The international break has seen numerous quotes from both Salomon Rondon and Dwight Gayle, the pair saying how much they are enjoying life at their loan clubs.

There will always be an element of thinking, well they would say that, but with Gayle sitting on nine goals already and Rondon back to near full fitness with a two goal man of the match performance against Bournemouth, they no doubt are feeling positive at the minute.

Back in the summer it was widely reported that a swap deal was being negotiated for permanent moves, only for no agreement able to be reached.

The eventual loan swap deal was a last-minute arrangement saving the moves, just before the transfer window closed and indeed after West Brom had already kicked off their season. A £2m balancing fee eventually agree by Newcastle to go to West Brom, which allowed the loan swap to go ahead.

Wednesday morning brings a report from the Northern Echo who say their information is that Newcastle are now pushing to buy Salomon Rondon in January.

They also say that West Brom have given encouragement for a deal to be done, with them wanting Dwight Gayle to also complete a permanent move at the same time.

With both players enjoying their loan moves and neither of them seen as first choice at the clubs who have let them go out on loan, it looks a bit of a no-brainer unless something radically changes.

If both managers want the January moves to happen then it would appear only an unrealistic valuation by Mike Ashley on Gayle could prevent permanent deals happening, just as was the case in the summer.

Having already accepted with the £2m loan balancing payment that Saloon Rondon has a higher value,  it surely should be an easy deal to do.

There is also another massive motivation for Newcastle to get a permanent swap agreed according to the Northern Echo, because as it stands, they can’t loan another player from a Premier League club in January.

So, if Rondon is made permanent, it would free up a loan place (you are only allowed two from other English clubs at any one time) which looks pretty essential if Rafa Benitez is to increase the quality of the squad in January.

It is difficult to imagine Mike Ashley suddenly allowing the manager to get anywhere near breaking the 2005 transfer record, which he would surely have to do if buying a striker or creative player who’d look good enough to produce straight away. So another loan, just like last January’s transfer ‘action’, looks most likely if Benitez is to bring in players he sees as instant first choice.

Newcastle can still bring in loans from abroad but the risk factor for them has to be far higher if they have never played in the Premier League before. Martin Dubravka made an amazing instant transition but Rafa Benitez would do very well to repeat that kind of success.

With the pair aged 29 (Rondon) and 28 (Gayle), they need first team football at this stage of their career and need to be at clubs who want them, all the boxes seem to be ticked at the moment for permanent transfers to happen in six weeks time.

  • Leazes.

    Simon….what is your gripe against Newcastle United, and how did you get a job working for the Mag?

    • Kenny

      who`s Simon

      • Leazes.

        The author of this… under the pen name of both Graham Porter and Jackie Smithfield.

        • Toon

          Doesn’t matter who they are and what they write, it’s all the same click bait rubbish.

      • Wor Lass

        Keep up, Kenny. Simon Van de Watsit.

        • Leazes.

          …..Van de velde.

          Author Bio: I am a novelist, script and short-story writer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and the aim of my writing is to reach deep inside you, and squeeze.

          Samples of my work are available to both read and listen to on this site.

          I write about the things that upset or inspire me. Perhaps that is why my books are populated by such a range of alternately lovable and deeply troubled characters.

          ‘I love your wicked, amoral protagonist,’ writer, Ross Clark commented on my first novel, Denial.

          Sounds like a trolls charter and his raison d’État….

          Ross Clark…. no surely not?…… Clarko…lol

          • Wor Lass

            Is it still an international break? How can you tell?

        • Kenny

          i see you kept up

    • Carverlier football

      It’s been a while – what was the evidence for it being SVDV again? I’ll be honest, it’s not obvious in writing style compared to the one article I read in his own name

      • Leazes.

        His politics, I’ve always believed that the pen names are one person, because they simply don’t exist in the real world….the views and banal wallpaper reporting certainly aren’t the views of Mark Jensen who does want Ashley out…. this guy is blasé about it.

        There is a gulf in the politics of say Jensen and whoever is behind Smithfield and Porter that is obvious…. the problem is that the Mag is loaded by someone who is distant in their support for United, this is someone who has roped in media students to write bits and pieces regardless of which team they support like Man United fan, Jack Lacey Hatton.

        Porter states ‘ Love Newcastle but hate the endless off the field politics’…. well there’s a reason someone would say that, its because like the troll on here he’s in conflict with his own political bedfellow Ashley.

        When I read some of SVDV stuff he fitted the bill, he’s contributed under his own name… this is full time wallpaper journalism….

        ….whatever if its not him its someone who fits the same tired conservative photofit.

        • Carverlier football

          You may be right, based on the article in his own name though I’m yet to be convinced. I do definitely agree that Porter, Smithfield etc have got “filler” written all over them which suggests writing content on here is a job, not deeply held opinions, whoever they may be…

          • Jate Legend

            Why don’t you and Leaves try writing some content?

      • Jate Legend

        Leazes is completely paranoid.

  • Kenny

    King Rat will want a straight exchange & it looks like no money will be available which should put the final nail in the coffin as far as Rafa staying.

  • Rondon stays and Gayle stays, nobody pays anything and we get Solanke on loan. Would be nice if we can shift some players out though.

    • Toon Arnie

      That just about sums up our ambition. We must surely have some of our £123m tv money left ? He only stole £90m for House of Fraser so surely we must have £33m left for recruitment ?

  • Paul Patterson

    So no money spent then. That’s about right . .

  • Peaky

    WBA mustn’t be planning to get promoted then….Gayle is out of his depth in the PL….

    • Leazes.

      And Rondon is Rafa’s vision for the future of the club?

      • Peaky

        Rafa won’t give a 💩 once he’s out that door final whistle last game of the season.

        • Toon Arnie

          Do you blame him though ? The Fat Oaf lying to him constantly was always going to break him.

          • Peaky

            Can’t blame him at all….enough will be enough this time I reckon…then god knows who’ll rock up ???

      • Mark Davies

        And who would you buy given our current regigm? Messi? Ronaldo? Get your heed out of your 4r5e man

      • Toon Arnie

        Probably not – he was never Rafas first choice. He only came in to his thinking when he realised there was minimal funds again. We’ll sell
        Gayle and keep Rondon on loan. Rafa seems to have finally accepted that Ashley will never give him any funds and has lowered his expectation significantly.

  • X2

    “according to the Norhern Echo” hahahahahaha. That’s a journalism-free zone. More Ashley PR mob spin.