Never very quick off the mark when it comes to moving the game along in the right direction, Thursday is expected to see the Premier League finally back the use of VAR.

This weekend saw yet more instances of clubs clearly wrongly penalised due to decisions made by officials, officials who don’t have the benefit of seeing on a screen what the rest of us can.

This ludicrous current position on Video Assistant Referees (VAR) is on the agenda at Thursday’s meeting of Premier League shareholders, which is expected to lead to a vote on whether to introduce it as from next season.

All of the other major European leagues are already using it, England left behind by Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

VAR was also successfully used in this summer’s World Cup finals and will be used in the Champions League matches as from next (2019/20) season.

The referees association PGMOL trialled the VAR system earlier this season to test that the technology could work at their data centre for multiple matches at the same time.

This was the weekend in September when Newcastle lost 2-1 to Arsenal, with no problems reported. The match officials weren’t fed the information on that occasion, it was simply to show that the technology was fit for purpose.

Managers Mark Hughes and Slavisa Jokanovic were the latest this weekend to be outraged at decisions going against them.

There are countless examples of obvious mistakes being made that would be easily picked up by VAR, such as the penalty Newcastle should have had at Old Trafford this season, which could/would have put NUFC 3-0 up and even Newcastle would have struggled to throw that one away.

Many incidents bring the game into disrepute, such as that Raheem Sterling trip/dive with nobody near him against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League last week, the penalty decision laughable for anybody watching on TV.

Hopefully, as expected a bit of common sense will break out when the Premier League clubs meet on Thursday.

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    The Ronnie really is the gift that keeps on giving……”5 Left Backs We Could Sign In January”…..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      Frank Clark is trying to promote a book at the moment,don’t think his saturday’s are booked ?

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      We only need 1!

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    Has anybody noticed the Prem clubs have been asked to kick in Β£250K each to give good old Richard Scudamore a 5mil cheerio. Cheeky B######s ! Really hope this is one where ”Mike” digs his heels in and tells them to F##K OFF ?

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    Double standards really. Managers like Mark Hughes often bleat on about decisions that don’t go their way, but they never reference the ones that do that shouldn’t have . .

  • Billmag

    We have the worst bunch of Ref’s this season than we have ever had, and the sooner they introduce VAR the better it will be for everyone, we might even get our fair share of penalties.

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    An extra five minutes on the pitch so the ref can look at the screen will mean the poor players will be worn out. No doubt within a couple of years they’ll be playing thirty minutes each half.

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    Can’t come soon enough……

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    maybe someone will actually get sent off playing against newcastle one day……..