Newcastle United are looking set for another trip to Wembley.

The Tottenham farce continues with the club still not able to give any guarantees of when their new stadium will be ready.

It should have been ready at the start of the season but it has been repeatedly set back.

Now they have been given permission to continue playing at Wembley until the end of the season if necessary, with a reduced 51,000 capacity unless they appeal for a higher one.

Newcastle are set to play away at Tottenham on Saturday 2 February at 3pm, though this could change for TV.

Spurs will give another update in December with a January opening at the very earliest, but based on what has happened so far, it looks very much like Wembley beckons for Newcastle once again.

BBC Sport:

‘Tottenham have been given permission to continue playing their home matches at Wembley until their new stadium is ready – but at a reduced capacity.

Spurs were due to move into their new White Hart Lane stadium in September but the project has suffered a number of construction delays.

The club initially agreed to continue playing at Wembley until the end of the year. They can now play there indefinitely but with a reduced capacity of 51,000.

A planning application to Brent Council is required to increase the capacity to 62,000 with “additional limited exceptions” at 90,000.

The council had granted special dispensation to allow Tottenham to play the entire 2017-18 season at Wembley at full capacity.

The club had hoped to be in their new 62,062-seater stadium by the start of the current campaign. During the summer, this was changed to the 15 September meeting with Liverpool.

Just over a month before that game, Tottenham said that because of “issues with the critical safety systems” their move had been delayed. On 26 October, they confirmed all remaining games in 2018 would be played at Wembley, with chairman Daniel Levy saying it was still not possible to “confirm an exact opening date and fixture”.

Now that deadline has been extended indefinitely, with the stadium not expected to open until January 2019 at the earliest. The club say they will provide a further update on the stadium’s progress in December.

Tottenham’s next match at Wembley is against Chelsea in the Premier League on Saturday, November 24. That will be the final game, pending any further appeal to Brent Council, that Spurs will be allowed to use the stadium at its full capacity.’

  • Leicester Mag

    Do we assume therefore that Mike’s reluctance to extend St James Park is down to worries over delays?

    Thinking of the fans as ever 🤣

  • Peaky

    Hurry up if you want tickets for Wembley …..Moscow has just bought 17,000…..

    • Wezza

      Haha! Yes we must support the lads, Monk once spoke to Mike Ashley in a lift,
      Lovely guy etc etc etc.

    • Toontaff

      Half of Moscow and all of Monkseaton are joining him, then!

  • Tony English

    Anyone who has experienced the transport links to White Hart Lane should understand the delays to that build.

    I was working in the area last year and we watched it rise, slowly. The roads around there are often in gridlock due to deliveries to the site, it’s farcical.

    Whatever timeframe they set for the build add 40% on top for the terrible access to site. I’d be surprised to see them in there this season.