Mike Ashley has been warned by a club legend that failing to invest in the Newcastle squad in January could have dire consequences.

The club owner told that if this belated strengthening of the NUFC squad doesn’t happen ‘That could get see Newcastle get drawn into a relegation battle and they don’t want that.’

Most Newcastle fans and neutrals would say that the club/team are every much already in a relegation battle.

Whilst Saturday gave everybody a massive lift, it still means only one win in 11 matches and outside the relegation zone on goal difference.

It isn’t difficult to work out where the biggest weaknesses are, despite beating Watford, Newcastle created next to no chances and had only two efforts on target, the goal and then only one in open play when Foster made a comfortable save from Diame’s shot straight at him.

Over 25 years ago Kevin Keegan broke the then club record when buying Andy Cole for £1.75m, a striker who himself went on to break NUFC club records.

Over two and a half decades later though, Mike Ashley only allowed Rafa Benitez a similar amount to loan Rondon for a season, even to get him in, Rafa had to reluctantly  accept that Dwight Gayle would have to go the other way.

Andy Cole points to where the problem is although he downplays it a little bit, considering there was a profit on deals of over £20m made this summer, zero net investment in the squad:  ‘This season they are struggling a little bit with no big investment. You need to invest, you need to spend a little bit of money to try and propel the club forward.’

If say Newcastle had made only a net investment in the squad of some £30m in the summer, that would have given Rafa Benitez over £50m extra to play with, meaning that he could have pursued a decent quality centre forward and number 10, as well as an attacking left-back.

Rafa Benitez has repeated many times that he is waiting to see what happens in January before any decision could be made on a contract extension.

Andy Cole spells it out: ‘If you don’t invest, you are going to struggle’, and that is whatever manager you have, especially in the longer-term.

Spending £3.25m on Andy Cole and Peter Beardsley back in 1993 took that Newcastle team to a whole new level, who is to say that with a reasonable modern-day sized equivalent budget, Rafa Benitez couldn’t have built on that tenth place finish last season?

Andy Cole asked by Sky Sports about his impression of how the club is run now…:

“It is different, that is all I can say on that really…

“From the outside looking in, Rafa Benitez did an unbelievable job last season and I think Newcastle ended up finishing 10th.

“However you look at it, they superseded what they should have done.

“That is why this season they are struggling a little bit with no big investment.

“You need to invest, you need to spend a little bit of money to try and propel the club forward.

“In the Premier League, you have got to invest.

“If you don’t invest, you are going to struggle.

“Whatever happens, in January they are going to have to invest.

“There are a lot of teams around Newcastle United at the moment, that could get see them get drawn into a relegation battle, and they don’t want that.”

  • Paul Patterson

    He doesn’t care. We’re a 2018 Premier league club living on a 2008 budget.

    • Peaky

      You’re right….we are turning into a football version of “Life On Mars”….

      • Leicester Mag

        This is why Moscow feels so at home

      • Rich Lawson

        We need a Gene Hunt as centre forward rather than just a !!

        • Leicester Mag

          We have a gene hunt as an owner least I think that’s what most call him

    • Icky (Heaton)

      So true, sadly! I’ve believed for an age, that Mr obnoxious has both fans and club exactly where he wants!

      Fans he learnt quickly are easy to manipulate and abuse constantly, they’ll never fail their team, and the very same support so obvious in keeping him as the owner of their beloved club.

      With investment minimal as possible being the norm to achieve, he won’t care, he’ll never care, as long as the cash rolls in!

      If you don’t believe any of this, then you’re one of the delusional fans he knows he’s able to rely on 100%, which is in part the problem that allows this ongoing disaster, again, that keep him as the owner.

      A deplorable and depressing situation, that a good portion of our fans turn a blind eye, and accept that struggling for 17th is good and normal, his PR machine constantly coming out on top! I so wish this was wrong!

    • HarryHype59

      Perfectly true, Fatty wants to collect 2018s £120m plus TV money each season. He wants to pay pre 2008 prices and wages for players.

      • Toon Arnie

        The tv money is already earmarked for a Debenhams buyout next season. This nightmare shows no signs of ending. Apologists and apathy keep Ashley in power.

  • Wezza

    He will not allow the clubs own money to be spent! End of.

  • JohnnyH

    Could have called it like it is.
    Disappointed in you Andy. Let us down.

    • Polarboy

      What did you want him to say? We might personally want to be vitriolic towards Ashley, but beyond saying not enough money has been spent I don’t expect him to get up on his soapbox. As long as he isn’t calling Ashley a nice man who has put his money he is doing alright.

      • JohnnyH

        Ian Wright was more openly critical of how the club is run.
        I would have expected at least the same from a former player who was idolised by the supporters here.
        “It’s different that’s all I can say on it” wasn’t good enough for me.

        • Cockneytrev

          The moment he led the Manure fans singing “sad Geordie barstewrds” any affection I had for him left.
          I was in the strawberry when he was there with john Hall, he never smiled once, in fact he acted like a real rsole, whereas john all at least joined in.

        • Polarboy

          He’s not a pundit. Wright given that he’s sat next to Shearer on Match of the Day has to have a definitive opinion on it. Could have said more, sure, but I’m not going to hang him out to dry because he didn’t go on a diatribe. It’s not in certain people’s personality to do such things.

  • Polarboy

    There’s some vague rumours about players such as Welbeck and Shinji Kagawa being available for relatively cheap. Welbeck obviously has never been prolific, but him along with a number ten, which we desperately need, like Kagawa could definitely improve our attack considerably. Who else do people think we should go for, if indeed Ashley deems it necessary to get his cheque book out.

    • Carverlier football

      We’d never pay the wages

      • Polarboy

        Fair point. With both close to 30 they’d likely be looking for a bumper deal as well.

    • Paul Patterson


  • Ron

    Another knowledgeable ex player advising on the obvious lack of investment. He did well to get that aired on Sky – would have been edited if stronger, I think.

    Maybe readers from the Moscow end of Monkseaton might some day also see the light, though I doubt Ashley will.

    • Carverlier football

      They’ll only see the light the day they realise that trolling the forums of clubs you don’t support is a sad and tragic waste of life. Mind you, you could say much the same about supporting Newcastle and we can’t stop…

      • Themoscow72

        I suppose having 525 away loyalty points qualify’s as a troll in the Mags book.

        • Wezza

          Maybe not but trolling here every weekday, talking garbage and wanting to get a rise out of people to cure/satisfy a very sadistic and sad illness. That is a troll, which is you. Just to note you are not getting a rise out of me because I’m enjoying seeing you slip up time and time again.

          • JohnnyH

            He’s one I don’t block coz his posts are f#cking hilarious.

      • Paul Patterson

        I’m sure they are actually Newcastle fans. But then again, I have a relative who shouts at the TV, even though its off. I don’t take much notice of him either..

        • Rich Lawson

          Does he think he’s got one of those speech activated Samsung’s then ?

    • Themoscow72

      Think we sold him for £7m and Gillespie came the other way. Crazy decision when he was the Premiership top scorer. Ashley would never have sanctioned a move like that to our biggest rivals for the title. Apart from signing David Batty Keegan’ biggest mistake.

      • Ron

        But 18m later for another record fee Alan Shearer came to town. Now that IS a move Ashley wouldn’t sanction.

      • Paul Patterson

        Your right, Ashley wouldn’t have sanctioned the deal, because that would have meant backing his manager.

      • roblee7

        yes and we signed les Ferdinand and david ginola 5 months later!

      • Wezza

        You’re insane and you’re trolling again. The FCB sold Andy Carroll and the money never was seen again. Fact. Hence you’re trolling.
        The FCB also doesn’t even sanction any of the clubs money to be spent, fact, Rafa has had to sell and cheaper, downsized, freebies and loan signings were replaced. We effectively weakened the team in the summer.

        • Pezza

          Are you really accusing Moscovite as trolling

          • Toon Arnie

            I don’t believe you can’t see the underlying Ashley propaganda in every one of Moscow’s posts ? He is, in his defence, much more entertaining than drainers like Clarko, Ghostrider or Vodka who take themselves far too seriously. Moscow is obviously a wind up merchant and very much tongue in cheek.

          • Pezza

            Moscow is a rarity in that he supports the club.

            Personally, I find far more in common with Moscow and others compared to Leazes’, Wezza etc who are either stupid or deliberately misleading. I think Leazes’ us the latter, Wezza, sadly aboittle backward.

          • Big Hairy Man

            The mad monk of Moscow supports the club yet openly supports the parasite who is bleeding it dry. Bit of a conflict of interest me thinks.

          • Pezza

            You can’t bleed something dry if it started with no blood.

            We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by The Mag. Find out more.

      • Danimal

        I can’t stop laughing, that’s one of your best yet. Ashley and title? I can think of a few but none of them relate to the one we were close to under KK.

      • Big Hairy Man

        “Rivals for the title”, That brings back distant memories from the pre-Ashley era. Of course he wouldn’t sell to title rivals because we will always be at the other end of the table or the next table down while he’s here.

      • Toon Arnie

        Read Keegans book – he explains it all in there. It was the next two seasons after Cole left that we challenged for the title as well.

      • Big Al 1967

        Basic knowledge of the club and that transfer seriously lacking.

  • drc74

    next week, andy cole explains how the popes Catholic

  • Billmag

    C’mon Andrew say it as it is, that the owner has let the manager and fan’s down badly (again), the club needed to invest in the summer and not in the middle of the season when things are going badly.

  • BigHairyDog

    Ashley enjoys the gamble, it’s a thrill for him. I f we go down he’ll just put the cost of getting back up onto the price of the club.

    • Wezza

      Correct and he will use the parachute payments (which never get a mention, wonder why) and say they were ‘loans’ so he can be seen as a saviour and good owner for ‘investing’ to get us back to the Premier League. I wish he would just do one, Ashley OUT!

      • Down Under Mag

        The finances are always sketchy to say the least at this club, I am fairly sure that if they were properly investigated there would be something amiss – Personally i’m sure he will have done his best to make it all technically legal, but the fact remains they are always skewed to his favour and just don’t add up to what we are seeing reported. Things like paying all fees/agents/signings on bonuses etc up front while accepting staggered payments when selling will all be cleverly managed to make sure there is a steady stream of revenue for future needs while ensuring he can claim the club ran at a loss in the previous season and justify no new signings. Ask yourself why we are always the last club to release their financial statements…not by a few days, literally months after the deadlines. But you need to blame the authorities, nobody cares because it doesn’t get in the way of their top 6 title battle and Champions League love-in. You can bet your house that if this was happening at Liverpool the media would be swarming all over it and the F.A. would be launching investigations….and yet here we are, reports of Man City cooking the books to get out of FFP rules/sanctions and that’s all just accepted! I’m really starting to get tired of this mess that football has become and thinking there must be better things to watch!

        • Wezza

          That’s spot on mate.

    • HarryHype59

      “If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man, you win some you lose some it’s all the same to me”

      That line from Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, sums up Ashley’s attitude to this club perfectly.

  • nufcslf

    My advice to him would be, “If you are not going to invest, then just f**k off”.

  • graham18

    The difference is that the FCB couldn’t give a [email protected] about NUFC

  • Blackburn1066

    The fans are the problem not ash

    • tom

      How are the fans the problem?

  • Blackburn1066

    if the fans could protest in mass then bob your uncle

  • Blackburn1066

    But they will not do that