Premier League clubs are looking to work every margin to try and give them an advantage.

Clubs prepared to invest in state of the art training complexes, their Academies and of course the first team squad.

Mike Ashley the odd one out amongst the 20 Premier League owners, as he refuses to allow the club to even use its own generated revenues to improve all these key areas.

This is despite having made a series of promises in the past, promises and commitments that have been broken.

The latest innovation sees Bournemouth announce the appointment of a loan player manager.

Former reserve team manager and Bournemouth first team player Carl Fletcher has been given the newly created role.

His job is to monitor players from the first team and under 23 squads who are out on loan.

Fletcher’s job will be to ensure the development of the Bournemouth players out at other clubs and he’ll ‘Liaise and communicate between AFC Bournemouth and various departments at each player’s loan club, including coaching, medical, sports science and analysis, to ensure a smooth transition and a successful spell.’

I have got no doubt that all clubs, including Newcastle United, will check up on their loan players to greater or lesser extent, but making such an appointment and giving them the resources to do the best possible job, as Bournemouth appear to have done, can only help to look after valuable club assets.

Newcastle ave their own fair share of players out on loan but with Mike Ashley unwilling to spend a penny that he isn’t forced to do so, difficult to see him following Bournemouth’s lead.

It makes you wonder what arrangements Chelsea have in place…

Including Kenedy, they currently have 40 (FORTY) players out on loan, sounds like they could do with any number of player loan managers!

Bournemouth Official Statement:

Carl Fletcher has been appointed as AFC Bournemouth’s new loan player manager.

The 38-year-old former Cherries midfielder has taken up the new role with immediate effect, having previously been the club’s under-23s manager.

As loan player manager, Fletcher will monitor players from the first team and under-23 squads who are out on loan.

He will liaise and communicate between AFC Bournemouth and various departments at each player’s loan club, including coaching, medical, sports science and analysis, to ensure a smooth transition and a successful spell.

“I’m really excited about the role,” explained Fletcher.

“I’ve been working with the under-18s and under-23s at the club for five years and have really enjoyed seeing the lads come through the system, watching them develop as players and people.

“Now it is time for the next step and when the role came up it was something that appealed to me.

“I’m really looking forward to getting out there and experiencing another part of the football world, visiting the players who are out on loan and making sure they are being looked after properly.”

AFC Bournemouth chief executive, Neill Blake, said:

“Making use of the loan system has become a key part of developing our players over the last few years.

“Therefore, this is a very important role within the structure of the club and one that we have been looking at for some time.

“It was crucial we got the right person and I am delighted to appoint Carl, who we believe is the perfect fit for the position, given his wealth of knowledge and experience both as a player and a coach.”

  • mactoon

    As far as I can tell our loan players consist of players Rafa doesn’t rate and Ashley wants sold to get them off the wage bill so I doubt they will pay much attention to them.

    • Wor Lass

      You don`t think Rafa rates Kenedy or Rondon?

      • Carverlier football

        Loaned out, not in

        • Wor Lass

          Ah! Thanks for that. I`m still trying to get over the idea of Kenedy taking over from Rafa.

          • Ashley-out

            anything is possible under the parasite

          • Rich Lawson

            New hair cut.Left winger 1st on the team sheet ?

      • Kenny

        Kenedy yes, the jury is out on Rondon but he is the best we have

      • mactoon

        The role is to look after players we’ve loaned out. Likes of Aarons who aren’t in rafas plans.

  • Kenny

    We have Penfold

    • Mike D

      Doing three jobs poorly and getting paid an absolute pittance by PL standards. Four jobs if he really does make the teas.

  • Wor Lass

    When I read the headline I thought someone had appointed a player on loan to be the manager! Don`t tell the Fat Barsteward about that one!

    • Rich Lawson

      It’s nonsence really

    • Leicester Mag

      Well he’s tried the Village idiot several times…

  • Ashley-out

    I thought Rafa had been sacked

  • Coble’s Return

    Ashley will probably get that clown Kinnear back to do the job. Didn’t he make enquiries at Birmingham City or somewhere about signing Shane Ferguson?

    • mactoon

      yes he enquired about one of our players

  • mentalman

    If the likes of chelsea and man city who have about 50 players out on loan between them dont see the need for a loan player manager then i dont really think we need one.

  • Mike D

    I think we’re more likely to get a player manager on loan if Benitez leaves. In other ‘news’ the Chronicle have reported interest in Mattia Destro. Scored 6 goals last season and has failed to score so far this season. He’ll fit right in.

    • Ashley-out

      perfect, is he on a free ?

      • Mike D

        Ah! I forgot about that.

        • JohnnyH

          And is he injured?

  • Jay

    Football is gone politics rule