It looks as though Isaac Hayden is still desperate to leave Newcastle United.

The midfielder going public in the summer, saying he wanted to leave St James Park due to personal/family reasons.

With a small squad and Mike Ashley insisting on a £20m+ profit in the summer window, Rafa Benitez refused the player’s request, not least because he knew if he sold Isaac Hayden he would almost certainly not get the full sale price to invest in a replacement. Mikel Merino sold for £10m and replaced by free transfer Ki Sung-yeung, whilst Rafa was blocked from buying Salomon Rondon and only allowed a loan deal that meant Dwight Gayle had to go in the other direction, despite Mitrovic being sold for £22m – which could rise to £27m.

Yesterday, Rafa Benitez took the opportunity to praise and boost Isaac Hayden (see below), mindful of the fact that he might need him in the coming weeks and months due to his limited squad.

Isaac Hayden still desperately wants to leave and the fact that Rafa Benitez has only given the midfielder two league starts in the past 11 months sums up how far out of his first teams plans the former Arsenal player is, especially moving forward. Hopefully money will be made available in January so Rafa Benitez can bring in new players who he does want to play in the team, allowing Isaac Hayden and possibly others to leave.

As for Isaac Hayden’s next club, it was widely thought he must want to move back to the London/Essex area where he is originally from.

However, it has now been revealed that it is the South West which is a more likely destination. Bristol Live report that Isaac Hayden’s young daughter lives with her mother in Wales, the player obviously wanting to move closer and see more of her.

Bristol Live put Bristol City up as potential next club for Hayden but obviously Cardiff and Swansea would also make sense.

If a player wants to leave, especially for these kind of reasons, then usually it makes little sense to keep hold of them. However, with the daft way Mike Ashley runs Newcastle and the extreme limitations on transfers this past summer, Rafa Benitez was put in an impossible situation when it came to coming up with a solution.

Rafa Benitez:

“Isaac Hayden is fine.

“At the start of the season it was all a bit confused but he is OK.

“He played against Cardiff and got sent off, which obviously I was not expecting.

“After that, with Diame and Shelvey playing well, now Ki has the Premier League experience too, so it has been difficult for him.

“Because of the balance of the bench, we have decisions to make all the time but he is fine.

“He was an important player for us but, because at the beginning of the season everything was a little bit wrong, he needed to settle down.

“You could see against Cardiff, I’m not blaming him, but he was not focused and I wasn’t expecting it.

“He was sent off because, for me, he was very excited and wanted to impress.

“It was wrong for him but, if he continues to train like he has the last couple of weeks, then he will get chances to play.

“I was speaking to him and he is fine, at the moment he wants to be here…I think so, but we will see in the future.

“It doesn’t matter anyway because he is here (for the time being) and he has to keep going.”

  • Paul Patterson

    That’s fine if he wants to leave, no problem with that and no problem with the lad but he should be doing the leg work and if he wants to go so badly, he can also take what I’m sure would be a pay cut depending on where he goes to.

  • Kenny

    hopefully money will be available in January
    No chance

  • Leazes.

    You can tell its an international break.

  • Peaky

    South west…..Torquay should do him nicely….

    • Taz

      hes not good enough for them :)

      • killymag

        he is dog s#it who will want him

    • Malcolm Fisher

      South West….Torquay???

      • Peaky

        Is Torquay not in Devon which is south AND west ?

        • Malcolm Fisher

          I think you’ll find Torquay is on the South coast not the west

          • simonjames60

            it is in the south west.

            it lies on the south coast but that doesn’t relocate it from the South West

            in the same way Newcastle isn’t relocated away from the North East by virtue of the fact that its on the East Coast

          • Peaky

            Thanks Simon….👍

          • Malcolm Fisher

            Never said it wasn’t in Devon, I said it was on the south coast not the west. Torquay is a long drive from Bristol in Somerset or Barnstaple on the west coast of Devon. It’s like driving from Newcastle to the lake district.

  • Billmag

    If it wasn’t for the idiotic way fatty runs the club the lad would have been gone by now and rightly so.

  • Leazes.

    I see that Luke Edwards has debunked the takeover lie doing the rounds on London based clickbait…..

    …..Ashley isn’t going anywhere despite the new suit and tie…. brown why brown?

    • Wezza

      I saw the on another toon site where looking in the comments is a troll! Probably the same one who posts here!

  • Wor Lass

    Kids grow up fast and the lad wants his daughter to grow up knowing he`s there for her. That`s no bad thing but, as Paul says, his best bet is to put in extera effort and make himself a tempting target for other clubs. It doesn`t help his move by being on the bench or kicking is heels at home.

  • robbersdog

    Beggars can’t be choosers; the premise that he’ll have his pick of clubs in his chosen area is a bit fanciful.