Former Newcastle player Nile Ranger hasn’t played competitive football for almost a year now.

The striker wasting yet another opportunity when sacked from a long-term contract at Southend, where he couldn’t even be bothered to turn up for training on time.

It is a familiar story for somebody who has been given more chances than he deserves.

Newcastle United is by far the biggest club he has been at and he was given the push for taking liberties, particularly a dreadful record with time keeping.

Oxford United were the latest to give the now 27 year old a chance, Nile Ranger having been training with the club for the past month..

Under pressure from fans to add more goals, Oxford have only scored 21 goals in 19 league matches and are fifth bottom in League One (four clubs go down)

Oxford got a 1-1 draw at Sunderland in September and in February they host the Mackems, but Nile Ranger won’t be facing them.

Oxford have decided not to offer the out of work striker a new contract and so it is back to reality for Ranger.

Oxford manager Karl Robinson had previously said that the views of Oxford fans on whether he should sign the former Newcastle United player, would come into his thinking.

However, despite more than 60% of over two thousand Oxford fans voting to give Nile Ranger a contact in an Oxford Mail poll, Robinson has decided not to.

Though he was at pains to say it was a football decision rather than the striker misbehaving.

Not sure whether this is good news for Nile Ranger, as it appears to be a message saying that now on the pitch he isn’t good enough for League One, not just his conduct off it.

Karl Robinson talking to the Witney Gazette:

“Nile Ranger is not someone we want to take up the option on.

“We had a conversation and as a football club we felt it was right we looked more in January.

“I want people to understand that since he has been here he has been impeccably behaved in his conduct and his time-keeping.

“It’s hard because he proved to us that he was ready to be given an opportunity.

“And I do believe in giving people a chance.

“But I had a long chat with Nile last week about how he has to go away and start proving himself to people now.

“I do believe he will turn this concept around.

“He needs to stay strong in the next few months and as fit as he possibly can.

“But we just felt it wasn’t right for Oxford United to have him here in the short term.”

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