Rafa Benitez has been asked if Newcastle have been unlucky and deserved more points than they have now.

The Magpies sitting with six points from 11 matches, thanks to the win against Watford, three draws, plus the seven defeats.

So what is the truth?

This is what Rafa Benitez had to say and then below that I have reviewed each of Newcastle’s 11 games and tried to be as even-handed as possible.

Rafa Benitez:

“Some of the games we deserved more.

“We were unlucky to miss the penalty at Cardiff and the penalty should have been given against Man United.

“Now we have three points and hopefully we can carry on against Bournemouth.”

Newcastle 1 Tottenham 2

A good second half including hitting the bar and Kenedy wasting a one on one with the Spurs keeper, Newcastle ended up with same number of shots (15) as the visitors. Deserved a draw.

Cardiff 0 Newcastle 0

Newcastle showed so little ambition against a clearly poor team. Kenedy could have won it with the late penalty but the goalless scoreline was a fair reflection of the play.

Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

The penalty decision could have gone either way but Newcastle deserved to lose this one, did so little going forward.

Man City 2 Newcastle 1

A spirited performance but the end result couldn’t be argued with.

Newcastle 1 Arsenal 2

Had a decent go in the first half but result reflected the game.

Palace 0 Newcastle 0

Newcastle did ok first half but shocking after the break. Defended quite well but marginally deserved to lose.

Newcastle 0 Leicester 2

Poor defending for the second goal and a modern day penalty gifting the first for Leicester, the ball blasted at Yedlin’s arm from a yard away. No complaints with this result.

Man Utd 3 Newcastle 2

Rafa points to the penalty Newcastle should have had and that’s true but Man Utd then should have had one when Muto handled. So purely on events that did happen, they evened themselves out. Man Utd had so many chances as the game progressed I don’t think you can claim Newcastle deserved to win but I think a point was deserved.

Newcastle 0 Brighton 1

Brighton so negative and scored with a deflection, pretty much their only chance of the game. Newcastle had 27 shots and a handful of those were decent efforts, a game Newcastle deserved to have won.

Southampton 0 Newcastle 0

When you don’t have a single effort on target then what do you deserve? A good battling display in defence but Southampton should have won as they produced enough chances to. Newcastle definitely got away with this one and didn’t really deserve anything.

Newcastle 1 Watford 0

If you claim Newcastle deserved to beat Brighton, then you have to accept Watford should have comfortably won this one. They deserved to be two or three up at the break and have the game won, though obviously Rafa’s players deserve credit for battling away and taking their chance. Overall though, the visitors deserved the three points on the play overall.

By my reckoning, Newcastle deserved their draw at Cardiff but on overall play deserved to lose to Watford, Southampton and Palace. Which means only one of their six points that Newcastle have got was ‘deserved’ .

On a more positive note, I think Newcastle did deserve to beat Brighton and also get a point against both Man Utd and Tottenham.

So by my calculations, Newcastle have ended up with how many points they deserve, only not necessarily from the matches where they did end up picking points.

When Rafa says Newcastle were ‘unlucky to miss the penalty at Cardiff’, it wasn’t really unlucky was it. It was a shocker from Kenedy but in terms of the overall match it would have been a smash and grab for the Magpies to have got a win.

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  • Kenny

    Have Nufc been unlucky, NO

    • Themoscow72

      Yes with the refs the Man Utd game three points lost, Chelsea one, Brighton one and Leicester one.

  • toonterrier

    We’ve been unlucky for more than ten seasons with a fat greedy so and so owning the club not forgetting some of the clowns he has had to pull the strings. Until he goes we’re going nowhere. Stay away lads and lasses and save your money until a new owner comes in.

  • t00nraider

    Yes we have been and hopefully over the course of the season we can show we are beter than what the table currently shows.

  • Themoscow72

    Should have point against Chelsea as not a penalty, a point against Leicester as they never had a shot till they got that penalty, three against Man Utd if given that penalty, one against Brighton as was not a corner. In short should be on twelve points if the correct decisions had been made by the refs. Last season we were second top of points lost for incorrect decisions will be top this season.

  • Hughie

    Perennial moan from poor teams. The reason we are struggling is nothing to do with luck it’s because of our appalling attack and the so called 4 strikers. Perez is the main culprit- one goal and endless wasted possession every game. It’s simply about lack of quality.

    • Icky (Heaton)

      Many a true word is spoken in jest, spot on, sadly the truth, we are appalling :-(

    • Leazes.

      ✅ Correct

      We shouldn’t expect penalties either.

  • Danimal

    I think they’ve done well to stay in all those games (apart from Arsenal and Leicester) right up to the 90th minute). Having got that far (arguably thanks to the much maligned “negative tactics”?), you’d maybe expect to have nicked a couple more points here and there, rather than losing by a single goal six times. As for “deserve”? The players deserve a bit more for their effort but the club is getting exactly what it asked for.

    • Leazes.

      I think we deserve better goal celebrations than insulting the fans!

      • Virsino

        Yeah, I didn’t like that from the little $hit. He went further down in my estimations, not as a result of his pi$$ poor play, but as a result of his pi$$ poor attitude.

  • Leazes.

    Do our fans have the owner they ‘deserve’?

    If that is true then we have the results we deserve….

    …..the se7enteenth most valuable squad is currently performing as expected


    • Kneebotherm8

      Heaven 17 for Mike…..

  • Leicester Mag

    We should have 12 points according to Moscow. Couple of bottles of home brew vodka seems to enhance optimism to new levels

    • Leazes.

      Why quote a troll?

  • magpiefifer

    Yes,we’ve had bad luck in some games – eg Man U,Brighton – but we’ve also had luck in some where we have got points we haven’t deserved,so overall it’s probably about right!!

  • 1957

    Teams that get relegated often hide behind bad decisions or bad luck, rather than admit they are poor. Bad decisions are part and parcel of football and always have been and looking back is pointless you cant change a thing

  • Toontone100

    The truth is that Rafa is right – we have been a bit unlucky at times. But he is also under no illusions we need more quality, he just cant say that & it would do no good to say that (other than behind closed doors). January will tell us if Cashley accepts that.

  • killymag

    It is funny how lucky teams win things and un-lucky teams get relegated