Newcastle United have the dreaded Monday night slot in the next round of matches.

For fans, especially those who are regular travellers, it is by far the worst timing of a match.

Saturday lunchtime is pretty rubbish but a Monday night after you’ve had your weekend off work, is truly bad.

Typical as well that even Newcastle’s shortest journey (232 round trip) isn’t made easy for supporters going to the match.

As for the manager and team, Monday nights are hardly ideal either, as it often gives added pressure if results have gone against you in the other nine games.

With Newcastle only one point above the relegation zone there is obviously still no room for complacency but despite playing Monday night, I think it could actually be even of benefit to Rafa and his team on this occasion.

This is how the Premier League currently looks and then the fixtures for the weekend…

Current Premier League table:

newcastle united

Saturday 24 November

Brighton v Leicester (3pm)

Everton v Cardiff (3pm)

Fulham v Southampton (3pm)

Man Utd v Crystal Palace (3pm)

Watford v Liverpool (3pm)

West Ham v Man City (3pm)

Tottenham v Chelsea (5.30pm)

Sunday 25 November

Bournemouth v Arsenal (1.30pm)

Wolves v Huddersfield (4pm)

Monday 26 November

Burnley v Newcastle United (8pm)

Thanks to having easily the least worst goal difference of the bottom seven, I think it pretty much guarantees that Newcastle won’t be back in the relegation zone by the time they play Burnley.

For that to happen you would need at least three of Palace, Huddersfield, Southampton and Cardiff to win, which is very unlikely.

Southampton could win at Fulham but the other three are away at Man Utd, Wolves & Everton, all tough matches.

Instead, I think it will be a case of a draw against Burnley putting a couple of points of daylight between NUFC and the bottom three, whilst there is set to be the massive carrot of actually making it a four point comfort zone if Rafa’s players can win on Monday.

The Magpies are also meeting Burnley with the two clubs very much opposites when it comes to momentum.

Newcastle have seven points from the last nine and have conceded only one goal in over six hours of football, whilst Burnley haven’t won a game since September and have conceded 15 in their last five matches.

In fact, last season their success was built on a superb defence that conceded only 39 goals in 38 matches but this time they have already conceded 25 in 12 games, despite having three England international keepers in their squad.

The last two games have shown that if Newcastle score first they are capable of seeing a win out, score first on Monday night and it can be the same outcome.

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  • Paul Patterson

    I don’t know, being on Monday night gives us extra time to get players fit. Dummett, Shelvey and Lascelles are most important. Not to mention getting Rondon over international duty.

    • mentalman

      Im sure a certain someone will bring out the stats but we never win on a monday night when its on tv

  • Themoscow72

    We need five wins before Christmas. Burnley and Huddersfield away and West Ham, Wolves and Fulham at home so get to as many home games as you can.
    Whatever we get against Everton will be a bonus if we can win these five.

    • Kenny

      2 wins all season & you want 5 by Christmas,
      best of luck in that one, Loon

      • Themoscow72

        Five more wins thanks we are on a roll.

        • JohnnyH

          We’ve won 2 games monk, hardly a roll
          There’s only 6 games before Christmas, and you think we’ll win 5 of them?

          • Toontaff

            Monk’s certainly on a roll………………..rolling out the barrel…..of laughs!.

          • JohnnyH

            If he was serious, I’d be bothered, but like you say, you get a laugh at him.

          • killymag

            He must have been on the Columbian marching powder

          • Peaky

            It’s almost a childlike innocence with him…almost….like yourself it doesn’t really bother me….harmless at the end of the day and totally entitled to his own opinion….

          • Paul Patterson

            His posts definitely come across as erratic and demented.

  • DeadToiler

    A bit optimistic asking for 5 wins before Christmas. I hope you’re right but I’d be happy with 3

    • Peaky

      Yeah…have to say 3 is slightly more achievable but it’s one big scrap already against those teams we have to play…