.

        an article should be about ore than an excuse to name call the miscreant, but every week its the same bunch….

        ….excluding Ryder Douglas and Waugh!

  • Neville and Ferdinand are an absolute joke as pundits, even Merson has more credibility.

    • porciestreet


    • Steven05

      Don’t get carried away – MERSON???

  • MadMag83

    Technically old ugly Phil isn’t that wrong, Newcastle and Forest sides came up from the First Division, not the Championship. If only he wasn’t so stupid….

  • Paul Patterson

    So many flaws with this argument. Wolves came up AND SPENT Absolute fortunes in fact.
    I would argue that our side that Chris Houghton brought up was better than this Wolves side. It came up and hardly spent a thing and even ended up in 12th, smashing the Mackems 5-1, Villa 6-0 etc, despite the owner flogging Carroll for £35m the following January.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Aye,that 12th place finish would have been down to Pardew according to the usual suspects on this site……..

  • Dillon Tovak

    I thought wolves were always going to struggle at some point given the amount of Portugueezers they brought in, good players though they are they’re not typically PL suited players.

  • Jonas

    I thought this at the time, reading Jamie Redknapps opinion on it
    sad – but most pundits really are morons who don’t know their football history and the media in general over-reacts to every thing – games aren’t even finished when there getting all excited (as if a team that’s went behind has never turned it around) asking for people to book their calls to moan about their teams performance – ffs at least wait until the game.
    Ipswich came up and qualified for Europe. Leicester came up finished mid-table and won the league cup. But no, come to a judgement on a team after seven games and a good away point – because nobody gets a draw away from home unless their special.
    good to get that off me chest

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    People might not like Collymore for his past antics and rightly so, But he is bang on here.
    I’m tired of hearing the insincere platitudes, Fake history, And all round a**e crawling that now goes on in The Premier League !

    I am with the Palace fans when they had their banners during “Deadline Day” which implied Sky Sports had been ruining English Football since 92, Because it is true !

    I really wish those scumbags would go bust and leave us alone with their tearing away at the fabric which has been our culture and tradition for years.