News from France that Newcastle United have once again sent representatives to watch Francois Kamano.

The 22 year old left footed attacker plays on the left side of a Bordeaux front three and is their top scorer with seven Ligue 1 goals so far, exactly half their overall total.

Those goals have come in 13 league starts this season (plus one appearance off the bench).

The French media have previously reported on Newcastle sending scouts to watch the Guinea international.

This time it is Mercato365 who say that Newcastle United were represented on Saturday at Dijon, where Bordeaux earned a point thanks to a goalless draw.

The highlight for Francois Kamano was a goal which was disallowed.

The Bordeaux attacking player signed from Bastia for £2m in summer 2016 as a 20 year old and this is the first season when he has been a regular starter.

The past two Ligue 1 seasons saw him score six and eight goals as he made 17 starts (13 sub appearances) and 23 starts (12 sub appearances) respectively.

In fact he is already into double figures in terms of goals, with three in the Europa League as well so far.

Francois Kamano is clearly a promising and improving player, who also knows where the goal is, so it would take a sizeable offer to tempt Bordeaux in January.

Newcastle weren’t the only club there on Saturday watching Kamano and Bordeaux, with the likes of Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Burnley and Crystal Palace also represented.

Only five weeks now until the January transfer window opens and in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Rafa Benitez once again stated he would make no contract decision until he saw what happened in this upcoming window.

  • Paul Patterson

    I’ve seen many films with the beautiful Eva Green in them. Sadly after much scouting I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t stand much chance of landing my target with what I have to offer. 😢

    • Rich Lawson

      Still no reply from Holly then,she’s a tease !

  • Leicester Mag

    Under Ashley Newcastle are football’s throw back to Swapshop where every other week some nacka wanted to swap a pack of top trumps for a Skateboard. Come to think of it how old is Ashley?

  • Carverlier football

    I went and looked at a 7 bedroom mansion in South Gosforth and put in an offer of £50k. Sadly they didn’t accept. Well I tried, didn’t I?

  • Kneebotherm8

    We’re gonna spend £150 million this January if we sign all the players we’re supposed to be looking at.

  • Wezza

    Won’t happen. Next.

  • Steven05

    Rafa did point something out tonight which is obvious to him, us, and the football world – but not the fat cockney: Any decent player won’t be packed inside Rafa’s bag when he leaves – they will still be at the club – so with or without Rafa, sportsdirectunited need to sign some players

    Why do you think he felt the need to say that 🤔

  • nufcslf

    What’s Cashley going to offer, 1.5 million. Probably just as well it is never going to happen.

  • t00nraider

    Ashey has paid a few quid for ze french players but zey have been flops.