It is a volatile time for Newcastle fans.

We are all sick of having Mike Ashley spoil our enjoyment of following the team/club but it is difficult to know how best to try and get rid of him.

In the meantime you get on with supporting the team.

Many of us still do that by turning up at St James Park, whilst others have had their fill and watch from afar.

However, we all have our own ideas about the players and what is needed.

In the last few days I have noticed things getting a bit daft about Dwight Gayle and Salomon Rondon.

Driven by the newspapers wanting something to talk about when there are no games, Newcastle fans have wholeheartedly pitched into the debate as well.

As we all know, the two strikers are on loan at Newcastle and West Brom, after a deal was agreed for this season.

West Brom fans happy with Gayle winning a lot of penalties and scoring nine goals himself so far, whilst against Bournemouth, Salomon Rondon built on a few signs of earlier promise with a two goal man of the match performance.

Everybody happy.

Good luck to both of them and especially Rondon of course this season BUT I do think a reality check is needed.

The debate this week has been all about what happens at the end of the season and about the respective merits of the two strikers. However, we surely should be looking way beyond this, shouldn’t we?

I get the feeling that Newcastle fans have been so dragged down by Mike Ashley that the standards are slipping.

Rondon and/or Gayle might be good enough for Newcastle next season as one of the squad but we need to remember just what is needed and the type of players, especially strikers that Newcastle should be going for.

That is, unless you think our station in life is always to be fighting relegation.

It is easy to forget that early in the summer transfer market we were told by the media, no doubt pushed by Mike Ashley’s PR people, that Newcastle were in for Alassane Plea.

According to the papers we were right in there, willing to spend £20m+ for the Nice striker.

He went to Borussia Monchengladbach…

After the transfer window we have even seen Ashley’s people, via the NUFC Fans Forum, claiming that indeed Newcastle were more than willing to smash their 13 year transfer record on any number of signings (including Plea no doubt…), only for none of them wanting to sign for NUFC.

Believe that and truly you believe anything.

Newcastle ended up making a £20m+ profit in the summer window, not even spending £10m on any player, AND Mike Ashley then admitted he took (unspecified) millions out of the club once the transfer window ended.

Gayle and Rondon could play a part for Newcastle next season and beyond but look  at Alassane Plea.

Last season with Nice he scored 20 Ligue 1 goals and got six assists.

This season at Borussia Monchengladbach he already has eight goals and three assists, in 788 Bundesliga minutes that means he has been involved in a goal every 72 minutes on average.

Last season the German club were ninth and ended the season with 47 points.

Alassane Plea has helped turn them into proper contenders, Monchengladbach have 23 points after only 11 matches and are currently second in the table.

That is the level Newcastle have to aim for, Plea joined the German club for £21m in the summer and that is what Newcastle have to do, invest in proper quality attacking players and spend the necessary cash on transfer fees and wages to attract them.

As Newcastle fans we need to broaden out horizon and recognise what should be happening at our club.

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  • Paul Patterson

    We should be aiming for the standard of player just below the Lacazette’s of the League.(£46m)
    Since Demba Ba left we haven’t bought a quality Premier League striker worthy of the name. And he was free.

    • Toontaff

      Leave The Hoss alone!

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    That’s all well and good but you will have to convince a certain Salad-Dodging gentleman first, If not it ain’t happening !

  • KennySamsung

    I’ll reserve my enthsiastic ambition when Ashley leaves, it’s pointless having an A list when all you are served up is a C list.
    Also.. you shouldn’t underestimate the ambition of Newcastles supporters just because I think a player is good what I’m really saying is he isn’t great. I know who I would like but there are only so many times you can talk about the impossible.

    • panther

      Hahaha c list , maybe y list

      • KennySamsung

        About 5 or 6 ‘c’ listers the rest are probably anything down to ‘z’ 😂

    • JohnCornwell’sHair

      I’d take c list any day!

  • DeadToiler

    Couldn’t agree more

  • molend

    Best article in ages. Yes, we’re going nowhere under Ashley. But this is Newcastle, for goodness’ sake. In football terms, how can we not be in the top few, given the potential of the club? Keegan came in when we were var nigh relegated to the third tier. A couple of years later, we were taking the place by storm. I was five years old when I was infected by the Newcastle United bug (1952 cup final) and I’ve never found a cure. If Gale and Rondon are what’s occupying our minds, we’re bonny on, lads and lasses.

  • panther

    It’s not about NUFC, it’s about Ashley’s empire of evil, we have to destroy the death star first

    • Carverlier football

      The question is: where is Mike Ashley’s reactor core exhaust vent…? :s

  • panther

    If I ever get a terminal condition Ashley’s demise is my obsession I will kill him anytime anyplace anywhere

  • JohnnyH

    A good article that demonstrates exactly how the chancer just wants to scrape through another season.
    Nothing more.
    No desire whatsoever to compete.
    It’s just all about how much money he can rip off the club.
    He typifies all that is wrong in the world today…..and he owns Newcastle United.



    • nufcslf

      But it his club that he is destroying at present, the stupid fat c**t that he is. Shouldn’t be a soul in Sports Direct Shythole for any match never mind Wolves.

      • Geordiegiants

        Exactly it’s his every last penny.

  • Leazes.

    Its a shame that the chronicle pursue their own political agenda for our club…..

    … if the meagre fare of Ashleys soup kitchen were a top class restaurant meal.

    Shame on Douglas and Ryder!

    • killymag

      I did not realise that there were still dinosaurs around that still read that s#it , they must have a circulation of about ten , I think that senile old tw#t Gibson is still there ffs he still uses a hammer and tablet of stone ,

      • Toontaff

        The Chronic is not even good enough to use if I ran out of Andrex!
        Mind, if I did use it, my wipings would be more truthful than their articles!

      • Carverlier football

        Gibson’s better than the current incumbents…

    • Rich Lawson

      Rather than a dodgy wee Italian in Ponteland (Minestrone ?)

  • Ram Kishore

    We are failing to sell the club to players without any plan

  • Gayle’s level is always going to be Top Championship striker, but not good enough in the Prem. Rondon was outstanding but we all thought Joss was great the first few matches. Rafa knows the team needs pace in the middle and on the wings and better finishing. Realistically, with 100m investment in 3-4 quality players we could be a top 8 side with Rafa here, but as long as Ashley is around that is not happening.
    I even doubt he will back Benitez in January if we rack a few more wins.

  • killymag

    they are the modern day George Riley and Frank Pingel .

  • Toon

    Do fans not do that anyway? I doubt many were jumping through hoops with this deal, this is the height of ambition under Ashley, we know and season ticket holders know it. Bit of nonsense this article

  • JohnCornwell’sHair

    Isn’t the fans that need to broaden horizons.