Some interesting stats, regarding Lee Charnley and those others charged with running football clubs in the UK.

The figures relate to what the highest paid person receives as the top executive/director responsible for delivering a successful club.

As you are always working a year behind, the latest accounts available for almost all of the clubs are for the 2016/17 season, via each club’s accounts.

Kieran Maguire lectures in football finance at Liverpool University and also has his own Price Of Football website.

He has published a table of the top clubs (see below) in the UK when it comes to paying their highest placed executive.

Daniel Levy banking £6,010,000 at the very top of the list.

Next highest was Man Utd’s Ed Woodward on £2,600,000.

With Ivan Gazidis at Arsenal, received just a shade short of £2,600,000.

Five other clubs paid at least one Director £1m or more as per their latest accounts, these being Bournemouth, Sunderland, Brighton, Celtic and Crystal Palace.

Meanwhile, at Liverpool the top (unnamed) paid director/executive at Liverpool was paid £914,000.

You then have a whole load of other UK clubs paying their top man (or woman) half a million or more, these include Bolton, Stoke, West Ham, Fulham, Swansea and Watford.

Heading further down the list, you have the likes of:

£407,000 Reading

£198,000 Gillingham

£175,000 Walsall

£156,000 Preston

£154,000 Blackpool

Eventually we get to Newcastle United and Lee Charnley, Mike Ashley’s fall guy getting £150,000.

Many of you will look at the above and make the conclusion that if you pay (relative) peanuts you get….

Bottom line of course is that rather than having a dynamic top headhunted Chief Executive given the authority and financial backing to make Newcastle United the very best it can be, instead we have Lee Charnley, who appears to have all the power of what say a Sports Direct branch manager might have, if that.

The widespread belief/understanding being  that when it comes to decision making at the club, underneath Mike Ashley, it is the behind the scenes moves of Ashley confidante Justin Barnes who pulls the strings on the owner’s behalf.

Newcastle have no recognisable management team compared to other comparable sized clubs, with only Lee Charnley holding the keys/paper clips.

Whilst when it comes to having a proper board of directors to help steer the club, Mike Ashley doesn’t even bother to pretend, with…Lee Charnley the only named director at Newcastle United.

  • Peaky

    Pay peanuts you get….

    • Leazes.

      someone who physically looks like a peanut.

  • tom

    However much he gets its 99.9% to much.

  • Leazes.

    You get things so wrong Jim…..

    Ashley doesn’t pay his lieutenants in the normal way….. the highest earners in his circle are paid via share gifts infrequently….. to avoid taxation. verbal promises….. look at his legal fights….. he won his court case over one such pub promise.

    Charnley is more ‘club finance manager’ than a Chairman…a functionary….. there are no decisions to make, the wellbeing of the club is in the hands of Ashley…. all marketing, advertising, and land and copyright is at Shirebrook Derbyshire.

    Pay no attention to comparing Charnley with real Chairmen. and his 35 Directorships…..they are signatures on bits of paper for the owner.

    Why does Charnley hide?

    Is it because he has no authority to make any promise? And all he does is repeat the reasoning for crimes against the club and city and people?…..

    • Peaky

      Well put Leazes….I’m getting more convinced you’re a QC in your spare time.

      • Leazes.

        Quality Control?

    • Lord

      Indeed. Has no-one made the link yet that £150k is the threshold for the highest rate of taxation?

      I bet he gets more money offshore than via conventional routes visible to the HMRC.

  • Mike

    he should get paid for results

    • Leazes.

      I think he gets paid for keeping quiet…..

    • Danimal

      He is paid for results. He’s on target with Fatty’s aims of stifling the growth of the club, scuppering any decent signings and generally taking the flak.

    • Stephen

      He is getting paid for results

  • Paul Patterson

    I’m in the wrong job. My pens are always neatly arranged at my desk, I nearly always fix the printer first time and we seldom ever run out of paper clips. I want to become a £150,000 teaboy too.

  • Wezza

    One of the glaring abnormalities that hardly gets a mention these days.
    If you think our club is about the football think again. We have Penfold… that’s it. Other clubs have numerous backroom staff essential for making a football club work and be successful.
    As for his pay that only adds to the asset stripping and downsizing in wages. We have the lowest wage bill now for years. EVERY single area of the club is milked and squeezed for every penny and it all goes to the FCB.
    We aren’t a football club anymore.
    Time to boycott and take it back!

  • Paul Cannell

    Charnly can moan when he’s on a zero hour contract at minimum pay.

  • Billmag

    😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 that’s the price of being a top tea boy at a multi million pound company, personally I think it’s too much.

  • Tweed Mag

    He must be getting other benefits somewhere along the line. Perhaps we will find out once the MASH accounts are finally submitted. Otherwise it just goes to show how far NUFC are behind other clubs.

    • Leazes.

      Ashleys benefits don’t show up in accounts….. share gifts in SD, also help him cement his control.

  • killymag

    What is the point of this article , everyone knows who runs Newcastle United . What he is paid is the going rate for a tea lad .

    • Ken

      Wish I got paid that for being a tea boy

  • robbersdog

    £150,000 a year for selling our best players, replacing them with sub-standard journeymen, getting relegated twice, failing to avoid a tax investigation and turning our club into one big advertising hoarding for Sports Direct, is £149,999 too much.

  • East Durham Mag

    To quote someone ” its a puppet” 😑

  • London_Mag

    Its not just the salary he gets. There are many added extras that the Professor may not have included in his analysis!
    15% off all sports direct clothing and paid toilet breaks.
    I think i read somewhere he can also have the jumbo hot dog meal deal once a week and free Nachos in Nine bar whenever he wants.

    • Leazes.

      I truly believe you look like your avatar.

  • Peaky

    No mention of the ‘free uniform’…..full rubber gimp suit……. snooker ball for the mouth an added extra….

    • Leicester Mag

      Imagine him and Ash a sick cross between Breakback Mountain and 50 shades of 💩

      • Peaky

        That thought is actually quite disturbing… hear stories about the ‘mega rich’ and what they got up to behind closed doors….really doesn’t bear thinking about.

  • Kenny

    King Rat will give his minion a bonus when Lascelles & Jonjo are sold in January.
    this season is proving a bridge to far for a squad that would struggle in the championship, add to that there will be no substantial buys in January.
    if we fail to drive him out this season Newcastle are finished as a premiership club
    #BoycottWolves or live to regret it

  • Rich Lawson

    Blimey,stunned to see that Blackpool who have an ongoing battle with the odious Oyston clan can afford to pay more ?Love to know what his working day actually consists of ?

    • Leazes.

      ….hiding…. he’s great at it.

  • Jonas

    Another classic example/proof if any authorities cared, of a club that is in effect cheating (the league, cups, fans, TV) by not trying.
    Its a massive exaggeration to say he’s holding us back when he’s taking us back.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    It just shows you what sort of bloke he is when the man is willing to let Ashley treat him like a glorified S****S D****T till worker and accept wages that are not becoming for someone at Premiership Level.
    Some people give him a load of stick but is it really worth it kicking a bloke who is nothing more than a “Can Lad” ?

  • Stephen

    He’s Bob Cratchet but our Ebinezer will die with his money🤑

  • Sickandtired

    Probably has a deal like Dave Forsey, Ashley’s sidekick at SD. He was on the same ‘basic’ salary as Penfold – but was then found to have been receiving £1 million a year off the books from Fatty.
    The Guardian, 2017 ““According to Sports Direct’s annual reports, Mr Forsey receives an annual salary of £150,000 per annum,” Blue said in evidence filed at the high court.
    “On that basis, Mr Forsey receives one of the lowest salaries of any chief executive leading a FTSE 100 or FTSE 250 listed company.
    “However … I was subsequently informed by Peter Cowgill [the boss of JD Sports, Sports Direct’s bitter rival] in separate conversations that Mr Forsey is in fact paid up to £1m per annum directly by Mr Ashley. One benefit of this arrangement is that it imposes an artificial cap on all other salaries paid to employees at Sports Direct.”