Massive relief for Richard Scudamore and his family that they will be able to put food on the table this Christmas.

Having already made at least £20m via his connection to the Premier League, the outgoing Executive Chairman will get an extra £250,000 from each of the 20 Premier League clubs.

Money which at the end of the day comes from fans of course, one way or another.

When news came out earlier this week (see below) of the intended £5m/£250,000 per club thank you payment, fans were naturally gobsmacked.

Thursday has seen (also see below) an official PL statement confirming the £5m payment and the reasons why it is justified…

Once you have read this, like me I am sure you will be convinced that indeed Richard Scudamore doesn’t deserve an extra £5m but indeed far more!!

So why don’t all fans of Premier League clubs rally around and have bucket collections at the next round of PL matches, after all, there can’t be any other causes that would be far more worthy to get the £250,000/£5m, would there????

Premier League official statement:

“The Premier League has today agreed the arrangements for Richard Scudamore stepping down from his role as Executive Chairman.

“The decision was made by the Audit and Remuneration Committee and the Non-Executive Directors, supported and endorsed by the clubs.

“The payments, which will eventually total £5m, will be spread over the next three years and are in consideration of three important areas.

“It was vital that a comprehensive set of non-complete clauses were extended, to ensure the best possible protection for the future of the Premier League.

“It was agreed that it is crucial for the League’s ongoing success that Richard’s unique knowledge and experience remain available in an advisory capacity.

“The payments are in recognition of the outstanding work Richard has carried out over the last 19 years.

“The Premier League would like to put on record out thanks to Richard for his exceptional contribution to the success of the league.”

The Mag – 13 November 2018:

As yet another example of just how out of touch the people at the top in football are, Newcastle United and the other 19 Premier League clubs have each been asked to pay Richard Scudamore £250,000 as a going away present.

He is on £2.5m per year already and it is he (Richard Scudamore) who is deciding to move on, yet clubs, which in effect fans, are being asked to give him and additional £5m bonus.

Only 59, no doubt the outgoing Premier League executive chairman will shortly find another role where he will be once again be paid a fortune, it isn’t as though he is worried about whether he can afford to switch the heating on in his retirement.

This is one occasion when I do hope Mike Ashley’s reticence to allow club spending does come into play, hopefully instead of £250,000 of Newcastle fans money, it will be five pairs of white sports socks donated by the Sports Direct supremo.

The man behind the idea is Bruce Buck, a close personal friend of Richard Scudamore and also chairman of Chelsea.

Interestingly, this is the same Bruce Buck who only last month said he was determined to block UEFA proposals to encourage more competition in European football.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin wants to redress inequalities across European football and has suggested targeting dominant clubs with a ‘luxury tax’ to try and give smaller clubs more of a chance.

The UEFA  President saying he want to stop a small group of clubs having the majority of the wealth in the sport, which he says ‘Threatens the competitive balance that is essential to football’s appeal.’

Quite unbelievably, the Chelsea chairman’s reply to these ideas saw him declare he wasn’t in ‘Favour of dumbing down the large clubs in order to make all clubs the great unwashed.’

Bruce Buck speaking in October 2018 at the Leaders Sport Business Summit:

“In terms of competitive balance, which is always viewed in a negative way…I personally believe that for the development of football, marquee clubs and marquee players are important.

“It is important in developing a fan base, it is important in encouraging young people to engage in this sport and it is also important in terms of the large clubs having the ability to put a lot of money into good causes which they do.

“So I am not, as a general proposition, in favour of dumbing down the large clubs in order to make all clubs the great unwashed.

“I just don’t think it works for the long-term.

“Clubs have to seek their natural position in the football order.

“No matter where you are in that, you want to improve, but I don’t think we should assume that because every club is not equal that therefore it’s bad.”

It is disgusting really, considering all the built-in advantages clubs such as Chelsea increasingly have, where they increasingly squeeze the rest to try and ensure they take more for themselves and cement their position for evermore. Whether it is with seeding in the Champions League, or the recent revelation that Chelsea were allegedly one of those clubs behind plans for a European Superleague which would have no relegation for at least 20 years for clubs such as Chelsea.

Particularly amusing is that Bruce Buck last month gave as one of the reasons why they should keep as much money as possible because ‘it is also important in terms of the large clubs having the ability to put a lot of money into good causes which they do.’

We see where the Chelsea boss is coming from now, ‘good causes’ such as giving his mate Richard Scudamore a bonus £5m.

Richard Scudamore of course trying to push through some great ideas, such as having Premier League matches played overseas….

  • Leazes.

    Thats £5 from everyone at SJP….. you can all send him a retirement message when the card comes around.

    • Paul Patterson

      If he’s still here, you can bet that will be the owners plan for tickets . .

      • Kev Newcastle England

        What an absolute disgrace

  • Carverlier football

    Great, if I quit my job will I get 2 years’ salary as a leaving gift too?

  • Tweed Mag

    Is this hush money? Is the PL paying him to stay as a consultant so he does not spill the beans? Whatever the reason there are far more deserving cases than Scudamore.

    • Ram Kishore

      Consultant is an excuse imo.
      They could have given this money to other causes definitely. Showing that PL clubs have a social responsibility.
      Contribute to domestic causes or
      Since the clubs are getting huge funds from overseas broadcasting rights and overseas fans.
      They could definitely contribute to UN funds for refugees or relief works. Ffs they could do something or anything

  • mactoon

    Well now EVERY football fan has a reason to protest.

    • KennySamsung

      Don’t read the Chronicle comments there are one or two who agree with this stupidity

  • Mirandinha9

    I’m absolutely gutted by this decision – I’ve been changing my view on Cashley over the past two months given his attendance at consecutive matches. I’m taking to him. I believed him when he said that Rafa could have ‘every penny’ of the £250,000 he was going to going to give him to buy a centre forward of the ilk of George Reilly, Tony Cunningham, Frank Pingel or Billy Whitehurst in the January transfer window. We’ll be back to square one now, with this money now going to Scudamore. At least Cashley tried. I feel for him and can only imagine how troubled he’ll be as he puts his two fingers up and around his left ear again, in a ‘v’ sign shape.

    • panther

      Scudamore could play instead of hoss

  • toonterrier

    No doubt it will come in handy to pay for his tea and biscuits when he gets his seat in the House of Lords. Another disgraceful decision by the tosspots running football.

  • Peaky

    Fuckingridiculous……getting pissedoff with footballers and their demands and tbh getting pissedoff with football full stop….and now this ????

    • Kneebotherm8

      He’s already said he was surprised and embarrassed by the proposal………not too embarrassed to stick it in his back pocket I’m sure……….or will he donate it to charity…………watch this space…….

      • Ram Kishore

        Everyone knows that this a embarrassing situation. But I just can’t believe none of the club’s objecting or voted against it.

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Football is dead,has been for years to me

      • Peaky

        Agree with you… much as I don’t like the bloke Roy Keane’s famous “prawn sarnie brigade” remark is now truer than ever….

  • Leicester Mag

    Football the modern day Crassus, utterly consumed by greed

    • Peaky

      At the current rate the game of the working man will very soon be an elitist sport…

    • Dave Pattinson

      Agree Leicester! Absolutely disgusting, especially when I’m sitting here watching Food Banks on Look North. I do a bit for a disabled kids charity and can only imagine what £250k would do for us. If we need any more evidence that the EPL exists only to feed itself, here it is. At least Scudamore is taking it in instalments over 3 yrs, hope him & his missus can manage the weekly shop. No sign of PL reducing tkt prices then eh? And we called the bankers for being greedy barstewards, football makes them look like shoplifters.

      • panther

        I know mate it’s disgusting, I volunteer for a food bank, doing deliveries on my day off, just seems the least deserving get it all, we need a Thomas Fairfax

  • Mike D

    He can get the biggest goose and $hit on poor Tiny Tim from a great height. It warms your heart.

  • HarryHype59

    This is another example of the increasing disconnect between the EPL and the ordinary fan.

    “Greed is good”

    Is the mantra of these people.

    It is morally reprehensible!

    • Peaky

      “Grocer Jack,Grocer Jack,Get off your back……”…..still going Harry…😂😂😂

    • KennySamsung

      My sentiments entirely.. it is morally wrong and a kick in the face of social democracy/responsibilty.

  • graham18

    Can we ask that Scudamore gives something to Rafa-however small -cos the FCB won’t

  • JohnnyH

    Watching team rickshaw raising money for children in need, about £1.5 million so far I think, from the whole of the country.
    To think this absolute piece of $hit is going to walk off with £5 million as a extra pay off for his contribution to one of the most corrupt organisations out there makes me nauseous.

  • ivanlogan

    What advancement has he made? The premier league was set up to enable clubs to develop young English talent which has down gone from 75% to 25% with the fans regularly phased out the game via ticket prices and tv dates at short notice, that payment for his knowledge is not only ridiculous it’s offensive to the woman taking over the reigns

  • KennySamsung

    Mike Ashley = greed
    Premier League = greed
    FA = greed and out of touch
    Players wages = greed

    The distance between football leaders, owners, clubs, players etc .. and the paying public is getting wider. Possibly doing away with academies is moving further away from grass roots.
    Ownership of any company is more than just finance it’s about people, it’s about the child that goes to that first game with floodlights reflecting in their tiny eyes and their reaction to the noise of the crowd and the passion of being UNITED, it’s about you and me and what it means to be a Newcastle supporter, the smell of the cold winter air on the way back into the tyneside night and fog on the tyne.
    Monday morning win or lose the only coversation is about the match. Noticed I skipped all the beers and Keegan burgers consumed and the European nights were special but don’t worry they will return.

  • Superdooperhooper

    So ashley will gladly hand over 250k to someone who doesn’t need it but keeps his own staff on zero hours minimum wage contracts. Come on ashley supporters defend this!

    • KennySamsung

      The TV deal means supporters are no longer important. Can you imagine in 10/20 years time teams playing in front of no crowds, they’ll have to put cardboard cut outs in every seat.

      • Lewis SG

        You know what’s the future? VR

        Watching at home in VR mode and then wife mopping the floor, looking at me pointing at the wall cursing the referee. TV deals are only going to get bigger and more expensive.

        • panther

          I agree, sky keep putting the prices up, and they have less games on

  • Cushty lad

    Just heard Gold on tv endorsing it. Other half of the dil#o brother’s. And by Go(l)d have we been shafted!!!

  • Mike

    The rise of Food Banks a UN envoy to investigate extreme poverty in the UK and rich scum getting creaming millions …disgusting.

    • Realist

      It’s a twisted world we live in, greed greed and more greed when people starve and have no where to live but that’s just how the deep state planned it.

  • Elsa

    I hope it’s in pennies.

    Absolutely reprehensible situation

  • JohnnyH

    Went on the FSF site to see what they’re doing about it…….
    Surprise surprise F#ck all.
    Kevin Miles, if ever there was a matter to get out of your box for, this is it.

  • panther

    That’s more than the transfer fund