Newcastle 3 Liverpool 0.

On 21 November 1993, exactly 25 years ago today, Newcastle United well and truly arrived in the Premier League.

A lot of you will be shaking your heads and asking yourself, was this really a quarter of a century ago?

Yes it was….but it is still fresh in my mind as though it was yesterday.

This was the team that took Liverpool apart, Andy Cole scoring a brilliant hat-trick in the opening half hour.

In front of a crowd of 36,374, with the terraces still there! (watch below)

Newcastle team that day:

Mike Hooper

Kevin Scott

Barry Venison

Steve Watson

Robbie Elliott

Paul Bracewell

Lee Clark

Rob Lee

Scott Sellars

Peter Beardsley

Andrew Cole

Only one win at Anfield in the Premier League for Newcastle United but at home we have had some real highs, as well as the lows.

Looking back at the front six Newcastle had out that day, Sellars and Clark were excellent, whilst the other four were past/present or future England internationals (as well as Barry Venison).

So maybe not such a surprise that this result happened, nor indeed the eventual third place finish.

Easily the best ever team in the season after promotion over the course of this Premier League era so far.

  • Peaky

    Don’t want to put a dampener on it but wasn’t there “question marks” over Grobbelar’s “performance” that day ???

    • Kenny

      Ask Mad Monk, he was there

      • Peaky

        I can remember watching it on SKY…..however…..different life – different wife….😂😂

        • Kenny


    • Kneebotherm8

      Exactly what I was thinking before I got down to your post……accusations of him taking a £40k bung on the result……..Brucie wouldn’t do that would he?…..mind you I don’t think we needed any help with the team we had….

      • Peaky

        Have just googled it and he did admit been involved in bung taking in at least 3 games….this one v Newcastle was one of them….but as you say we probably didn’t need any help anyway.

        • Rich Lawson

          Really,he’s admitted it,he did it well then,don,t rmbr any press saying he was at fault at the time tho’.

          • Peaky

            Think it was about 2007 ish…..he was caught admitting it in one of those Fake Sheik setups type of thing….similar to Fat Sham…..he allegedly said at the time he was one of the lowest paid players at Liverpool and was open to anything to supplement his income.

          • Rich Lawson

            ”Lowest paid players” prob’ still a good wack? What a t##t.Lucky he hasn’t bumped into Tommy Smith.

    • Rich Lawson

      i was there that day with a good view and i have to say I was surprised when the accusation came up. it looked good to me ?

  • Mirandinha9

    Player by player, side by side, Dubraka over Hooper and Lascelles over Kevin Scott are the only areas where the 2018 team is superior to the 1993 team. How far we have regressed under Cashley. Back then, there was so much optimism, with the belief that we could hammer any team on our day and more than often, did. We had the infectious energy and inspiration of Keegan driving us on. Where has it all gone wrong? One man, Cashley, who has took the soul out of this club.

    • Kenny

      i wouldn`t change a thing, they were a Team !

      • Leicester Mag

        Agreed not just ability but the mental belief stood them apart

  • East Durham Mag

    Andy Gray waxing lyrical over the Entertainers brand of football, now his tongue is on Ashleysanus.

  • Kenny

    Proper footballers, proper strips & a proper atmosphere,
    unlike the morgue St James` is today

  • Leicester Mag

    Had just moved to East Midlands caught the supporters bus up from Leicester. Met my sadly now late father at the ground. Couldn’t believe we were cutting Liverpool to shreds. Call me a soppy nostalgic but those years under Keegan were a dream and because of this tepid deliberate mediocrity will never be acceptable

  • Paul Patterson

    Back then the only accusation that could be leveled at the board was that they’d flog their top player to finance a stadium increase. Now, we’d flog our best players and flog the chance to increase the stadium.

  • graham18

    Them days are well and truly gone…FCB OUT!!

  • Billmag

    I was there it was absolutely freezing but was warmed up by A. Cole. Thanks to the fat one those days will never be repeated. Ah such memories.

  • wheyayeman

    What a team! To follow the lads at that time was absolutely fantastic a golden era was unfolding around us. Keegan and Terry had alot of fun assembling a great to watch, have a go squad. Times change but if Ashley does let go and someone bankrolled it, I’m sure Keegan wouldn’t mind having a last hurrah on Tyneside. We can but hope.

  • Mrkgw

    Amazing. What a side, great days. Long gone now unfortunately. Mike Ashley has put paid to that much.

  • Leazes.

    Wasn’t that the match Grobbelaar threw in a betting scandal?

    • Peaky


      • Leazes.

        Maybe someone should tell Jim Robertson it wasn’t as good a result as the scoreline suggests.

        • Peaky

          Back in NE for a wedding……it’s just so lovely to hear a ‘proper’ accent again….

  • Gareth Jones

    Quarter of a bloody century…..

  • JohnnyH

    Used to go down south for work a lot in the early ‘90 s. The campus bar was always full on live TV nights, 100’s of blokes from the length and breadth of the UK. When we were on the whole place would go mental supporting us, we were everybody’s team. It was incredible.

  • Blackburn1066

    one of the problems at NUFC we live in the past, I know ,I Know, It was a great time for NUFC but we must move on and #BoycottWolves. Do it you will feel the power.

    • Kenny

      there isn`t anything to move on to